Remodeling Sarah – Wardrope Revamp Part 3 – Getting Dressed Up

Now it’s time to amp-up the Revamp of Sarah’s wardrobe!

Just a reminder…Sarah is a working mum of three young ones…most of her wardrobe has been given to her by another friend…she is somewhat fashion challenged…we are doing a remodel of her wardrobe, starting by working with things she has already.

Yesterday was about the casual and neat casual looks Sarah could wear every day. Today we will dabble at looks that are a little dressier. Most of the time the dressy items Sarah wants is if she is going out with her husband or they are meeting friends out for dinner. We aren’t talking gala balls or walking the red carpet. She just wants a few looks that are little bit fancier than normal and that she will still be quite comfortable in!

To start we just took a small step from the casual looks. Sarah has two of these dresses in her wardrobe. They are pretty basic shift dresses, one with a black background and with white, as seen here. However, they both look a little granny (well too old for Sarah – even too old for me and I AM a granny!). So what we did was styled the dress like a skirt by putting on a pale pink jumper/sweater over top and adding on a big cream coloured scarf and some lovely little nude coloured shoes. Sarah could also wear this look with brown boots for a more casual vibe. Or she could pull on a shirt over the dress, belt it and add a jacket/blazer for a more professional look.

This orange look is also just a little more than casual but I thought it was interesting to use the blue long-sleeved t-shirt and the orange granny cardigan that Sarah loves to create something just a little dressy. So we paired them up with a long chiffon shirt that is long enough to be worn as a dress. Add in the black leggings and black boots to provide layers for the winter months. What I like about this look is that we used one of Sarah’s favourite cardigans in both a casual and a dressy look. So it shows her that items don’t have to be one or the other, that they can do double duty! Which means when she does buy new clothes she can be looking for items that will work hard for her and mix with her lifestyle.

This third look was born around the classics. Most women would have similar items in their wardrobe and could pull together a similar look. It could be more colourful but it wouldn’t be far off these basic pieces. We started with a grey pencil skirt (any colour would work), paired it with a white long-sleeved button down shirt (again, any colour or print would work), then we added a grey vest (it could be loose like this one, or fitted like one from a suit). We accessorised with Sarah’s black boots and a grey strand of freshwater pearls. Sarah can wear with stockings, tights or leggings depending on how she feels and what’s happening with the weather. I think to dress it up more I would wear with a pair of patterned stockings or maybe even fish net stockings! Thicker tights or leggings would keep the look a little less fancy.

With a slight tweak to the previous look we have a slightly more evening out look. We traded one white shirt for a flowy chiffon white top and the grey pencil skirt for black. Rather than the vest we used a little black shrug, but could have used a black cardigan. Actually, any colour cardigan would have worked nicely we just wanted to stick with a clean black and white scheme. To give the look a little sparkle we used a lacy scarf with lots of fringe and placed over top of it a silver and white beaded necklace also with a fringe effect. The shoes are a little pair of strappy heels with rhinestone detail. I think this is a nice look for dinner with Mr. Sarah.

The black stripe detail on this jumper/sweater reminded me of the Yacht Club and it was another of Sarah’s favourite items so we thought we should work with it. For this look we have simply matched it with the black fringe scarf, black pants and black boots, but we also did the same look with the rhinestone strappy sandals and it looked great. We continued to work this basic and I showed Sarah that she could trade out the black pants and use the black pencil skirt. Again using patterned stockings or tights to change-up the look. We also added a black blazer to give another layer. That is the beauty of working with good basics and accessories in black and white…the options are endless!

We continued with the black and white theme and moved on to this really cool white fringe dress that Sarah has. She wore it to a big charity dinner she and I organised last year and looked fantastic but she was concerned that it was too short so we worked with it to provide adequate leg coverage and give her some options for wearing it again.

We started layering it over black leggings, but it would look just as nice with patterned tights or stockings (my beloved fish nets would be great!), added the black shrug, black freshwater pearls and a black belt. Depending on if she wears it with leggings, stockings or tights she can choose boots, strappy sandals or heels to go with this look.

We did one more dressy look with the white fringe dress. Pairing it up with black leggings and the rhinestone sandals, plus the black fringe scarf and white fringe necklace. I know it sounds like a lot of fringe but it’s not. Once you add in the black blazer for a bit of tailoring the look comes together very nicely.

Sarah had a few other things in her wardrobe that we didn’t show here and only talked about rather than put together into an outfit, but she’s been challenged by me to use those items over the next few weeks by applying what we worked on in our day of revamping her wardrobe.

Once we had a break for a glass of wine to celebrate our hard work we went back into her room to do one more look. Sarah was going to be meeting some friends at the pub that night, so I asked her to show me what she was going to wear.

She got the black shirt and pants with the boots right away. Then quickly added the blue scarf that I showed her how to turn into a vest. She wanted to use the scarf/vest because she really liked the nifty trick (I’ll share it with you all tomorrow!)…then she stopped. She kept looking at what she had done and then she repeated the challenge I had given her earlier in the day, “add one more thing”, and she grabbed the fringe necklace!

I was so proud!

She had done well and it was so much better than where she had started! If you read yesterdays blog, you will notice the look isn’t that much different from where she started, which I think is good as we only wanted to refine her style not change it, but that it is a little more finished.

We are planning a day of shopping to add a few things into Sarah’s wardrobe and play around a little with things she doesn’t have in her wardrobe to see if she would like to add them in the future.

It should be fun, I have already picked the shops. I think she will be surprised…as will some of you! We will do another mini-series from our shopping trip.

Have you been inspired to work with what you have in your wardrobe? Maybe see things differently? What do you think we should add to Sarah’s wardrobe?


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Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

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