Changing Seasons

Hello my friends and followers, we have completed one month of winter here in the southern hemisphere and although Mother Nature isn’t changing seasons, change is still in the air.

The time has come for final post.

I have not come to this decision easily because there are many of you that I genuinely like and feel that I have been blessed by having you all in my life for this season. However, I just don’t feel that I have the drive to continue giving at the level I have to date and it’s not my style to just mess around with an occasional post.

There hasn’t been time for me to enjoy a good fashion mag for a couple of months and I haven’t read a proper book for ages.

Writing this blog has helped me learn a great deal about myself and shown me that even at darn close to 50 I can still embrace my individual style.

So to close out my time and as time goes…bye!

Closing Night

Closing Night

If you want to stay in touch please feel free to email me at

You will all spend many more seasons in my heart.



Friday Fabulous Fashion Find

Today, I am introducing “Friday Fabulous Fashion Find”.

It’s a way for me to share with you images from the ages that I find inspiring from a fashion perspective.

It could be the Roaring 20s, Swinging 60s or today.

Classic bobbed hair. Drop earrings and a metallic top/dress (I’m betting shift dress).

Philippe Halsman: Barbara Streisand posing in her apartment for a Cosmopolitan magazine cover shoot. New York City, 1965.

Both gorgeous and inspiring. Truly a fabulous fashion find for Friday.

Did you know…Sunday is International Pink Day?

Hmmmm…what do you think that is all about? International Pink Day?

Australia's Favourite Pink

Australia’s Favourite Pink

This is definitely Australia’s vote for favourite International Pink Day!

Pretty sure Pink Ribbon Day is in October in the US, so that can’t be the International Pink Day connection.

Pink Roses

Pink Roses

I did decide to dedicate the month to Roses but I don’t think I influence enough people on an international level to have the International Pink Day be about roses.

Too Much Pink?

Too Much Pink?

Can I just say, “If this is what International Pink Day is about…STOP! NOW!”

So wrong, for so many reasons.

Love this photo - Think Pink

Love this photo – Think Pink

Maybe International Pink Day is about all of us putting on our rose-coloured glasses and seeing the best in each other and everything around us?

Now wouldn’t that be totally cool?

I’m thinking that is what I am going to do on Sunday. For International Pink Day, I’ll put rose-coloured glasses on my attitude and remain rosy and positive all day!

Any wagers on how well that will go?

Oh My Sole!

Yes, I can spell. I really do mean oh my sole!

A little over a month ago I read about this online site called “Shoes of Prey”. As you can imagine, they had me when they included “shoes” in the title. So I thought I would check it out and see what all the fuss was about.

Again I say “Oh My Sole”!

Within a couple of days I had taken the time to sit and create a pair of shoes that I had envisioned in my mind. Yesterday, my dream shoes arrived on my door-step! I’m so excited about how amazing they are that I can’t even wait to put them together with an outfit to show them to you. I had to take pictures as I worked my way into the box!

One thing you should know…this is NOT a paid article. I loved the concept and wanted to check it out both for my passion of shoes and to share openly with you. So my totally amazing, new shoes were bought…by me…at full price. AND, I’m so in love with them that this may be the way I buy most if not all my shoes in the future.

I love the concept of going online, picking a basic style and then customizing it in every way from heel height to what material is used for each part of the shoe and all the shoe accessories that can be added. You know there is something empowering about creating a shoe and knowing that no-one else is going to have the same pair. Well at least in my world there is.

While you are selecting materials a drawing/image of the shoe modifies so you can actually see what you are creating in a 360 degree view.

On Friday of last week, I received an email to let me know my shoes had shipped and the email included a photo. So naturally I became even more excited. Then nervous.

What if they didn’t fit properly or if I didn’t like them?!

On Monday the post office box held a pick-up package slip. I knew it had to be the shoes but I got home too late to get to the post office and had to wait until Tuesday. Tuesday on my way home from work I stopped at the post office, came home, got the camera and began opening the box.

Everything was beautifully packaged and there was an envelope containing a copy of the photo of my shoes.

They are stunning…and they fit!

I modeled them for the Fashion Mister. He thought they were definitely shouting my personality so he has promised to take photos of them and me this weekend.

Right now, I am just over the moon and oh so happy with my sole!

Not to mention, I am dying to know what you all think? Please tell. Would love to hear your styling suggestions.

Pretty sure I will be wearing these to the Friday Shoe-down at Cafe Cornucopia!

How to Wear Rose Prints – Casual

Another in the ongoing series of How to Wear. Today it is How to Wear Rose Prints – Casual. Of course, it also works with our Rose Month Theme!

