Tag – apparently, I’m It!

So, it seems I have been caught.

Remember those days, or summer evenings as I remember them, when all the neighbourhood kids played together? Running around, enjoying being young, carefree and homework free. Summer evenings spent playing tag were so much fun.

It was such a challenge to hide and not be found. Of course this became more difficult as the days went on because people soon figured out where all the good hiding spots were. So then the game became about how sneaky or fast you could be about getting back to base without getting tagged.

I’m not as fast as I used to be. And it seems I have been tagged by ! She has asked me a question that I am to answer and then ask 11 of you questions. So if you are chuckling at my luck right now, you had better scroll down to see if you are in my sights and about to get caught before making it safely back to base!

The Question:

As a fashionista bloganista what is your take on the LBD … and favourite vintage find?

The Answer:

(If I can stop chuckling at being called a fashionista bloganista – fit the bloganista bit much better than the fashionista!)

Now because you have called me a fashionista I’m going to assume the LBD you are referring to is “Little Black Dress“, not Lewy Body Dementia (even though I am getting older), or Laser Beam Detector (just threw that in for any readers who are into the tech arts), or Latest Book Discussion (for the intellectuals who still read!).

I think the LBD is one of the greatest gifts Madame Chanel gave fashion and non-fashion loving women. There wouldn’t be too many women that didn’t own at least one LBD. Certainly there are many reasons to have one in the wardrobe, but the reason I think you should have one is that you need that dress that can be versatile, is a classic and the go to piecen when nothing else seems to work. It’s what you wear when you don’t know what to wear. Hard to go wrong with the LBD. Well you can go wrong with it, too short, too tight, too revealing. However, if you have purchased well a simple black dress can be styled in so many ways to work for any occaision. If you don’t believe me check out Uniform Project .

In fact my recent decision to stop buying things for 90 days, blogging about the experience and the Uniform Project have inspired me to look at my LBD in a whole new way. More about this next week…in fact, all of next week!

As for my favourite vintage find, that is much tougher to answer. I’m a fickle girl and my favourite anything changes with my mood of the moment! So I have been thinking seriously about this. Was it the first maxi skirt I purchased last year that made me look tall and thin as? Love it but not my favourite. Maybe scarf that is red, orange and pink that cost $1.99 and pulls together some of my favourite colours to colour block? It was a bargain, but favourite? Not quite.

Honestly, my favourite vintage find would be from an day spent with my mum about 10 years ago just before I left the US and moved to Australia. We were going though some of her things. I had mentioned that I had recently purchased a couple of pieces of vintage jewelry and she brought out her jewelry boxes! I was actually surprised because my mum is very minimalistic in her jewelry choices and I had only ever seen her wear a couple of pieces other than her wedding ring, so to find that she had three jewelry boxes was a bit of shock!

We spent a few hours going over each piece in the box and I was lucky enough to walk away with many new (to me) pieces of jewelry. Some costume, and some the real deal! Some had been my mums and some had even belonged to my grandmother. Again a surprise because one of my grandmothers was a humble, unadorned woman. Although the other was not so humble, I had never met her and it seemed so strange to hold something in my hand that had belonged to her. I wear these pieces all the time and am always excited when they work seemlessly into my look of the day.

Hopefully that has answered the question.

Now on to asking! – Where/How did you develop your great eye for all things beautiful? And what one thing best depicts your personal style? – Now that you have taught us all how to hold a hamburger properly. Where do you go to get the BEST hamburger? – When pontificating spontaneously do you prefer to rant or roll? – What do you hate more, getting up for bootcamp in the morning or yourself when you sleep in and don’t go? – If I offered to buy you any piece of fashion past or present, what would it be? And why? – Are you really the girl next door? 🙂 But seriously, what style lesson have you learned that you think will be with you when you are 50? – Yas, is your sense of style nurture or nature? If nurture, who taught you to be so stylish?! – Who is your favourite author? And why? – While fighting the frump within, do you ever just want to give up and let her win? – What are your top 5 things to do in Melbourne? (make that 10 so you can hopefully include a coffee shop for me!!)


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Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

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