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Geeky DIY Women Shoes

Hi all,
I don’t usually reblog something but this was too cool not to share with you. What a great revamp of an old pair of shoes or a great way to get a one of the hottest trends on the horizon. I’m thinking a pair done with with a vintage floral motiff will be fantastic for Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Hope you enjoy this share.


National Rose Month – Food and Drink

I have I told you all that I have a flavour thing going on for Rose Syrup and Rosewater? If not, you are about to see it in action in honour of National Rose Month, I am going to share two of my favourite recipes with you. One is my favourite rose flavoured food, the other my favourite drink!

Turkish Delight – Drinks first. If you like Turkish Delight then you will love KILL for this cocktail! It’s really simple and simply divine.

Put your cocktail glasses in the freezer to chill about 1 hour before.

What you need:

  • Icing sugar
  • 30 ml Citrus Vodka (any kind you like)
  • 60 ml White Creme de Cacao
  • Rose Syrup a couple of tablespoons (or a couple drops of rosewater will do, however the rose syrup will give you a pretty pink colour)
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • Ice
  • Rose Petals

Rim the edge of your chilled cocktail glass with the icing sugar. I pour the icing sugar on to a plate and turn the glass upside down into the sugar and leave it sit while making the cocktail. This gives it a good ring around the edge of the glass.

Place some ice cubes in the cocktail shaker. Add in the citrus vodka, white creme de cacao and the rose syrup. Close the shaker and shake the container vigorously until it becomes very cold to the touch.

Turn your glasses right side up and pour, avoiding splashing any liquid on the rim.

Float a petal in the glass and serve.

Makes 2 cocktails.

Rose and Dark Chocolate Macarons – I took a class last September to learn how to make macarons because I love them so much. Here is one of my favourite versions to have made after the class.

What you need:


  • 150 grams of Tant Por Tant (half almond powder, half pure icing sugar)
  • 15 grams Icing sugar
  • 60 grams of Caster Sugar
  • 60 grams of egg whites (best if they are aged, not fresh from the chook!)
  • Pinch Cream of Tartar
  • Dried rose petals

Chocolate Buttercream Filling:

  • 75 grams Thickened Cream, 35% Fat (whipping cream)
  • 150 grams of Dark Chocolate
  • 75  grams of icing sugar
  • 75 grams of unsalted butter
  • Rosewater (you’ll only need a couple drops)

Making the macaron:

Place Tant Por Tant and the rose petals in a food processor to bring to a fine powder. Sieve the icing sugar. Whisk the egg whites and the cream of tartar to a foam and start adding the castor sugar in three additions. Continue to whisk until a firm peak is achieved.

Transfer whipped eggs to a large bowl and slowly add the tant por tant followed by the icing sugar using a rubberized spatula.

Change to a scraper and work the dough until it becomes shiny (it will also become slightly runny…DO NOT over work it until it becomes too runny, it should still maintain some shape).

Place mix in a piping bag and pipe onto a non-stick surface (a silpat mat is perfect), using a small 8-10 mil plain piping tube.

Let sit for approximately 20 minutes. Then bake for approximately 9-12 minutes at 160 Celsius. They should be hard outside and not shift if you give them a little touch.

Let cool.

Once cool, remove gently from baking tray, find two of matched size, placing one face up and one face down until all halves are matched.

Making the Chocolate Buttercream:

Infuse the rosewater into the cream by bringing to the boil, then pour over the dark chocolate mixing until melted.

Mix butter in a mixer until a smooth consistency and then add the icing sugar. Pour in the dark chocolate cream mixture. Continue mixing until mixture thickens.

Place in piping bag.

Constructing the Macaron:

Pipe enough chocolate buttercream into the center of facedown macaron that when you place the other half on top the buttercream spreads to the edge but does not run out. To get this to happen you can gently press the two halves together while slightly turning them in opposite directions.

Depending on the size you made the halves you should have between 1 and 2 dozen macarons

Supposedly, they will last a couple of weeks if kept in a cool dry place…they never make it that long at my house!

Hope you enjoyed my food and drink tribute to National Rose Month.

Looking forward to hearing if any of you try these recipes out.



National Rose Month – My Way

June was National Rose Month in the US and the 23rd was National Pink Day and even though I am not in the US, I thought I would use that as inspiration to look at it My Way.

I could go all floral but we did that a bit yesterday so in honour of National Rose Month and National Pink Day, I decided to channel my inner rose and work with pink.

I love these three pink short suits but mostly I love the bright pink of the middle suit and the classic style of the one on the right. I think the third one would be fantastic to wear to work if you were in an office that had great fashion sense. Of course I would have to wear it with heels…because I love a good heel. But a wedge heel, to maintain that summery feel.

