Remodeling Sarah – Wardrobe Revamp – Going Shopping Part 2

I couldn’t do a wardrobe revamp for Sarah and only take her to the Thrift Shops! That just wouldn’t be right. As I mentioned previously, most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from a friend so it was important that we get into some shops that sold new clothes!

However, because she is a busy working mum I wanted to keep it somewhere close to home (I shop in Melbourne all the time – but a 3 hour round trip wasn’t going to work for a mum doing the school drop and pick-up). It was also important that we keep the price reasonable, because most mums can get a case of the guilts when they spend money on themselves.

So after the great thrift shop haul we headed to my two other favourite shops…Target and Glassons.

I have loved Target since my US life and find lots of great basics and some good sale items there. Glassons is a New Zealand based chain who also carry great basics in lots of colours, cardigans, skinny jeans, cute shirts and dresses. Plus another thing about Glassons is they always are bringing in fresh stock, so if you don’t find ten things you like today, come back next week and you will!

One thing we noticed pretty quickly at Target was that they had all their accessories marked down. Sarah went crazy with the costume jewelry! She bought a black and silver beaded necklace, a pink and bronze beaded necklace and several other pieces that would compliment the wardrobe she was building and not one single piece cost more than $10!

She took a few things into the dressing room to try on…black jeans, they were great, she bought them. A lacy pale pink crop top, she originally wanted to try on a size or two bigger but I made her stick to her proper size, good thing she did, she loved it and bought it too! There was a really cool fake fur vest but they only had it in a medium and it looked too big on her so she passed. There was a pair of plaid trousers that looked good on the hanger but with the pleated front and straight legs, they just weren’t flattering as they made Sarah look fat! Trust me, there has to be a lot wrong to make my dear friend look like she has a jelly roll and saddle bags!

The other reject was this striped sweater dress. You can see it looked great on Sarah, that was not the problem. What was, is that she has a grey sweater dress, a red sweater dress and a black and white sweater dress…did she really need to add this one? We decided that she would leave it and if when we finished at Glassons she still wanted it, we would come back…we didn’t go back!

Then on to Glassons. This turquoise colour is a perfect match for Sarah’s eyes. We had collected three different styles all the same colour. Glad to say this dual length shirt with the cut-outs at the front of the shoulders was my pick and ended up going home with Sarah. The colour was perfect, the dual length made it comfortable for her and the fabric meant it could be dressed up or down as Sarah sees fit. She really wanted a pair of white jeans and I talked her int trying on the white skinny jeans. I didn’t win this one. She hated them. Felt too self-conscious about her legs. So we agreed that a white pair of “regular” jeans would be a better option. She tried on another faux fur vest here with better luck in the sizing and found a great pair of light brown ankle boots for less than $50.

Sarah was on a mission to find a white shirt. Even though when I was helping her with the initial Revamp of her wardrobe she had a few. She said that now that she was paying closer attention to her clothes she realised a number of items had stains or were missing buttons so she wanted to replace them. Good thinking was my response!

As we had a mission to find a white shirt and white jeans we went to Myer…no luck there. Any white shirts they had were too much like business shirts and were over a $100. Really not suitable for Sarah’s remodeling. So we found our way to Jeans West were we struck gold on both white articles. Sarah tried on the white bootleg 301 jeans. We went with the bootleg so they wouldn’t be so tight around her calves and would obviously be able to be worn with boots. She liked them…a lot…they were on sale…2 for $100…so she bought some dark brown moleskin ones as well.

The white shirt was just the right amount of dressy and casual which is perfect for Sarah’s lifestyle. She will mostly wear it either over a t-shirt or under a vest, cardigan or jumper/sweater. The sleeves can be rolled up or left down for a more formal look and the best thing…no stains!

Of course with three kids, a dog and 5 acres to look after, not sure how long that will last! At least she knows where she can go to get another one.

Over all it was a pretty successful day. I saw my friend the fashion caterpillar turn into a butterfly, Sarah completed a full on revamp of her wardrobe (with my help) and she spent less than $400 to do it!

I’ll try to catch some update photos in the future if you’re interested.

So, do tell. What do you think? Was this helpful? Did you learn anything? Or is there something that you would have done differently?

I’d love to do more of this! How fun to look through someone else’s wardrobe and then spend their money!


About astimegoesbuy

Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

5 responses to “Remodeling Sarah – Wardrobe Revamp – Going Shopping Part 2

  • JeannieRichard

    The all-white number is a rocker!

  • Pierotucci

    It’s nice to go shopping with someone who is a bit out of your comfort zone. I know when I shop on my own I always lean towards a certain type of clothing – but when someone a little more daring comes along I can be convinced to buy something new and different. The true test is if I will actually wear it when I am once again on my own and going thru my wardrobe to find something…anything.

    • astimegoesbuy

      Which is why it’s important that we be pushed or stretched a little but not to the point of buying something that we would never wear again.
      I thought Sarah looked fantastic in the skinny jeans but I could tell she hated them. Which meant she would never wear them, so better to look for something else.
      This blog has pushed me to see my wardrobe differently and to try mixing things up differently so I don’t stand in front of a wardrobe full of clothes thinking, “I have nothing to wear”!

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