Blue Jean, Baby Queen, Prettiest Girl I Ever Seen

Rock On!

Oh wait, that was a different trend. We’ll just stick to the Blue Jean bit of that song. And as there are so many options with denim, we really will just stick with the blue jean bit…for today anyway. Jeans are such a versatile wardrobe staple. I’m sure I mentioned earlier that I could gladly wear “jeans” everyday. Especially a well cut, beautiful fitting pair.

Classic Boyfriend – In a way, these really are boyfriend jeans. Or husband jeans anyway. They belong to the Fashion Mister. But sometimes they belong to me! He’s already done all the hard work and broken them in! Luckily, he is taller than me, which is impressive since I am about 176 cm (5’9″) – pretty sure I used to be 5’10”, but age must have me shrinking – anyway, it allows me to do the rolled-up cuff on his relaxed fit jeans. Rather than pair them up with the standard white t-shirt, I have gone for a grey ribbed shirt. I love that this shirt is very fitted but because of the ribbing it hides some of the figure “flaws”. It’s autumn here so layering the faux fur vest and adding a scarf mean I’m ready to face the ever-changing weather but still look relaxed and cool (not as in temperature either)! I could have gone with flats for this look as is often done but you know me…I like a little of the unexpected…so the fierce black leather wedges finished off this look.

70s Bell – These are my beloved J-Brand high-waisted jeans I went on and on about in an earlier post. If you missed that post – these are my favourite jeans! Yes, I think I love them! I purchased them from the 70% off section of which made them reasonably priced and as they are my go-to jeans the “per-wear” cost has been LOW! I’ve paired my little lovelies up with a red plaid shirt, leather biker jacket and red cowboy boots. I think the old handbag plays up the side-saddle look required to give this a little of a modern cowgirl vibe.

Skinny Double Dipping – I had to try the oh so popular double denim look. Really just to see if I could and to see wha you all think of it! These dark indigo blue skinnies are also a pair of J-Brands found at a great price. I figured I liked the first pair so much I’d try another style from them. As skinnies go, these are pretty tops. The shirt is from Target, so reasonably priced. I wanted to make sure there was some major distinction in the two shades of denim as I thought trying to go too matchy-matchy would go very wrong. The contrast makes it more natural to me. I have added in a stack of bangles, a couple of blue based necklaces (including a vintage owl, originally from my mum’s jewelry box). The nude/beige colored scarf and suede wedges finish off the look without making themselves the statement.

Tomorrow will be all about coloured denim.

About astimegoesbuy

Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

33 responses to “Blue Jean, Baby Queen, Prettiest Girl I Ever Seen

  • Janice

    I *love* the last outfit down to the purse (seriously, can I borrow it?). I’m afraid of denim-on-denim for fear of The Dred Denim Suit look, but you’ve paired the two well here. Maybe I should use this as inspiration! I like your favorite jeans, too. Very nice!

    • astimegoesbuy

      Hi Janice!
      Of course you can borrow it! What time would you like to stop round and pick it up?
      This is my first denim-on-denim look since the dreaded 80s.
      Thank goodness my thought processes have improved since then!
      I went with the two different shades to make sure it didn’t get weird.

  • Dana Cristina

    love the boyfriend jeans look and the skinny jeans will always be my fave. Nice post! XO

  • bpreethi

    I am quite enjoying this jeans series 🙂

  • fashionmasher

    What a great idea! Your blog always insprires me to get through my year of no shopping and no repeats – I am really struggling in this in-between-y weather time of the year when I just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt every day. I am going to have a jeans wardrobe workout THANKS 🙂

    • astimegoesbuy

      My pleasure!
      Always happy to encourage and inspire but then you are doing the same for me!
      It’s fun to see what others are getting up to and to find a new idea to try.
      We are a bit in-between-y too. I’m finding lots of light layers the way to go.
      Soon enough it will be freezing cold here and it will be lots of heavy layers!

  • designchickee

    I love jeans… every one of these styles pleases me. And the song… Elton’s voice is running through my head now. So good….

  • Jody Thompson

    I kinda like those high waisted jeans. And the red boots– wow! Nice post as always! Cheers!

  • CokaRabbit

    I love J brand and love to shop at Shopbop as well!! and I like how you match the jeans with the red boots!!!

    • astimegoesbuy

      I love those red boots!
      Everytime I wear them someone comments on them.
      Not too many people in Australia wear cowboy or cowgirl anything!
      Shopbop is a seriously fantastic place to get a bargain.

  • Miles

    LOVE the red boots! So much character 😀

  • Laura (whoplannedthis)

    so tell me about boyfriend jeans, they look cute on others, but I feel frumpy in them… what makes boy friend jeans work? what could I be doing wrong? Love the red cowboy boots 🙂

    • astimegoesbuy

      I hated boyfriends jeans when I saw them in the mags and thought they looked sloppy on anyone over 25 and even some younger.
      Then it dawned on me while writting these denim posts…they are supposed to look a bit big (like you are wearing the boyfriends jeans!) but, they don’t have to be sloppy. I put together the look thinking “very unlikely to wear them”…BUT…I gave the outfit a spin the other day. I think the secreat is in proportion – as they are a baggier bottom I wore a more fitted top with the faux fur vest over top, plus you have to roll them to about ankle and I wore a pair of really high wedges to maintain the girlie factor. So balance girl/boy and balance baggy/form-fitting. You are well thin enough they would look great on you. I’m thinking boyfriend jeans, your zebra wedges, white t-shirt, very cool!

      • Laura (whoplannedthis)

        I think I might have to raid my hubby’s closet 🙂 thanks, I’ll give them a try and see what you think !

      • astimegoesbuy

        Cool! Even if you just give them a go once, you can take the pic, say you did it and move on! 🙂

      • Laura (whoplannedthis)

        I think I will have to raid my hubbys closet this weekend! I’ll give that outfit a try and let you tell me what you think! What for it on Monday 🙂 not sure I have the right white t-shirt… I see a shopping trip in my future 🙂

      • astimegoesbuy

        Shopping…so wish I had one of those in my future!
        I’ve still got about 45 days before that activity returns to my life.
        *sigh* – looking forward to your Monday post!

      • Laura (whoplannedthis)

        I need to do a spending fast and wear what I have bought! I reaaly had not bought fashionable clothes for years and kind of went off the deep end in December and January. I love most of what I bought, but wish that I have realized sooner how much I was going to do, i would have skipped some of the cheapy things I bought in the beginning to get by. I still have several things hanging in my closet or sitting in boxes that I have not wore yet! Yikes! But the longer I do this, the more I realize how many basic’s Im still missing… llike a good white t-shirt and a couple of belts! I need to make a list and only shop from that list 🙂

      • astimegoesbuy

        Well at least you have learned! And one thing I really like about the USA is that you can buy basics for a very reasonable price just about anywhere.With time your shopping will become more and more refined until you really are working from your wardrobe and just adding specific pieces that keep your looks modern and fresh. I have to confess that while in the US in February I stocked up on white t-shirts, short and long-sleeved, and I got them from Target and Walmart! 🙂 Not one over $7!

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