Vintage Looks – The Dress

I realised while doing this series that in my vintage looks, I don’t have a single dress.

Here are a couple of vintage looks that I would gladly add to my wardrobe in a heartbeat. The thing about these is that all of them are new…not one truly vintage. So clearly Gucci, Marc Jacobs, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton have been doing a little reflection and admiring the past.

But what if I wanted real vintage? You know, those pieces that I imagine have so many stories to tell because they have lived full and complete lives before I was lucky enough to find them. Well, go!

Give Miu Miu More! – It took less than 10 minutes to find this little gem on (I have provided the link if you are interested). What I like about it is that it is navy, a great classic colour and it reminds me of the 40s vibe that Miu Miu is putting out at a far smaller price tag! If this look is too plain there are a couple of things that I would consider if I owned it. The top has navy embroidery, kind of a swirl pattern, I would look at going over that with a white or cream thread to bring out the pattern and add a little interest. Option #2 is a bit more fancy…but…what about having some fake fur added to the collar? Or even just a vintage fur (faux if preferred) stole over the shoulders? Either would certainly make the dress less plain and make a statement. And it’s only $89 so putting a little work into it to make it amazing would be worth it.

Fabulous 50s – Another great find. Totally 50s. Fantastic autumnal colours. If only I weren’t two weeks short of finishing my 90 days of no shopping! I have a feeling this dress won’t be available when I’m allowed to shop again (very sad face). I have a couple of ideas about how I would style this dress. Firstly, go girlie, pull the pink out of the print and add a hot pink handbag and hot pink wedges. I would have to then wear my purple jade bangles and necklace. The second option would be to wear my burnt orange tights, my mustardish coloured granny cardigan and I would have to wear my black patent flats, but ideally I would either wear brown brogues or a pair of brown ankle boots to kick it into quirky. Jewelry for the second look would be my copper bracelets, plus my pearl bracelet and one of my double strand vintage pearl necklaces.

When is Vintage Mod? – When it is all about the 60s! Even though I am not a bright green girl, I fell in love with the cut and style of this dress. This is when simple is stunning. If I did have this dress in my wardrobe, you know that I would be wearing it with leggings or tights (as I hate my knees – yes, that is extremely weird of me). I’d either be wearing the pink and green leggings I used during day 2 of theย  LBD 7 looks x 7 days challenge and pink handbag and wedges (can you tell I am obsessed with pink? More on that in the near future), or I would wear black leggings, my black Jeffrey Campbell wedges and a vintage scarf tied around my neck. Jewelry would include some of the MANY pieces I have with Peridot to play up the green of course!

ComPLEAT Vintage – As we move through the decades, I found this 70s number. I have to admit, mostly I hate this dress. So why am I sharing it with you? Because I like the pleated skirt part of the dress, including the wide belt. If I had this dress in the wardrobe we would be making a trip to the seamstress to have the top removed and it would become part of my skirt collection! The dress is only $24 so the price spent to make the alterations would still keep it in the reasonable price range.

Vintage Maxi – I would have fallen in love with this dress whatever length it was. The more I look at it the more I wish I could have it. I like the print, love the red belt that comes with it and would wear it with red shoes. It’s the kind of dress that could be dressed up or worn more casually so at $35, it’s a bargain! I bet I could even get away with wearing it with my red cowboy boots and a red cardigan over the winter months!

So, tell me, which was your favourite? Is there a vintage dress style that you just can’t resist?


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Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

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