This is actually what I wore for the weekend outing to Clunes with the Fashion Mister. The outfit yesterday was after a quick change…in the car…behind a building! Decided to try to take advantage of the sun and get a couple looks photographed. Which meant really pretending I was a model and changing very slyly while trying not to freeze to death because of the cold! The Fashion Mister was good enough to go play look-out for me. Not that I think we had a plan of what to do should anyone actually come our way.

The Look: Pretty sure you have seen all of these pieces before, just never all together. Hopefully this is a little more proof that my wardrobe is NOT that huge and that I do a fair amount of mixing and matching. You’ll remember that the skirt was an op-shop buy and I love that not only is it a blue rose print but that it is a white denim skirt…classic! The shirt is a short-sleeved denim shirt that I DIY beaded the placket to give it some personality last year, and the jacket is the one I purchased from H & M a couple of years ago that I honestly wear ALL the time. So none of the core pieces are new.

The Accessories: It’s autumn and it’s cold but I have 20 something pairs of open-toe shoes so my go to trick, wear them with tights! In this case I really played up the contrast by having the grey ribbed tights with the electric blue cork-heeled wedges. The big white shell earrings and a mix of blue, silver and white jewelry keep everything working together. Then the old stand-by handbag – the classic black quilted bag.

By the way, it’s just over two months until I head to Hong Kong for my birthday and splurge on a Chanel quilted handbag! But who’s counting!!



Autumn Rose…Sweater

Well, that’s the colour of the sweater, autumn rose.

A little bit of sunshine means it’s mandatory to gt outside and get some photos. So the Fashion Mister and I drove out to Clunes to take advantage of some of the lovely old historic buildings as a back-drop for this photo-shoot before stopping at a cafe for lunch.

It’s a little modern, a little retro and all about the autumnal colours.

The Look: This look not only has layers but it also has layers of pieces from or inspired by different decades! At the core, 80s bronze coloured skinny pants – just a little disco. On top a vintage argyle sweater. It looks like it could be from any number of decades but the beading really made me think 40s. It’s probably far more recent than that but because I purchased it from my favourite op-shop, I’ll pretend it has been around a lot longer.

The Accessories: Continuing with the many decades theme, I have my red/burgundy 20s-40s style cloche hat. My 50s alligator skin handbag (my first Australian Vintage purchase from years ago), and my 50s inspired Diane Ferrari leopard print kitten-heel pumps.

With the shine and sparkle of the pants and the beading on the sweater, I really didn’t need a lot of jewelry so a few bangles and classic charm bracelet finish off the look.

I’m dying to know what you all think? Is it too much for a winter weekend? Has this autumn rose bloomed and faded?


Everything’s Coming Up Roses

If only everything WERE coming up roses! Unfortunately, it’s just too cold for that. It may not be officially winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, but it sure feels like it is!

Which is why, I am bundled up and trying to stay warm in today’s look. The Fashion Mister and I didn’t even venture far from home. I was trying to think of somewhere we could get a few pics and it seemed the white wall of Sunny Crust Bakery was as good as any on this chilly day. And as it’s only a kilometer from our house we were able to get back inside next to the fire pretty quickly.

The Look: Ballarat has a bad rap in Australia for being cold. But it is deserved to some degree. It can be very cold in the winter, however we rarely get snow and I have never seen it stick for more than an hour so it certainly could be worse. However, because the wind can from the cold south, it is important to wear layers. In fact, moving to Ballarat is part of the reason I have two drawers full of scarves!

This is one of my classic weekend looks. Jeans (from Just Jeans purchased at the op-shop for $6), white long-sleeved thermal shirt (purchased a few years ago from Wal-Mart, while in the US, cost $3 on sale). A BIG, and most importantly, WARM tribal rug inspired cardigan, (purchased last year from Sussan).

The Accessories: I’m wearing my black ankle boots with the silver studs at the back. One of about three black winter scarves I own. A really cool big silver bracelet that I purchased from a little gift shop in Beaufort for like $15. My white watch and big white shell earrings. Besides using a scarf to keep my neck warm in the winter it is a great way to finish an outfit if you don’t have the right necklace. Which is why I also own so many light scarves that I can wear in the warmer months.

Even though everything’s NOT coming up roses. I still had a nice relaxing day.

What are some of your go to items for the weekend?

This is Our Rosebud

Okay, so not ours as in we own it. Or ours in the sense of how I was talking about Rosebud yesterday…but this is our Rosebud in that here in Victoria, Australia, down the Mornington Peninsula is a lovely little coastal town called Rosebud.

The Fashion Mister and I are fans of the Mornington Peninsula as there are some fantastic wines made in the region! Plenty of cool climate wines, Pinot Noir and Sauv Blanc and when you get to some of the flatter areas near Cape Shank and Rosebud, some really nice Shiraz too.

