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Tangerine Tango or Orange Amped Up?!

A few weeks ago, while talking about the Tribal Trend, I confessed my love of orange. Although I tried to ignore it for years, over the past 12 months I have let loose and learned to once again do the Tangerine Tango.

I think the love affair began in 7th grade. I had a pair of burnt orange, brushed denim pants that I loved with all my heart. And with those pants, I insisted on wearing a deep, rich purple ribbed top that had a zipper on the front with a huge O-ring dangling from the zip. For the record, my next favourite colour is purple, but we will save that for another day!

Anyhow, we are many, many years down the track, I still love orange Tangerine Tango and now it is the colour of the year for 2012, according to the Pantone Color Institute. Guess I was about 35 years ahead of the times! Everywhere you look right now there are splashes of orange, mango, tangerine. It’s like being in a fanta flavoured dream, where you are dancing your way to heaven if you are a fan. Over the past couple of years, orange, has grown in popularity and acceptance with both consumers and designers. It’s a bit exotic and yet a bit friendly in a non-threatening way.

If you aren’t the massive fan that I am, you can start small with this sunset imbued colour, by adding in a handbag, shoes, or nail polish into your wardrobe. I simply adore this Mulberry handbag. Or you can be big, brave and bold – dive right in and make sure your last tango isn’t Tangerine free.

The last pic will hpefully provide you with some inspiration on how you can add Tangerine Tango to wardrobe without worrying if you are looking too halloween. And if you are like me and can’t get enough of this juicy colour, there will be plenty more options over the next few posts.

Perhaps it’s a midlife crisis colour. Or I am slipping into dementia and going back to the 70s when I had that mad-love for those orange jeans. Whatever it is, I don’t really want to think too hard about it, I just want to revel in the complete joy I get from wearing this intense, bright, and warming colour. Thank you Pantone Color Institute for selecting Tangerine Tango as THE colour for 2012. I plan to make up for the last 35 years of secret love by finding every opportunity to wear this colour for the next 35 years!

P.S. The orange shoes in this photo are very similar to the pair I lusted after and bought from They have a great selection of shoes at a very reasonable price.


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Fashion Fortune Telling

Fashion Fortune Telling

Gypsy top
£20 –

Bohemian style skirt
$27 –

Jeffrey Campbell brown booties
€169 –

Gypsyville by The Junk Gypsy Co.
$68 –

A few Gypsy Look inspired items to help bring out the free-spirit in your wardrobe.

Gypsy Look – Accessories

Gypsy Look - Accessories

Chie Mihara mid heels
€306 –

Gypsy turquoise jewelry
$575 –

Hoss Intropia braided belt
$175 –

J Crew fringed shawl
$60 –

Here are a few great accessories to help you finish off your Gypsy Look. My particular favourites are the leather ankle boots and the scarf. but then the braided leather belt is classic.

Hope you enjoy!

(Mostly) Vintage – Gypsy Look

As I’m cruising the “www” for information about the Gypsy Look to share with you all, it dawns on me how this look came about. Now most of the time (yes Fashion Mister – husband, I said “MOST”), I’m kind of clever…BUT…once in a while, the grey-matter misfires and I prove that I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack.

Back to the Gypsy Look. You are leading a nomadic life. Travelling around a vast area. Possibly exposed to any number of different cultures and climates. Food is probably a bigger priority than fashion (my how times have changed!). So, you are going to  take what you can get, repurpose whatever you can, make what you need and be concerned about function. That would pretty well explain the eclectic look of the gypsy.

In the spirit of repurposing and reusing, I have collected a few vintage items from the internet that would work well with the Gypsy Look. And I have thrown in one handbag from some new fashion friends that make lust worthy bags.

80s redone as Gypsy – This shirt is soooo obviously one of those shocking 80’s shirts we owned but hope there are no photos to prove it. BUT, it works really well for the current trend to both brights and colourful prints. Put this with a braided leather belt, the pretty lace tiered skirt in the previous photo, some statement jewellery and you are so current your friends will be asking for fashion advice! And if you don’t have one of these shirts lingering in the back of the wardrobe, visit any vintage or second-hand store and you will find one, CHEAP!

Gypsy Jewels – Gold, chunky, semi-precious stones, these are the pieces that finish off a great gypsy inspired look. Nothing should be matchy-matchy and the more bangles the better! I also see this look as a great opportunity to wear those insanely large earrings that could be confused with wind-chimes.

