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Lust Have – Louis Vuitton Metallic Capped Toe

As soon as I started my 90 days in the wilderness challenge, I fell in love with these Louis Vuitton metallic Capped Toe heels. They quickly became number one on my Lust Have List.

I find them so classic and chic and would just about kill for them. I think they are about the most gorgeous shoe I have seen in years. But the price, $1450, is just a little more than I really want to spend at the end of my shopping fast.

So I went to the Louis Vuitton store in Melbourne and thought maybe the plainer version would do.

Not quite as gorgeous but you still get the cool metal capped toe and in white, they would bring a little bit of light to my winter wardrobe. Good news = they are less expensive than the above truly lust worthy pair. Bad news = they are still about $1000.

That’s the complete budget I have given myself to add new items to may wardrobe!

Maybe I can find something similar at a better price. The hunt begins.

This pair by Forever New is pretty close to the white Louis Vuittons and at less than $80 they aren’t bad…but…they just aren’t drool worthy. I want more. They can’t just be inexpensive, I have to love them almost as much as the original inspiration.

This pale pink pair from Stuart Weitzman at Shoebox almost does the trick. I like the 40s vibe of the strap and the thicker heel but the colour is not what I am looking for. I want something more versatile. With a price of $365 + shipping, I just don’t think I would get enough out of them.

I’ll have to keep looking…

Gorgeous shoe – check, 40s inspired strap – check, metal toe – check, price – XX. Although these Manolo Blahniks are fantastic and would be extremely versatile, it’s a price fail for this limited budget. At just under $800 from Nordstrom, I wouldn’t be able to afford much else on my wish list.

This pair of sling-back pumps are available at ASOS and are from KG by Kurt Geiger. They are currently on sale for $190 which is a great price! I like that they are white with the black piping. They’ll be versatile and work for all seasons. The metallic toe is not as big or shiny as some of the other styles which is about the only disappointment on these shoes.

This last pair is from TopShop and they are a little bit different in that the metallic is a rose gold colour. they are a little more modern looking than the others with the tiny platform and the metallic heel. It’s the fact that they are different that I find appealing. They are $78 pounds (about $125 AUD) and could be a contender.

I think with my limited budget one of the last two pair would be what I will have a look at next week when my time in the wilderness is complete.

Although I can’t afford the Lust Have – Louis Vuitton metallic Capped Toe pumps, I think I can rock either of these last two pair and work them nicely into my existing wardrobe.

Do you have a preference? Blow it all and go high-end or try to rock the reasonable price? What do you think?


90 Day Challenge Nearly Complete

This blog started because of a 90 day challenge I set for myself, and that 90 days is nearly complete!

I wanted to get through 90 days without purchasing any items of clothing or accessories. So no shoes, handbags, scarves or jewelry either! I was going to spend 90 days looking at current fashion trends and creating those looks (or my version) from the clothing I already had in my wardrobe. And I thought, why not blog about it. After all, I was going to need something to do with my time since I wouldn’t be heading out to the shops on my days off! That is how As Time Goes, Buy was born.

The first two weeks were hard HARD! All I could think about was going to the shops, looking at my favourite online shops and making a big HUGE list of what I was going to buy when my 90 days in the wilderness were up. All of this was compounded by attending L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival where I fell in love with a number of designers and most of their collection!

However, with time and encouragement from all my new blogosphere friends and followers, I pressed on, determined to make it.

A few weeks ago, I realised I was getting close to being finished with the challenge and actually had mixed feelings. “What would this mean to my shopping habits?”, “Did I really need to go back to shopping the way I had before?”, “What had I learned about myself and my wardrobe during the challenge?”, and “What would this mean to the blog that I actually had become quite fond of?”!!

The answers to those questions, “I don’t want to go back to my old shopping habits, I want to be more thoughtful about what I buy”, “No, I don’t need or want to go back to the old ways”, “This challenge has taught me that I don’t NEED more stuff and that in fact I already have quite a bit. Plus there is more of a challenge in keeping the purchasing to a minimum and making it work than there is in simply going out and buying all the time”.

The last question was the toughest to answer.

