Lust Have – The Chanel Handbag

Item #2 on the Lust Have list is the The Chanel Handbag. preferably black, quilted and with a chain. In other words = CLASSIC!

I don’t think it gets any better than this handbag. And I don’t know a single girl who loves handbags who doesn’t have this bag on her lust have list. BUT, most of us “regular” girls can’t afford one. Even a good used one is still going to cost more than my monthly mortgage payment!

Next year, for the big 5-0, we are taking a small group of friends to Hong Kong. We are planning on eating, shopping and drinking ourselves mad for 4 days to celebrate. My gift to myself will be a Chanel handbag. However, until then, I will have to find a substitute.

This Rebecca Minkoff bag can be had for about $500 from one of my favourite online stores, but I have to remember that my overall budget for is $1000 and I can’t justify the gorgeous bags by Marc Jacobs or Rebecca Minkoff…as much as they try to tempt me. Sweetly calling my name from the computer screen…I can not falter…I must be strong…keep looking!

At $400 this Kate Spade bag from Nordstrom is getting to a better price and is worth the money if you have it to spend. But I would like something a little less expensive if I can find it.

Trouble is, I don’t want it to look cheap. Can I even get leather for less than $200? This may be the toughest search.

This Tilli bag from The Iconic almost fits the bill. At $229 it is pretty darn close to being reasonably priced. The patent leather is classic. The gold hardware is simple and sophisticated. I could see myself with this little lovely.

But just for fun, what do we have at the lower end?

I’ve dropped into ASOS for these last two options. Why? Because every fashionista on a budget is shopping at ASOS these days and they have a wide variety of styles and prices.

I like the whimsy of this tote dressed as a black quilted handbag. Would I buy it? Probably not. Even at less than $85, it really isn’t my style. But I wish it were! The price is right. The sense of humour is amusing and if I only wanted a tote for carrying things to and from work…I might go there. However, I want something with more versatility. That I can wear with anything, and the tote just won’t cut it.

The second option from ASOS has a great FANTASTIC price at $27.20! It has a long, cross body chain which is handy when out because it leaves both hands free for drinks and food or whatever else you need to be doing. At the price it would certainly allow for splurges on other items of my Lust Have list.

I’m going to have to think about this one. The choice is going to be difficult.

What do you think? Splurge a little now or save now and splurge on something else?


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Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

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