7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 7

7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – The Finale’ of 7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD challenge!

If you were expecting something big and grande, I’m sorry that I have let you down. I did say that I wanted to stick with outfits that I would wear and as I had already done two dressier looks, it seemed sensible to go with something slightly more work related.

And actually, I really like this look!

Over the by now famous, or perhaps infamous, LBD I have put on my most nana brownish cardigan, because I both love it and find it comfortable to wear. To increase the warmth factor and work with the brown I added a pair of orangish-brown patterned tights and to tie it all together the leopard print scarf and shoes!

There was a time when I would never have worn black and brown together but since becoming more mature in my age and style I have realised that if it is good enough for mother nature to dress a leopard in black and brown, it’s good enough for me!

What I like about this look:

It’s a great mix of black and brown – all playing off the leopard print.

I love, love, love these kitten heeled leopard print shoes with the black bow and any outfit that shows them off is a winner to me.

How often to you get to wear your favourite nana cardi and look stylish at the same time?!

What I don’t like about this look:

I obviously need to pay more attention to the tights and make sure that I get the pattern straight. Not wrapped around my leg!

Well that’s it. Challenge completed. I could do a few more but they would mostly be versions of these same looks. Did you have any favourites? Was there something I should have tried? Do share your thoughts. I’m interested to hear what you think.

Any thoughts for another clothing challenge?


About astimegoesbuy

Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

23 responses to “7 Looks x 7 Days – LBD Day 7

  • Paula Parisotto

    I think this one is my fav!

    • astimegoesbuy

      Thanks Paula!
      This one is probably the most “Me”. Something that I would wear pretty regularly and be very comfortable in. Plus the tights add a bit of personality which is quirky…kind of like me!

  • MJ, Nonstepmom

    You saved the best for last ! On a warm day, that dress with just those shoes & the scarf would be so cute as well.

    I have a fashion challenge for you – now that I’m not working, I am already sick to death of wearing jeans everyday (never thought I’d say that! I do get in a casual skirt now & then) but maybe you could help me/us “chic” the everyday jeans alittle ?

    • astimegoesbuy

      Oh MJ!
      I love jeans…spent a few years getting away with wearing black jeans to work because the dress code called for black pants! 🙂
      I have covered jeans a bit fairly recently.
      Starting on April 14 with “That’s Bloody Jeanious!”
      and running over the following week plus.
      I have covered regurlar denim in several formats and colored jeans.
      On my days off I make a concious effort to not always pull the jeans on…which really only means that I put on brown cords or something else very casual.
      Although of late, especially as we roll into winter I am doing a lot of long, winter weight skirts.
      Let me know if you think the jean series provides any help.
      You have got me thinking about the casual life challenge…which will probably incude jeans but maybe cover some alternatives?!
      Thanks for your inspiration/request!
      Hopefully I can come up with something that helps!!

      • MJ, Nonstepmom

        Yay ! Thanks Laura, I’m on my way to check out your ideas. Yes, alternative ideas would be most helpful…I went as far as getting rid off all my sweatpants and obviously frumpy stuff so I’m not even tempted to wear it; but I still feel I’m falling into a “blah” wardrobe. ( I have a work-at-home friend that stays in her pajamas half the day – I do not want to go there !)

      • astimegoesbuy

        I love a good pajama day but think it would be dangerous to spend more than the occaisional day in pajamas!
        I’ve got some posts coming up where I am working with one of my BFFs on her wardrobe. You might find some inspiration in them.
        Sarah leads a busy working mother life and is more about comfort and function than fashion.
        We are working on bringing her comforatable wardrobe up a notch to shake off her frump factor!
        “Remodling Sarah” starts today, there will be three or four parts all looking at working with what is currently in her wardrobe.
        Let me know if any of it is helpful!

  • bpreethi

    Congratulations on completing the challenge which much finesse 🙂 made for an entertaining read

    • astimegoesbuy

      Thank you for reading your way through all 7 days!
      It is much appreciated. 🙂
      I really enjoyed the challenge of working with some restrictions and using a bit of creativity to see my existing wardrobe in a different light.

    • astimegoesbuy

      I’m glad others like this look as much as I do!
      I was a little worried everyone would think it a little too nana but I liked it so much I had to include it!
      It’s the leopard print that elevates it and makes it “fashionable”.

  • fashionmasher

    Cute 🙂 love those tights and I know what you mean about getting them straight! I love seamed tights and that single line is so hard!

    • astimegoesbuy

      Thanks Bug!
      They are a pretty great pair with a lot of attitude.
      And with their kitten heel they are good for work because they are easy to spend the day in and no one comments on how high my heels are!

  • Mary Ann Williams

    You totally convinced me to pair brown and black together! I admit, I am often too safe in my fashion choices, but this look was just lovely. What a cool challenge with the LBD! Kudos!

    • astimegoesbuy

      Thanks Mary Ann!
      It was a really fun challenge because it did challenge me to be creative.
      Much as this whole 90 days of no shopping challenge has done.
      I’ve been learning that I have plenty and really don’t need a lot!

  • designchickee

    I love the leopard print scarf…have one myself and it’s a classic piece! And I love how that marries up with your tights! Nicely done, Laura!

  • Christina

    I love how you mentioned there was a time you wouldn’t mix brown and black. I find myself being more lenient about this “rule” now and will definitely remember your reference to how a leopard is designed!

    • astimegoesbuy

      I’ve also been ignoring the “blue and green should never be seen rule”.
      If that were true, I don’t think mother nature would have made the sky blue and trees green!
      Just thinking that I trust mother nature and she wouldn’t get the colour thing wrong so if it’s good enough for her to wear, it is good enough for me!

      • Christina

        oh my! I’ve never heard of the blue and green rule. I whole-heartedly agree with your philosophy and will use it when shopping from now on!

      • astimegoesbuy

        It was just another of those old sayings my mum used, which she had probably been taught by her mum!
        As I am a far more modern woman I have opted out of the circle of silly-sayings regarding should and shouldn’t in fashion! 🙂

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