Gypsy Tiers – How great is this skirt from City Gypsy – Gypsy Caravan! I love the fact that this skirt has so many different patterns and colours in it. If you were really brave you could find a printed off the shoulder blouse to go with it or just keep it simple and go with something solid on top, like this lovely yellow one.

If you added this great braided leather belt found on Etsy the look would be just about complete. There are heaps of braided belts ranging in price from $10 to $30 that would be a great addition.








And finally – the Vintage – but gypsy worthy bag from our friends at Pierotucci. Isn’t it gorgeous!

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Free-Spirited – Gypsy Look

Seems like I am always confessing something here.

I have to admit, I’m completely surprised! I honestly thought this trend would be the early undoing of me. I’m really not much of a free-spirited gypsy type dresser, so pulling together outfits from what is already in my wardrobe was going to be a huge challenge…or so I thought!

Luckily, I have been into the retro 70s maxi skirt thing for about a year now and have managed to collect a few pieces that with a little help from their friends have come up looking a bit Gypsy.

Gypsy – The Free life – This look started with an old cotton maxi skirt with a ruffle at the bottom. I haven’t worn it in a while because it always felt a little like “Little House on the prairie”. My feelings on that have now changed! I added to it a watermelon coloured lace blouse from Glassons, my trusty faux fur vest, some bangles and the first handbag I ever purchased that cost over $200 – but that was 12 years ago now! You can’t see it in this picture but there is a purple leather braided belt. This is Australia so everyone owns at least one wide-brimmed hat of some description and to top it all off…or actually finish it off…my well-loved red cowboy boots from I really like this look but as it is cooling off here (we’re heading into winter), I’m going to have to try to find a long-sleeved alternative if I want to wear it anytime soon.

Casual Gypsy – This look is a bit of a stretch to be called Gypsy but I’m taking what I can get with this trend! The maxi dress has a floral print and was purchased from my trusted friends at Glassons at the start of spring (that’s the Southern Hemisphere spring, 6 months ago). On top is a crocheted cardigan, which looks pretty nanna but is sooooo comfortable and versatile. Finished the whole thing off with chunky jewelry, a skinny braided leather belt, mustard coloured cork wedges and a great leather slouch bag purchased at Salamanca Market in Hobart about 5 years ago.

Can you tell my fortune with this look? – I think this Gypsy inspired look could work for a number of occasions, work, weekend, lunch in the city. I have used my linen Ralph Lauren shorts and topped them off with a flowing mustard coloured, flowered print shirt that has a little tie detail at the front. The leather braided belt, felt hat and leather bag from previous looks and then added in a pair of long polka-dotted socks with a pair of fiercely heeled hiking boots! It’s another surprise from the wardrobe and one that I would wear again…and again…and again…

A Gypsies Work is Never Done – This last look is probably my favourite and in fact, I expect I’ll be wearing it to work in the very near future. Oh so my crystal ball has told me! The look started with a skirt I purchased from the US on my last trip while shopping in a discount outlet. It cost less than $20 but what I liked about it was that the pattern in the print reminded me of Missoni patterns. I matched the Missoni wannabe skirt with a ruffled front, white Ralph Lauren cotton shirt. Over that is layered a charcoal grey plaid (very fine), button-up vest, plus several beaded necklaces, long dangly earrings and big cuff bracelet. Finishing touches came with the silver leather bag on a chain the black cowboy boots, also from, and a chiffon black scarf with a bit of bling along the edges. After all, this is the gypsy look so it needed a scarf! With all the bling of this look it could be worn out to dinner if you pumped up the jewels and added a great pair of heels.

Gypsy Graveyard?? – And just for fun – I have pulled together this look to wear out to lunch with a friend…

Yes, that is a graveyard behind me! It’s just across the street from this cute little restaurant where I met a friend for lunch. It is kind of appropriate for the look as the skirt is a piece I found at a vintage shop about 6 months ago. I instantly fell in love with the length and the colours were so current! Plus the fun kind of retro vibe made me think of Italian brand Marni, so when the price was $35, it became mine. I actually wear it all the time but to give it a gypsy spin, I have added the red boots and an old Guess handbag. And even though you can’t really see them in the photo, I have on the biggest pair of gold earrings! It’s not full on Gypsy but for those who just want to dabble in the look it’s a good dash of free-spirit.

Wanderlust – Gypsy Style

Do you have a little wanderlust in your soul?

Not afraid to take on the wild and spirited world around you?

Then you have probably already embraced the Gypsy style and don’t need to read this.

These days Gypsy inspired outfits are made up of maxi dresses, peasant tops, frilly skirts and embroidery. 