Originally called Banksia Point in 1850, the fishing village eventually became known as Rosebud thanks to the name of a shipwreck that was washed up on shore. After the locals cleared off all the booty from the ship, damask and household goods, the locals eventually stripped the ship of its wood to build many of the homes and buildings in town which lead to the area being called “The Rosebud” and eventually shortened to Rosebud.

Camping on the Rosebud foreshore during the Christmas and New Years holidays has become a multi-generational tradition for many Melbourne families. Some families have been camping at Rosebud for the summer holidays for four and five generations. It has become so popular that most reservations are made at least a year in advance.

So even though Rosebud may not be our Rosebud (the Fashion Mister and I), it certainly would seem to be plenty of other Aussie’s Rosebud!

What’s Your Rosebud?

Those of you who are younger probably won’t get the reference, so first a little explanation so you can share with me the answer to this question…”What’s Your Rosebud?”

Back in the early 1940s a movie called “Citizen Kane” was made. It was about the dying word of a very rich man who had become a bit of a recluse. The movie was about a reporter who was trying to find out more about the man Kane, by interviewing those who knew him. Originally, he was a poor boy living in a mining town in Colorado and as it turns out a lot of gold is found and that leads to him becoming a very rich man.

At the very end of the film, we find out the significance of “Rosebud”. Basically, it was a sled he had as a boy and represented the only time in Kane’s life that he was truly happy.

Citizen Kane - Rosebud

Citizen Kane – Rosebud

For many of us it is hard to understand going through a life of riches and most of the time being unhappy. After all, in this day and age we are driven to success and believing that money CAN buy happiness. At least my generation was taught to believe that.

I’m sure I believed it for a long time.

I don’t anymore.

I’m not sure if it is because of working in the Health Sector and seeing so many people who suffer from depression or if it is merely the result of my own aging process and learning that happiness can be found in so many other ways.

If I were to answer my own question, “what’s your rosebud,” it would be difficult because I don’t know that it would be one thing that represented my happiness. What I do know is that in the 10 plus years since I have moved to Australia, met and married the Fashion Mister and made my way closer to 50, I feel more content and thus somewhat happier every day.

I can describe for you those moments in time that I seem to be most content these days.

It’s usually when the Fashion Mister I are going for a drive on a sunny day. It doesn’t have to be warm because being in the car makes it that much nicer. The Fashion Mister is driving and right next to me. I have my face tilted toward the window and can feel the sun shining on my skin. As I watch the scenery pass by, there are rolling hills, flocks of cockatoo’s and gum trees everywhere.

Honestly, I would ride in the car for days looking out at Australia with the Fashion Mister at my side and the sun on my face.

To me, that is the happiest time of my life.

Are you surprised? Simple aren’t I?

But then like Kane, I come from gold mining country and spent 18 years in Colorado, so maybe it makes sense that I should find my happiness in such a way. Or maybe, I have just learned to be happy in the simple things.

So, I ask you…What’s your rosebud?


Second-Hand Rose

Drum roll please! As promised, today I am reveling in my status as Second Hand Rose and sharing with you the cool second boots I purchased over the weekend.

As luck would have it, the dress I chose to wear to the antique and vintage fair was not only a perfect match for the boots but also second-hand from an op-shop so the Fashion Mister and I took the opportunity for a little impromptu photo-shoot.

The Look: Well, it actually started with one of my op-shop finds – the Willow wrap dress in turquoise and brown. I had added some brown tights and was originally wearing my brown suede boots. And just for fun, I wore my hair the way I used to before I started letting the curl do its own thing. Predominately straight with bit of curl on the ends. Which meant blow drying my hair straight and curling the ends. I used to do that every day. However, I can’t be bothered with messing with it that much anymore so only occasionally do I fuss over it.

The Accessories: The star of this show is the pair of boots I found at the Antique and Vintage Fair. Not just a perfect match for the dress but a perfect match for me! Love that they are knee-high and have the very retro swirl pattern to the suede. My necklace is a vintage deco piece that I purchased on my last trip to the US but the rest of the accessories are newer items. Newer in the sense that I bought them new. I have had the Coach handbag for  about 4 years now and the bangles are just a mix of a great number that I own.

The whole point of the day was to keep everything in the brown and turquoise ranges. Luckily, the new/second-hand boots worked with that! They cost $85 and had absolutely minimal scuffing to the soles which either means they had been resoled or likely only worn once.

Did you notice they have a very disco silver/mirrored heel?!

I really do love being Second Hand Rose in my second-hand clothes.

Do you like? Or too retro for you?

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