Vintage Looks – The 3 Cardigans

As we continue our journey through vintage looks from my wardrobe, I wanted to make sure I included the 3 cardigans.

You may have noticed by now, I’m a huge fan of cardigans, vintage or not, I love them! So easy to throw on when you need to keep off the chill or tie a look together, even finish a look with a little polish or professionalism. A cardigan can really give you a classic finish.

These 3 cardigans are particular favourites for all those reasons, as well as they were hard to resist. I think the greenish one was the most expensive of the lot and it cost $7.99! Bargain!!

Vintage Cardigan – Brown with Orange Flecks – If you know me, then you know I fell in love with this cardigan because it has orange flecks in it. Which of course means that it will go with my vast array of orange clothing. I particularly like the cardigan belted over this orange vintage inspired dress. by wearing it with the leopard print shoes it makes a great work look. But lets face it, a cardigan is just as at home on the weekend with a pair of jeans which is another reason to have a great selection of them.

Vintage Cardigan/Jacket – You can better see the colours of this cardigan/jacket in the above pic. I like the black and brown mix but it was the large button/snaps and the almost blazer look of the cardigan that got me to purchase it even though it needed a little stitching around the collar. For under $5 I thought I could take the ten minutes to re-stitch the collar in the two spots where it was a bit loose. For this look I have paired the cardigan with a vintage brown t-shirt ($2 from the Salvation Army) and the brown and black zig-zag print a-line skirt (pattern seen better above) that came from a second-hand shop and cost about$5. To bring it all together I have used a wide brown belt purchased as part of another outfit, brown necklace purchased for $5 while on the Nile in Egypt, my Coach handbag and brown suede boots. The Coach bag was purchased at an outlet store in Southern California 18 months ago for $150 (original price $499) and the boots are about 3 years old, purchased in Melbourne for $300 (1/2 price from $600). So without the handbag and boots the look cost $17. One of the many reasons I love vintage!

Vintage Cardigan goes Romantic – You should remember seeing the furry green cardigan last week when I did the maxi skirt 3 ways. This furry lovely is soooo warm and it makes you feel like you are getting a big cuddle. I also like the colours as they are versatile and can be worn with a wide variety of other colours. Who would have thought pale yellow, olive, aqua and beige could look this nice together. Another Salvation Army find. It’s actually a size too big but that allows me to wear it over a light weight jumper/sweater which doubles the warmth factor. The sleeves are a 3/4 length and even though the cardi is big on me they still don’t hang down and look sloppy.

There are so many cardigan choices when shopping for vintage. I tend to be attracted to those that are just that little bit different or not what you would find in the stores. I also seem to have an attraction to the most granny looking cardigans. When I was shopping with Sarah a couple of weeks ago I pulled out a cardigan that I loved only to see her curl up her face in disgust and say, “I would look like my mother in that,” to which I replied, “I actually like it for me”. She was shocked and horrified. Of course I didn’t buy it but wouldn’t have let her assessment stop me if I was at the end of my shopping break.

What do you think of cardigans? Especially vintage ones? Can you rock the granny cardi?


About astimegoesbuy

Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

4 responses to “Vintage Looks – The 3 Cardigans

  • fashionmasher

    I am a massive cardigan girl for all of the reasons you’ve mentioned above as well as the ease of getting them on and off and the level of handbag stuffable-ness if required! You may have noticed I have matching red and purple cardis that I bought to keep off the air-con chillies at work and to add colour to my very black wardrobe!

    • astimegoesbuy

      The cardigan…perhaps the greatest item in the wardrobe!
      Love them, have a stack of them and couldn’t live without them!
      I do love that you can add a pop of colour just be putting on a cardi. 🙂

  • ethelthedean

    Love all of these looks!

    Also, that second photo alone has stolen my heart. And those shoes from the first! And the skirt from the third! Ooer…

    • astimegoesbuy

      The second look is really cool and seriously, you couldn’t beat the price!
      Which makes me love wearing it even more! 🙂
      As for those little leopard kitten heels – yum, too much personality!
      Glad you like. 🙂

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