Denim Daze

After all this looking at fashion through indigo coloured glasses it seems time to shake off the daze and shake out some colour!

Interesting thing is, until last year, the only coloured jeans I had ever worn were black or white…and depending on your school of thought…each of those can be called a lack of colour or all colours!

You know I searched high and low last year for a  pair of cherry or fire engine red skinny jeans but since then I have added a few more. However, I could not do this post without mentioning and showing off the red ones that I still love to wear.

No baguette for you! – Not if you want to fit into your skinny jeans without other items from the bakery hanging over the top – yes, I’m talking about muffin tops! I have yet to find a pair of skinny jeans that aren’t low-rise which means getting the right size is crucial!

French Flair – This look always makes me feel a bit french. Perhaps it’s the classic black and white stripe and the ballet flats that send me down  the Parisian pathways but I think it is also the red cardigan and skinny jeans. It kind of reminds me of photos from the 60s when the cool look for all Parisian women was capris, flat, cardigan thrown over the shoulders, striped shirt and a lovely little bag. Just need a chic hair cut and red lips to finish off the look…which has me thinking it may be time to try the smooth look with my hair…again. The jeans were from Glassons, shirt from Target – I think it was a dress but as usual it was too short to me one on me and by wearing it more bunched a bit it hides sins rather than highlights them! Pretty sure the cardi was from Target a few seasons ago, as was the bag and the shoes were purchased for $10 on sale in Sydney a few years back. So total cost on this outfit was probably around $110. I have added in a couple of necklaces, one being a bit art-deco looking as a tribute to the french feel of this look.

Tribal Country – I played with a bit of a mix of trends here, tribal and denim. To be honest, I have never put these items together before but am pretty sure I will again in the future! After all, that is what this whole challenge has been about, finding new outfits in the same old wardrobe. The skinnies this time around are the red ones I had searched for everywhere last year. Over top I have put another shirt/dress from Target that I usually wear with my beloved J Brand Flares. The jacket is actually one of the Fashion Misters but I thought the chambray shirt would make a nice layer over the look and as we are in the autumn months layers are important. I took the belt off the shirt and used that to tie around the chambray shirt to bring a little more of the fun tribal print to the outside of the look. This is all finished off with huge gold earrings, a beaded necklace, cute little clutch and some Jessica Simpson wood wedges that have a snake-skin print. I’ll try to remember to snap a pic when I wear this one. I’m kind of excited to see how it looks on!

Working the Orange Crush –  Yeap, orange again. And, yeap, you have seen something similar before. And yeap again, this look could easily work in the work wear posts from last week. All of which make it a great outfit! Started with the orange skinny jeans (Glassons of course), then there is a brown wrap vest under the vintage brown and orange flecked sweater. All topped off with a beaded statement necklace, orange belt, beaded cuff and the orange envelope clutch. Then finished with the nude suede wedges. Definitely a look that will find its way to work this autumn.

I really like these looks and I love the versatility of the skinny jean.

Which is your favourite? Would you have done something different? Would love to hear what you think!


About astimegoesbuy

Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

19 responses to “Denim Daze

  • backinthesaddelagain

    Love that your on a retail Fast Laura … well done and I love you are doing a colour story as well. You have inspired me as Im going away this weekend to the mountains … I might pack some colour.
    Keep it up an more power to you 🙂 Al

    • astimegoesbuy

      Thanks Al,
      The 90 days in the wilderness (shopping fast) has been far more fun that I thought it would be!
      Colour in the mountains is good…don’t want any hunters thinking you are game if you go for a walk in the woods!:)
      BTW – I loved that striped jacket you wore in the Dr J post – so cool.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  • RiverCityFashion

    I’ve been debating if I’d prefer a green pair or a yellow pair (coral in 3rd place). Now I want orange, too!

    • astimegoesbuy

      I would suggest finding them on sale someplace for a reasonable price and having all of them!
      We have a shop here called Glassons, they are based in New Zealand and often they are on sale from $25-$35.
      You could have a rainbow in your wardrobe! 🙂
      ps keep us updated on which ones you get!

  • amaliqbal

    Love all of your looks!!! I love the orange jeans!!! I found a pink pair that are high waisted from Forever for 15.50, and I love them!!! You should check there for high waisted skinnies!!! Happy fashioning!!!

    • astimegoesbuy

      That is a great price!
      I’m going to have to get online and see if I can get them shipped overseas…
      …or to my mum in California and then forwarded!
      Thanks for the tip!

  • designchickee

    I pick the French look…
    Generally, I’m partial to black jeans (outside of blue)… the only colour I absolutely, positively love! Black is my Design Uniform, you know. 😉

    • astimegoesbuy

      I wear the French look all the time.
      It is kind of a go to outfit for me when I want to be a bit casual but still look nice.
      Black is pretty versatile.
      I’m thinking of seeing how many ways I can style a LBD I own just by changing accessories.
      As another challenge to myself…seems to keep me out of trouble…mostly. 🙂

  • Helena Handbasket

    I also cannot find these jeans in anything but a low rise! I hate low rise jeans.

    I saw the most amazing pair of peachy / coral slightly flared denim jeans the other day, but alas, low rise and thus utterly unsuited to my body type. *shakes fist*

    • astimegoesbuy

      We have heard rumour that they have high-waisted skinny coloured jeans at Forever 21.
      As they are not an Australian store, I have not seen them but will be looking to see if this is true tomorrow!
      Muffin top is just not a good look for anyone, let alone a woman my age!
      I shall certainly let you know if I find them!

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  • fashionblogy

    Great job… I love your post!!!

  • Laura (whoplannedthis)

    pick a favorite you say… love the 1st one, although I think of the 4th of July 🙂 also love the 2nd one, great colors and the chambray shirt adds a nice layer 🙂 the 3rd one is fun too, but I think I like the brightness of the first 2 just a bit more… I am personally loving my red jeans from J Crew -everyday I seem to think of something new to wear with them. In fact, Im thinking about pair them with an orange/ red shirt and a chambray over the top for 1 of my last chambray outfits on Monday 🙂

    • astimegoesbuy

      OOoohhh! That sounds good!
      Orange , red, pink are all such great colours together.
      I think after my good old fashioned blue jeans that the red ones still hold a slightly favoured spot (just barely over the tie-dyed ones!).
      It’s the versatility of the coloured ones that makes me keep buying more. Being able to pair them up with so many different things and being able to wear them to work!
      Monday is going to be a good day. I really am looking forward to seeing what outfits you pull together for the finale.

      • Laura (whoplannedthis)

        me too – haha! I have some summer outfits that this week cold rainy days have not allowed, and the weather is supposed to be in the mid tohigh 70’s this weekend! finally some warmth 🙂

      • astimegoesbuy

        We are heading the other direction.
        It has been getting cooler although today was really nice, I think we’ll have rain tomorrow.
        Soon I’ll get the fireplace going for the winter! And break out all the sweaters and jackets!

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