Pink Party – As you probably remember, I’m having a hardcore crush on pink right now and purchased the handbag, scarf and hot pink wedges in my recent 90-day Haul. I decided to go totally girlie by using them all in one outfit with a shimmery pink skater dress. You’ll also recall, I’m not a huge fan of my knees and as a skater skirt comes nowhere near my knees, leggings were in order! I used the black leggings to provide a bit of contrast to all the pink, so it would pop. I only added a simple vintage teardrop necklace and a few silver and lavender bangles to complete the look.

In the close up photo you can see the shimmer in the dress. I’m not convinced I could wear all that pink at one time but if I changed out the handbag for a black one, I could do it. Or changed the pink wedges for my black Jeffery Campbell wedges, which would make my legs look forever long, that would be more me too.

Spring in Your Step – This second look also uses the hot pink wedges and the pink handbag. The white eyelet lace dress is from Glassons and pairs up really well with the pink and green paisley leggings that I purchased months ago from River Island. Again I have just used some simple pink and lavender jewelry to keep the focus on the outfit but finish it off. I am looking forward to wearing this look in the Spring and think it would be really cute with a pink or lime green cardigan. Kind of girlie and kookie but definitely fun!

Vintage Pink – For those of you who wanted to see the vintage 40s dress I purchased from in the 90-day Haul actually being worn…ta-da! The styling is the same as in the feature post it just is making its debut on a live model…me.

I you may recall, I fell in love with this dress, the price was close to budget and as it is a true 40s vintage piece I was lucky to find it in a size that worked for me. Two things worked in my favour…it has dolmen sleeves which help to accommodate a larger bust and therefore the waist wasn’t the standard 23 inch waist that was considered “large” back in the 40s! In fact the waist was too big and I have had to take it to a seamstress to get the waist taken in so it fits properly. You can’t really tell from the photos but the peplum is a fishtail peplum so longer as it makes its way to the back and oh so flattering!

As pink is a new colour crush for me I don’t have pink jewelry so have gone with lavender and silver with this look. I’m actually quite happy not to have pink jewelry because I think it might get just a bit too matchy or girlie for my style.

I’m sorry if you thought I might spend this time focusing on rose prints in honour of National Rose Month. Floral is just not really my style. But I do love a gorgeous pink rose and thought by honouring pink my way you might forgive me!

Now, I’m can’t wait to hear what you all think about the dress I have gone on and on about?!

Please, do tell! Honest answers only!


National Rose Month – we prune in june

You know when you have a thought that sticks in your head for no apparent reason? Today I have one of those thoughts.

Here it is getting on to the end of June and for the 8th consecutive  year I have NOT had a chance to follow the gardening rule “we prune in June”. I don’t think I would mind but I have found out that June is also National Rose Month in the US and it almost seems like Mother Nature is trying to give me a big kick up the bum!

Now I can grow roses…this is one of mine…but really, anyone can grow roses. They are far easier than most other flowers. You wouldn’t think something that comes with its own spikes was wimpy or delicate would you?

My problem seems to be that June is cold here in the Southern Hemisphere and I tend to hibernate as the days get shorter. Then next thing I know it’s July/August and I am running around trying to get the roses pruned. Which then means they are at their best bloom in mid-late November and we are typically away on holiday.

I am going to intentionally leave the roses this year because we are holidaying sooner and will actually be home mid-November.

So for once, my procrastination pays off!

In the mean time, I have spent a little time on Pinterest “pinning” my little heart out, so I’ll share some lovely rose inspired images with you. Feel free to check out the complete board here.

I love this image. How dark and moody and so much of another era is it? The black rose fascinator is both delicate and tough. Wouldn’t you kill for beautiful skin like the model?

And if you are the kind of girl who likes your roses to come with a lot of drama…this dress should do it for you! Gorgeous! Again, soft and feminine but with enough black to keep it from feeling too girlie. You know I am not a girlie-girl so this dress would be perfect for me…if I had the kind of life that required a dress like that!

I have a serious crush on this dress my Australian designer Alex Perry. The midi-length, body-con with the retro floral and sporty colour-blocking strip down the sides hits on so many current trends that it isn’t even funny. In fact, I love this dress so much had I looked anything as good as the model in it I might have spent the arm and leg to purchase it.

If you want your roses to be intense and modern, this skirt from designer Peter Som S/S 2012 might be what you are looking for. The colour is so bright and beautiful you would demand attention in any crowd. It’s actually this skirt that got me thinking about roses in the first place!

It’s roses in this form that keeps me from being able to look good in the Alex Perry dress! I think this cake covered in iced rose petals is perhaps one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen. Can you imagine stopping at a friends for afternoon tea and she whips this up?! She’d be my best friend forever!

(tomorrow I will share a couple more rose food pics and my favourite rose cocktail so stayed tuned!)