But it all boiled down to, “How could I stop it all now”…so I won’t! What I will do, is have a serious look at that big long list of items I wanted and narrow it down to the items I think I really need or want that will add a bit more versatility to my wardrobe and maybe give it a bit more style. I have set myself a budget and will see how much of what I want I am actually able to get. Then I will spend the next 90 days, incorporating those items into my wardrobe, creating new looks and modifying for the change of seasons from winter to the beginning of spring.

Near the end of the next 90 days, the Fashion Mister and I will be spending month in Spain. Where I plan to spend a lot of money shopping at Zara, Loewe‘s and any cool Spanish boutiques I can find!

So in this last week of my first 90 days in the wilderness challenge, I will be blogging about the items that are on my MUST HAVE LUST HAVE list. I have a week to plot how I can get them all for less than $1000.

I’m open to suggestions and advice so please share!

p.s. None of the above wardrobes/closets are mine. Although I would be more than happy to remedy that!

Award Season – I Would Like to Thank…

Last week was pretty amazing on the award front. I woke to one award and then two days later  there were double awards!

So this post is all about thanking those who helped me get here…

WordPress for providing easy to use blog space.

Telstra Big Pond for my internet connection.

IBM and Philips for my computer and monitor.

Choke…snicker…falling off my chair!

Seriously though, a huge THANK YOU to all of you who stop around to read what I have written. Take a peak at what looks I have pulled together from my wardrobe. Encourage me with your comments. Share your fantastic style to further inspire me! As I write this, I am on day 80 of my 90 days of living out of my existing wardrobe and shopping hiatus. The first two weeks were hard but you all have helped keep me honest and focused on this adventure.

Now I would like to tell you a little about the awards and the great people who have awarded them to me…well, to my blog…which is an extension of me!

First award of the week came from Yummi Style and is the Sunshine Award. This blog is young and fresh, one girls incites to what is going on and should come off! She is so good at what she is blogging about that in 2 short months she has over 2,000 followers from around the world! How amazing is that? So to be nominated by her is a great honour.

The second award of the week came from Preethi at Chasing Yellow Cabs. Preethi is another young fashionista who is actually studying design at Parsons School of Design…think Project Runway and you’ll know the place. She has maturity beyond her years and writes a great, clever blog that encompasses her amazing lifestyle!

And finally, from the lovely Iva Fruhling I have been given the Kreativ Blogger Award. Iva has been leading an amazing life in the fashion world and has taken to blogging as a way to bring the fun back into that world. She’s a model and poses for most of the fantastic photos found on her blog.

All three of these awards came as a huge surprise. When I started blogging nearly three months ago, I was doing it to keep myself distracted from shopping and I really didn’t think anyone would read what a 40s, middle-aged woman had to say about fashion. So to get three awards in one week, all from lovely young women who have fantastic style of their own, is a really big deal to me.

Now these awards always come with rules, most of which I will break, and for that reason not even list because I don’t want you all to know which ones I am breaking! One rule I won’t break completely, I will just bend. That is about nominating others. I have received the Sunshine and Living Passionately Awards in the past and followed the rules. You can look at previous Award Season posts if you are the type that has to play by the rules. And as most of the rules for the Kreativ Blogger are the same…you can read previous posts.

But, because the award is Kreativ Blogger, I am going to be creative with the rules!

Rather than actually nominating 7, 10, 15 others (as is usually directed), I am simply going to provide you with a short list of bloggers that I enjoy following. This is not a complete or comprehensive list, but a few I hope you have a chance to visit.

Magnolia Grace

Detta Moda

Fashion Mashie

Design Chickee


The Thread Affect

Gracefully 50

Now honestly, I am like most of you. There are probably about 50-75 blogs that I check-in on regularly. So I have kept the list short…and definitely sweet! These ladies are all great treats! Hope you enjoy!

Now your challenge. Can you leave me the link to one blog you follow that you would totally miss if they dropped out of the blogosphere?

The Memorial Look

This weekend is the perfect confluence of celebrating Memorial Day and trying to use a piece of my personal history while creating a look.

Most of you know that although I live in Australia, I grew up in the USA and in fact celebrated 38 Memorial Days while living there. The first big picnic or barbecue of the summer season, it could be freezing cold and wet or stinking hot, but it never stopped us from getting together.