Actually, it’s not much different to what made up the look in the 70s when Yves Saint Laurent was creating the look. Although YSL Gypsy looked to be more russian than the gypsy look we see now. Still struggling to imagine the look…think Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, but the Disney version just won’t do for the here and now.  She’s the perfect example for the gypsy fashion trend, if you amped her up and gave her some serious attitude!

How to Wear your Gypsy Spirit on your sleeve:

1.  The gypsy look can be very versatile, and suit anyone regardless of body type.  Gypsy outfits can be very feminine, but can also have a very masculine edge (think hats, boots, even a crisp white shirt can be gypsy). You can pair an embroidered gypsy top with a midi skirt or you can go for a gothic twist by pairing it with leather. As I said – very versatile. Work it any way you want it!

2.  Get ready to show off your toned abs with this year’s hottest cropped gypsy top – See Emilio Pucci to truly understand this bare midriff look.  This is a great chance to get some extra use out of the maxi dresses and skirts you have either stolen from your mum’s wardrobe or picked up while out shopping vintage. Or you can update your maxi dress with a newer style, go for an off the shoulder maxi dress which is hot this season. Shoulders can be so sexy with a covered arm. Just remember if you are a larger busted woman, get a really good strapless bra – free spirit does not mean free swinging!

3. Don’t forget to wear gypsy inspired accessories.  Go for big and bold statement pieces.  Choose feathers, gold and coins for a more authentic gypsy look.  Big, bold earrings, layers of necklaces and add a skinny belt to your outfit to show off your waist if you haven’t gone bare.

4. Head accessories like scarves, turbans and hats are must-have for this summer.  Be sure to wear a patterned scarf and wear your hair down.

 5. Wear flats in nude or brown to complete your outfit. Boots, low-heeled in suede or leather or biker style work well and the more broken in, the better. If you opt for the glam gypsy look then find a great pair of heels with just a hint of fierce.

But haven’t I just broken every Gypsy “rule”?

Which is NO rules dictated by others!

Fashion Fortune Telling – Gypsy Look

Hippie, Boho, Gypsy – it’s really just an evolution or name change. I think the basic feel is much the same. So I have decided to take on this trend because my lovely schoolmate Marlena mentioned her fashion sense was hippie.

Marlena, I want you to start calling your style Gypsy. This will all of a sudden make you cool and cutting edge!

What I love most about this trend is the relaxed, take me as I am, eclecticness of it all. I can put on layers of my favourite most comfortable things and as long as the confidence is there to pull it off, I am a free-spirit, drifting around the world without any ties…

…Wow! I was really getting carried away there!

It seems almost wrong to call the look a “trend”, especially as gypsies would hate being dictated to and those that truly embrace the style probably do so because it allows them to express their personal style and zest for life in an individual manner. Gypsy style should be a diverse mix of patterns, colors, materials and layers that come together in such a way that tell a story about wearer. If you regularly rock the Gypsy Look, then you are likely to have a true sense of your personal style and not much regard for what the fashion world tells you is stylish.

This trend provides a great opportunity to mix pattern, clash colours and basically give a finger to anyone who doesn’t get it!

If that isn’t liberating, what is??!!

Just in case all that colour clashing is too much visually for you to tackle, there is always the option to go Gypsy Luxe. Kind of Queen of the Gypsies, if you will! It’s really just a matter of going for more jewel toned colours, and working more with textures. As long as there is embroidery, braiding, layers and perhaps a bit of velvet you can be the Queen of the Caravan…and I don’t mean the kind that is double wide and likely to get blown away in a tornado!

This monochromatic look is very Gypsy Royale’ and as a massive fan of purple…I have to confess…I love it! Makes me want to live in a tiny space with no plumbing! Well, not really – nothing is that gorgeous! But I could be convinced to pack up for a long trip around Bohemia collecting trinkets along the way. Global traveller old school!

Should you be lucky enough to have a really bangin’ bod the Emilio Pucci is the man creating the Gypsy Look you want. Beautiful, stunning and requiring a fierce regimen of low-fat foods and thousands of sit ups…or some serious Zumba!

For the record, Yes – I would kill to look good enough to wear this stunning look!

To my dear friend Marlena, I’m not sure where you would place yourself in the list of possibilities, but I’m guessing you would look amazing in any of these! However, I know it’s your spirit that shines through in your HIPPY, GYPSY look.

P.S. can I also confess, I’m kind of curious to see what I can do with this look from my pretty conservative/classic wardrobe…yet there is something VERY exciting about  the challenge!

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