Work Horses or Pretty Little Ponies?

When you are going to work, are you dressed like a work horse or a pretty little pony?

Perhaps my work style is influenced by the fact that I live near Melbourne which is both the fashion and horse racing capital of Australia. Or maybe I was just born this way. Whichever it is, I like to mix things up a bit. Keep it interesting and be an individual when I am at work…well…all the time if truth be told!

Since we are looking at work wear this week, I have pulled together some looks from my wardrobe, one that I have worn pretty regularly, one that I have worn before and two that will be added to the work roster.

 The Work Horse – I wore this to work yesterday. It’s a look I have worn to work on a number of occasions and a style that is one of my “go-to” styles for work. As we are in Autumn and the weather is cooling, the autumn colors are nice but the weight of the fabrics is perfect for the slightly cooler temps. We’ll start from the bottom up. I adore these brown suede boots. The heel is the perfect height for work, they are comfortable and I got them on sale. They are Paul Green which means they are generous in the calf for those of us who have work horse calves! The skirt was a vintage find, cost $35 and is amazingly warm, well fitted and great colours. On top, a little cashmere sweater that was purchased in Hong Kong on the last trip. You would have noticed it’s in one of my favourite colours! For the trip to and from work, I have added a scarf, the trench (less than $50 from Target about 4 years ago) and my favourite old coach handbag.

You can’t tell, because of the scarf, but I am wearing a double strand of vintage champagne coloured pearls from my grandmother. I like pears, I know plenty of people who think they are a bit old lady, but I think they can be elegant or fun depending on how you wear them. On the left you can see that I paired a pearl bracelet, also vintage from the gran, with a few copper bangles to tie in with the autumn colours of the outfit. Even though I am heading to work, because the bangles are small and close-fitting, they don’t clank around are not too distracting for the work environment.

Dress for Success – Another great vintage find and to top it off, it was marked down to $5!! I bought it in the summer which is why such a great price. I loved the pattern as it reminded me a bit of some of the Marni prints and it had such a retro vibe! I have worn this once, not to work, with the grey striped tights and the Prada heeled loafers (purchased for $250 at an outlet store near Palm Springs, CA). The black bag is a little vintage in style but cost about $25 from Target, 3 years ago. I think this is a clever little outfit and am looking forward to the cooler weather giving me plenty of opportunity to wear it! Of course I also love the fact that it is a mix of expensive items purchased at a good price and nice items purchased at a REALLY good price!

Pretty Little Pony – This look plays off two Ralph Lauren pieces, the wool plaid pants and the cream coloured sweater vest. Both items purchased at the RL Outlet. I was so inspired by the pic in the previous post that had the plaid pants and floral shirt that I pulled out a floral print shirt from Target that was in the same tones to give this look a little print clashing that didn’t become a clanger. The vintage handbag and vintage looking shoes give this ensemble a real 40s look.

Well Suited – Okay, it’s not quite a suit. I could have done a suit, but where is the challenge in that? Instead I have pulled out of the wardrobe the most amazing Halston Heritage white pants. They are LONG and high-waisted, which I love. These pants feel beautiful on and make me feel like my legs go on forever! I found them in the 70% sale section at If you are an H&M fan you would recognise this jacket. It was purchased on my trip to the US in February and cost under $50. If you aren’t familiar with H&M, you should be! They have great stuff at really reasonable prices. To tie things together I have added in a robins-egg blue wrap t-shirt, multiple strands of pearls in white and black. My white $20 watch from Hong Kong and a Mulberry handbag. The shoes are soooo 40s and I take every opportunity to wear them. They were purchased a few years ago before the 40s vintage started trending big and I have had so many compliments on them over the years.

So there we have it. Some of the work looks created from my existing wardrobe. Lots of vintage, a few great designer buys and some classic pieces. These are the things that can add a bit of personal style to the bog standard work wear and help us all go from being work horses to pretty little ponies!

Would love to see what you all are wearing to work to liven things up a bit!


About astimegoesbuy

Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

6 responses to “Work Horses or Pretty Little Ponies?

  • ToVogueOrBust

    These are all such chic and yet functional looks!

    Alexandra xo

    • astimegoesbuy

      Thanks Alexandra!
      No reason we can’t be chic and functional when we go to work.
      I like having a bit of personality in my choice of work wear.
      Glad you like!

  • Helena Handbasket

    Your work outfits show so much of your character! I often think we get stripped of our individuality when trying to ensure we’re ‘work appropriate’. For instance, I felt very uncomfortable continuing to dye my hair very bright red when I got my new job working in an office.

    My work attire is utterly ‘corporate goth’ though, only without the black eyeshadow 😀 So at last my individuality comes out there! I mostly find that I’m expressing myself more through my accessories and shoes in particular, rather than through my actual clothing.

    • astimegoesbuy

      Hi Helena!
      Expression through accessories and shoes is good because you can have a totally tame outfit and really twist it with accessories!
      And with corporate goth, at least you can get away with pretty simple black clothes which means big spend on the accessories! ! Being a shoe and handbag girl, I really like that thought. 🙂
      As for showing my character…I still tame it down a bit for work. Some days, my character shouldn’t be let out!
      It’s unfortunate that you don’t colour your hair anymore…did they hire you when you had bright red hair? They wouldn’t have minded if they did.

      • Helena Handbasket

        I had actually started toning it down when I started my own consulting business because what I do is very corporate and I didn’t want to chase away prospective clients unnecessarily. I don’t think my boss would mind, actually, but my other clients might be somewhat put off.

        I still dye it, just not as bright 😀

      • astimegoesbuy

        Glad to hear that you haven’t totally changed. It’s very important to be true to yourself. I know, sounds cliche’ but true! 🙂

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