The personal history bit that most of you DON’T know, is that I spent 6 years serving in the US Air Force. It was a way to get out of the little town I grew up in and travel the world. Unfortunately, I only got to Denver thanks to the USAF but it was a start. It’s been about 25 years since I got out of the Air Force but for some reason I hung on to one of my uniform shirts. Even packed it and brought it all the way to Australia when I moved.

I came across that shirt about 12-18 months ago and since then have been wanting to wear it but without feeling like a big dork or having people think I was a pretender. Then about 6 weeks ago while cruising the blogosphere I saw a few outfits that had a military/grunge inspiration and I became inspired!

So in honour of Memorial Day and all those that serve their country in support of freedom, I embarrassed part of my history and put together this look.

Starting of course with one of my old USAF BDU (battle dress uniform) shirts. I started the look with the sleeves up which looks really cool, but it is winter in Ballarat and I would have frozen! So sleeves are down. Underneath is a concert t-shirt from U-2, a wide brown leather belt, my favourite bell-bottomed J-Brand jeans and black boots.

Accessories are D&G sunnies, a pair of long beaded earrings, the tribal beaded necklace you have seen a few times of late, my vintage copper bracelets plus two string and wire bracelets and my Coach handbag.

I have to admit, I really like the casual way this look turned out and chances are extremely high that I will wear it again.

I also have a summer version rolling around in my brain so when the weather warms up or I do a series on military inspired looks, I’ll share it with you!

The Fashion Mister and I went down to Lake Wendouree to pick up a few things from the farmers market and he suggested we take pics at either the war memorial up the street or here at the cannons next to the lake, and the cannons won the battle!

I felt pretty silly posing with everyone walking or jogging by but they probably just thought we were tourists and ignored us!

So what do you think? Would you wear this look?

Thank you to all that have served and fought for freedom.

Versatile Vintage Handbags

To finish up this series I thought I would share with you some gorgeous and versatile vintage handbags that I would love to add to my collection.

As always, I have linked the photos for your convenience.

The Satchel – How could I not be drawn to this leather satchel? With all the hoopla going on about the Cambridge Satchel, this seemed like a great buy for under $75. It definitely has that schoolbag look that is so popular now. It may not be in one of the on trend neon colours BUT in this classic light brown leather you would be able to wear it for years and with just about any look, preppy, office, weekend casual, you’d be covered. Which makes the cost per wear an absolute bargain! I imagine in its previous life this bag lived in the country, probably at a manor house.

Not so Patent Black – This is another bag that reminded me of some of the current designer handbags (thinking a little bit Prada), but again well under the designer price. This Patent Croc bag is under $100. The classic design would be perfect for the serious business woman in all of us. Suits, pencil skirts, peplums, these are the items this skirt conjures up in my mind. This bag is a city girl, metropolitan all the way. She’s used to attending important business meetings.

The Actress – Yep, she’s a scene stealer. Perfect for those needed pops of colour and bang on trend in the brights department. This one would look good with the candy and pastel colours being worn for Spring in the northern hemisphere and would look great with the blacks and browns being worn throughout the southern hemisphere winter. She can play any part.

The Classic – Classic in every sense but bold enough to go red. This bag would be used to having a tube of red lipstick always in the side pocket…can’t leave home without it! This bag truly does it all, shoulder or handheld, classic looks or pop of colour, relaxed country or city vibe. It’s all happening. I could wear this bag to work but really like the idea of pairing it up with jeans, a button-down and cardigan for a classic weekend look. And the best bit? Vintage Coach – under $70!

The Big Clutch – First thing that caught my eye with this clutch was the handle at the top. You can either hold it in the conventional manner or it can be used like you see so many clutches these days with your hand slipped through the opening and the body of the bag being held, which gives it a contemporary feel. Second thing that caught my eye…the size! This is not your standard wimpy little clutch. You can carry a lot of things in this bag, which make it great for the weekend getaways. Cute and relaxed yet big enough to throw a few necessities inside.

A Little Burgundy? – And our last bag, this little burgundy number. Colour on trend – check. Classic style – check. Perfect compact size – double-check. Price ($30) – check mate! I like that this clutch would be handy for work but with the smaller size it also makes a great after-work bag. Plenty big enough for the essentials but not so big it’s going to get in the way. Plus the classic style and colour mean it can be styled up or down to work with whatever look you have going on.

