Vanity – Is It Dirty?

Vanity is not a dirty word at my house…

…or in my house is more appropriate for this posting to the blogosphere!

As most of you know, I have redecorated (nearly finished) the master bedroom recently and it all was inspired by the beautiful quilt made by a dear friend. The whole process was fairly organic and many ideas I started with evolved into other things in my wish to keep the room from becoming too feminine. After all, the Fashion Mister has to feel comfortable there too. However, there was one concept that never changed. I wanted the top of my dresser/chest of drawers to be a place where I could keep my small collection of perfume bottles and the jewelry that I regularly wear at hand. But it couldn’t be messy.

I found this pic on Google when entering “messy vanity“. I’m sorry if this is your vanity…BUT…it would do my head in! You see, I’m sure I remain undiagnosed with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). When things around me get too messy my brain just shuts down. I would not be able to rest or relax in a room where the vanity looked like this. So that was part of my dilemma in creating a space for my things. How to have everything I wanted accessible yet tidy and somewhat beautiful.

The vanity on the left is far more organised and certainly beautiful and it is this kind of vanity-scape that inspired me when I was putting together my own.

You may remember that the quilt fabrics had a fair bit of gold, bronze and rusty colours in them. At first I struggled with whether or not to purchase a chest of drawers that I had fallen in love with because it was covered in a silver, antique metal skin. Not paint and not mirror but a thin layer of actual metal. I decided it would be okay because of the antique look and thinking that the reflection from the golds and browns in the room would provide further gold highlights to the chest. I had also found an amazing mirror on sale that went perfectly with the dresser. So I bought them both!

Then began the fun of accessorizing. I had contemplated going mostly with wood and other more organic materials, thinking this might warm things up and keep the space from being too reflective. But I couldn’t fight the fact that I am a bit of a magpie and like shiny things!

I wanted the space to be pretty but also useful. So I started with a number of items that I already had. The tall silver candle holder is one of a set of three. Other than the overhead light, we only have candles in the room, so the other two are in the room just not all grouped together. The shorter silver candlestick is one of a set of antique candlesticks I purchased when we first bought out home. The crystal compote is from my mother-in-laws collection. It had been in our crystal cabinet never getting used. I’m sure my mother-in-law would rather I use it and think of her everyday than keep it semi-hidden away. So I use it for my bangles and bracelets. The wooden tray has mother-of-pearl inlay and was a gift from friends for my 45th b-day and it is perfect for watches and rings. I have draped necklaces over the candlesticks and used these items to glam up the corner of the chest of drawers.

Next I have used another item from my mother-in-law that was hiding in the crystal cabinet, an antique silver butter dish. It’s perfect for earrings! Finally, because the silver chest of drawers and silver mirror weren’t enough, the silver serving tray is being used to keep perfume bottles, nail polish, lipstick and a few other bits and pieces tidy and under control.

Over all I am really happy with the look. It works for the room and it works for me. Everything is where it belongs, easy to find and access and looks pretty good too.

What do you think? Is vanity a dirty word at your house? How do you keep your vanity in check?


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Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

15 responses to “Vanity – Is It Dirty?

  • Helena Handbasket

    I am so OCD about these sorts of things, but I keep most of these items in the 2nd shelf of my cupboard or in my bathroom under-sink cabinet – particularly because I have a massive collection of perfumes that I won’t leave out because they get damaged by sunlight.

    I have always wanted a huge table of perfumes, but it’s not practical, alas.

    My vanity table just has a collection of photographs and ceramic pigs [I love pigs!] I keep all my hair related stuff inside the drawers below the vanity because I actually do my makeup in the bathroom and I only do my hair at the vanity.

    • astimegoesbuy

      Very cool that you have a whole collection of perfumes! I have more crystal perfume bottles than perfumes! The two white Chanel boxes house the two scents I use. One slightly lighter than the other but the two I have been wearing for the past few years. One I have been wearing for nearly10 years! (not this bottle mind you!) Before that I wore the same perfume for nearly 20 years. Guess I am loyal?! Or mental? Probably both!
      I have absolutely NO room under the sink in the bathroom so pretty storage in the bedroom was the only way to go.
      Thanks for sharing!

      • Helena Handbasket

        I am so loyal to brands, but for some reason I’m afflicted by the discontinuation bug – almost everything I have ever loved, from hairdye to perfume, eyebrow pencils to deodorant, it’s all been discontinued at some point.

        Consequently I am a hoarder. I have fallen in love with Lolita Lempicka’s range of perfumes. The base scent has a few “whims” that augment or bring out certain elements [the one I really love brings out the amarena cherries] so I have a whole load of those, as well as the base scent itself – but you can’t buy them locally anymore! So now I’m on to Versace’s Crystal Noir and mark my words, someone will be maimed if my supply of that runs dry!

      • MJ, Nonstepmom

        I live in fear my favorite perfume will be discontinued !

      • astimegoesbuy

        I understand that fear, which is probably why I made myself get a second favourite!
        So I wouldn’t take the loss so hard if it happened.
        Man I’m a weird one! 🙂

  • sparklyglitterxo

    Very nice post,also thanks for featuring my post! ❤

  • Miles

    I’m actually thinking of re-doing my Vanity 🙂 although I just did a few months ago. But I went into a store the other day and saw their Vanity display and just plain fell in love with it. Still looking for someone to custom-make it though. For now, I keep everything in its place. My perfumes in glass vases, earrings on a revolving stand, 2 necklace trees, and a clear glass case for all my make-up so I can see them 😀

  • MJ, Nonstepmom

    Great post ! I am fortunate, to the right of our bathroom mirror is a “medicine cabinet” that runs from the counter to the ceiling, so I have very little that has to sit out. I am like you – cannot deal with clutter ! A friend gave me the idea of using acouple wine glasses – in one I stand up my lip glosses/sticks so they’re accessable ( i feel naked with out it) and the other is there for jewelry when I have to take off rings/ear rings to shower.

    • astimegoesbuy

      That’s a cool idea MJ!
      Goodness knows I always have a wine glass or two around the house! 🙂
      I always have gloss on and a dear friend of mine ALWAYS has lipstick on.
      She probably doesn’t even get out of bed without putting her lippie on!

  • Frances antoinette

    I often do not like the word “vanity” because it can be synonymous with “narcissism” (which is the most annoying trait someone can have). My vanity table is actually my bathroom table…I don’t have many accessories for my face or body =)

    • astimegoesbuy

      I wish I were brave enough to not have many accessories but as I get older I find that I need/feel compelled to have far more than probably neccessary!
      Completely agree with your sentiment regarding narcissism…that IS a dirty word. 🙂

  • cottoncandydiva

    great post! your vanity looks gorgeous…this post reminds me that I should de-clutter my own!

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