I couldn’t wrap up a tribute to National Rose Month without sharing this pic. A little reminder of how lovely the roses will be in October/November if I can remember the “we prune in June” rule! I like the vintage feel of this rose print and the taupe gingham shirt is a nice way to mix prints in a very subtle manner. Adding in that taupe jacket would make this a lovely look for the office. Especially with some nude pumps.

Well, that’s it for my National Rose Month tribute. Yes, I did manage to prune down my rose photos for you so check out my Pinterest board if you want to see more!

And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere have you remembered that we prune in June? Or will your roses be late bloomers like mine?

My Lust Have List Haul – Metal Capped Toe Pumps

The last of the big 5 that were on my lust have list are the metal capped toe pumps. Inspired by the beauties from Louis Vuitton.

Again another gorgeous lust-worthy item that wouldn’t fit inside the budget even if they were the only item on my lust have list! Although they were only about $500 off the budget!! Far less than the Chanel handbag.

You may recall how much I went on and on about the fierce metal capped toe as a contrast to the classic and feminine colours of the shoes. I was even lucky in that I found the shoe I ended up purchasing while researching for the post.

I ended up going with the KG by Kurt Geiger found at ASOS. They are no longer available on ASOS but I did notice they now have a couple of other similar styles available.

I really like that these are white and will go equally well with all the black, white and grey things in my wardrobe! Plus I think they will dress up a pair of jeans and look fierce with a pencil skirt for work. I hadn’t actually realised that the heel is metallic as well as the capped toe, which was an added bonus!

In fact, because they are a classic white and black, I don’t know that there are too many things in my wardrobe they won’t go with. They may not be ideal when working with some of the autumnal colours in my wardrobe because they tend to look better with gold accents…but…I have a feeling these shoes are going to get a lot of wearing and will see a lot of styling time!

That’s it for the main items on my lust have list haul. How do you think I did with these metal capped toe pumps?

My Lust Have List Haul – The Handbag

As I work through a closer look at my lust have list haul, it has become time to check out the handbag.

I didn’t get the Chanel bag. But then you already knew that I wouldn’t. However, I think I got a suitable substitute. Especially considering I will be treating myself to the Chanel bag next year for my birthday!

The original lust-worthy handbag is perfect but wasn’t going to fit inside my $1000 budget even if I only bought it!

So I went to “Plan B” and looked all over for a bag that had a little bit of the Chanel style but a lot fewer numbers on the price tag.

I found this bag on sale for $99 at ASOS. It’s a non-brand name bag with silver hardware.

I like that it has both the shoulder strap and the handle for carrying options. It’s also just the right size to carry pretty well everything I would need in my handbag when getting around to and from work, which is when I mostly intend to carry it. The quilted flap is reminiscent of the Chanel bag without trying too hard.

I’m pretty excited that it works so nicely with the metal capped toes pumps and the silver bracelet also purchased for my lust have list haul. It’s going to make a nice simple accessory for a great number of my looks, both work and play.

After all, it is black…and a classic style, so it should work well with most things!

Now, considering my budget for this handbag purchase was $100. How do you think I did for my lust have list haul? Is this a handbag you would be caught out of the house with?

My Lust Have List Haul – The Statement Necklace

I’m sure you remember this Statement Necklace from my Lust Have List. After all, how could you forget it?! It’s not just a statement it is the whole speech!

I opted for a slightly less grand statement for my lust have list haul.

There is still plenty of bling-factor going on with this necklace but at around $75, I can still afford to eat for the next year!

As mentioned in The Haul post a few days ago, this little dazzler came from Peep Toe Shoes at They have great stuff at very reasonable prices and are not just about shoes as you may think by their name.

I picked this statement necklace because it did make a big statement without being ridiculous. The texture was also quite lovely and gave it a bit more interest. You would be correct in thinking that you will be seeing a lot more of this piece in the future.

For now I just thought I would show it off by putting it together with a few of the other items from my lust have list haul.

Final Statement – You’ll see more of this look on another day. The base of this look is the column dress from Alibi Online ( Honey & Beau. BTW – I noticed this dress is now on sale for $99! The camel colour makes the perfect neutral background to show off the accessories. My vintage “croc” handbag, the really cool chain belt that came with the dress and one of the vintage scarves from the haul. The final statement comes by adding the necklace. I think it is a classy and sophisticated look. Even though it isn’t screaming for your attention, it’s definitely saying, “Look at me”!

State Your Business – I love how styling with the statement necklace on this look lifts it to “I’m the woman in charge”. It’s also cool how the ovals of the necklace play off the ovals of the shirt. The shirt was one of the items I found on, besides loving the colours I like the little bow at the neckline. V-vintage and v-feminine! I just randomly found the skirt at a thrift shop while looking for a denim jacket. I bought it because it’s one of my favourite colours, it was a perfect match for the shirt and the price was amazing! So a group of inexpensive pieces are given an expensive look just by adding the statement necklace. That’s smart business!

How do you think I went with my selection of a statement necklace for my lust have list haul?

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