This series, looking at the vintage items in my wardrobe has been fun. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I really do think that having vintage items in your wardrobe can add a lot of personality and really help you show off your style by wearing one of kind items with a bit of history about them. Not to mention if you ever get stuck on how to style vintage, you just look at the piece, imagine the life it had before you and play on what comes to mind.

I really would like to try a couple little stories about the imagined previous life of some of my vintage pieces. If only I can find the time!

Did any of my vintage items speak to you about the life they had before coming to me? Or any you would like to here from or about?

Vintage Looks – The Dress

I realised while doing this series that in my vintage looks, I don’t have a single dress.

Here are a couple of vintage looks that I would gladly add to my wardrobe in a heartbeat. The thing about these is that all of them are new…not one truly vintage. So clearly Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton have been doing a little reflection and admiring the past.

But what if I wanted real vintage? You know, those pieces that I imagine have so many stories to tell because they have lived full and complete lives before I was lucky enough to find them. Well, go!

Give Miu Miu More! – It took less than 10 minutes to find this little gem on (I have provided the link if you are interested). What I like about it is that it is navy, a great classic colour and it reminds me of the 40s vibe that Miu Miu is putting out at a far smaller price tag! If this look is too plain there are a couple of things that I would consider if I owned it. The top has navy embroidery, kind of a swirl pattern, I would look at going over that with a white or cream thread to bring out the pattern and add a little interest. Option #2 is a bit more fancy…but…what about having some fake fur added to the collar? Or even just a vintage fur (faux if preferred) stole over the shoulders? Either would certainly make the dress less plain and make a statement. And it’s only $89 so putting a little work into it to make it amazing would be worth it.

Fabulous 50s – Another great find. Totally 50s. Fantastic autumnal colours. If only I weren’t two weeks short of finishing my 90 days of no shopping! I have a feeling this dress won’t be available when I’m allowed to shop again (very sad face). I have a couple of ideas about how I would style this dress. Firstly, go girlie, pull the pink out of the print and add a hot pink handbag and hot pink wedges. I would have to then wear my purple jade bangles and necklace. The second option would be to wear my burnt orange tights, my mustardish coloured granny cardigan and I would have to wear my black patent flats, but ideally I would either wear brown brogues or a pair of brown ankle boots to kick it into quirky. Jewelry for the second look would be my copper bracelets, plus my pearl bracelet and one of my double strand vintage pearl necklaces.

When is Vintage Mod? – When it is all about the 60s! Even though I am not a bright green girl, I fell in love with the cut and style of this dress. This is when simple is stunning. If I did have this dress in my wardrobe, you know that I would be wearing it with leggings or tights (as I hate my knees – yes, that is extremely weird of me). I’d either be wearing the pink and green leggings I used during day 2 of the  LBD 7 looks x 7 days challenge and pink handbag and wedges (can you tell I am obsessed with pink? More on that in the near future), or I would wear black leggings, my black Jeffrey Campbell wedges and a vintage scarf tied around my neck. Jewelry would include some of the MANY pieces I have with Peridot to play up the green of course!

ComPLEAT Vintage – As we move through the decades, I found this 70s number. I have to admit, mostly I hate this dress. So why am I sharing it with you? Because I like the pleated skirt part of the dress, including the wide belt. If I had this dress in the wardrobe we would be making a trip to the seamstress to have the top removed and it would become part of my skirt collection! The dress is only $24 so the price spent to make the alterations would still keep it in the reasonable price range.

Vintage Maxi – I would have fallen in love with this dress whatever length it was. The more I look at it the more I wish I could have it. I like the print, love the red belt that comes with it and would wear it with red shoes. It’s the kind of dress that could be dressed up or worn more casually so at $35, it’s a bargain! I bet I could even get away with wearing it with my red cowboy boots and a red cardigan over the winter months!

So, tell me, which was your favourite? Is there a vintage dress style that you just can’t resist?

Vintage Looks – A Parade of Skirts

I thought it might be good to cover the full parade of skirts while having a look at the vintage items in my wardrobe. Some you have seen before and a couple I wear so often that you should have seen them by now but I haven’t taken any pictures until now!

I made sure to make this picture of all my vintage skirts together nice and big so you can really see the prints and pattern of each of my little hardworking vintage wonders.

The brown and white sort of Aztec print skirt was the first one of this vintage collection. I purchased it about 12 months ago when I finally became aware of my great passion for longer midi and maxi length skirts. I think I have mentioned before that I am tall so I am really lucky that I can get away with these longer skirts and a couple of them even make me look long and lean! Which I like!

The Bright Vintage Maxi – You’ve seen this one and we only covered it in-depth a few days ago so we won’t spend a lot of time on it. As mentioned before, one of the things I like most about this skirt is that even though it is vintage, the colours are bang on trend!

Guess that just shows us that what is old is new again. There are cycles in fashion and mixing orange, red and raspberry (hot pink) really isn’t that new after all.

Vintage Black and White Plaid – If you don’t remember this skirt, we covered it in the Black and White series. Even though it is subtle, I wanted this look to be a mix of prints. I have used the black leather bomber/varsity jacket and the black boots to tie it all together. You will notice that the shirt is striped, the skirt is a  fine plaid and then the scarf and handbag are two more prints! Four prints in one look and I think it works pretty well. It’s a great way to get used to mixing prints if you haven’t yet gotten into that trend. I really like this look and am sure that I’ll be wearing it soon…maybe to the CFC breakfast in June.

Vintage, All the Skirts are Brown – Okay, so they aren’t but it is winter here and all the leaves are turning brown. We covered this skirt just a couple of days ago with the Cue top and croc handbag. You may also recognise it as one that I wore on the business trip to Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. That is one of the great things about this skirt, it is versatile. Because it is “just a basic skirt”, I can do so many different and wonderful things with it. Which makes the fact that it is vintage and cost so little, all the more sweet. Every girl needs those good basics that work really hard for them.I am sure you will see this skirt in more looks in the future.

Autumnal Vintage – You will have noticed in the close-up above that this skirt has great texture and a good variety of beautiful autumnal colours. Again, details that let it work with so many other things in my wardrobe. I especially like to wear this skirt to work with one of my cashmere solid colour jumper/sweaters and my brown suede boots. It’s just a comfortable outfit to work in and some days, being comfortable is about the best thing that can happen! Of course I tend to go with either the pearls or the vintage copper jewelry when wearing this skirt. They all just seem to belong together. Perhaps that could be a lead in for one of my Vintage clothing “stories from before they were mine”.

My First – Vintage Maxi – I actually don’t think I have shown off this skirt before. It was the first vintage one I purchased about 12-18 months ago. I fell in love with it for two reasons. The zig-zag print was reminded me of an Aztec print and knowing that tribal was becoming popular it seemed like a good versatile purchase. Secondly, it was the first time that I could find a vintage skirt that actually fit!! Massive bonus! The way I am showing it here is exactly the way I first wore it and is probably my favourite look for this skirt. The top is a wrap shirt / light weight jumper, the brown wide belt brown suede boots and my Coach handbag you have seen many times. The necklace is a multi-strand beaded necklace that also has a bit of the tribal trend about it. I have worn this skirt with a taupe coloured short-sleeved button-down shirt, tucked in, the wide brown belt and nude suede wedges in the summer months. I could wear it with orange, including orange wedges and it would look amazing…may have to check that look out for another post!

That 70s Show – This skirt isn’t a maxi or midi but it is one of my vintage skirts and whenever I wear it I feel like I have stepped back into the 70s, which means I usually end up styling it like a modified 70s look. In this particular pic, I have played off the slight burnt orange stripe in the skirt and used a burnt orange cashmere top purchased in Hong Kong back in October, a long cream coloured Ralph Lauren sweater vest, a vintage brown and orange scarf, burnt orange tights, brown suede boot and a two-tone brown clutch with a stack of copper and brown bracelets and my orange watch. I have also traded out the tights for brown fish net stockings which still provides a pretty 70s look. Sometimes I wear a lighter coloured top and ditch the vest and scarf and wear pearls but it still always feels like I am the mod 70s chick.

Hope you liked my parade of skirts. I’m sure they will make another appearance in the future as these are clearly some of my favourite vintage items to wear.

Did you have a favourite? How do you style your vintage midi’s or maxi’s to keep them current?

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