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50 Shades of Grey – Fashion vs. Home

To wrap up the month and this series of 50 Shades of Grey, I thought we could return to a little feature called Fashion vs. Home.

You may recall me starting this with “Blue”berry Month. This feature focuses on comparing fashion with home interiors to show some of the styling similarities between the two. Specifically for my friend Sarah but also for anyone else interested in the fact that great styling and  design can translate to all areas of your life.

Besides the obvious connection of shades of grey these fashion vs home photos are similar in that each look is layered and utilizes several shades of grey. There is also an element of different textures being used in each of the photos. In dressing yourself or dressing a room it is important to mix and vary textures especially when working with a monochromatic theme. It’s the change in the texture that actually provides the visual interest.

In this first group the looks are more casual and relaxed yet chic.

While the second group of looks are far more elegant with that touch of sophisticated and chic.

I love that grey, both in fashion and home interiors is a chic choice no matter if it is relaxed or sophisticated. How nice are the shades of grey with accents of black, silver and the sparkle of crystal. Notice in two of the interior photos there is a little pop of colour, the orange flowers in one and the yellow flowers and basket in the other. Using this neutral backdrop to highlight a pop of colour keeps everything looking fresh and allows your eye to take in the colour without being overwhelmed by it. The same thing applies to dressing yourself.

A little pop of colour with an all grey outfit is a lovely surprise and adds a level of interest. Think statement necklace, scarf around the neck or even a bright pair of heels for a fresh but chic choice.

Thanks for letting me indulge in fabulous 50 Shades of Grey. Have any of you used grey in your home interior? If so, are you a black, white and grey person or do you like your grey to have a pop of colour?


50 Shades of Grey – Chanel Handbag and Other Accessories



We have focused on the fashion and faces in this little series of 50 Shades of Grey and now I want to share with you some fantastic grey accessories.

And of course, if you know me…you know I’ll start with Chanel!

How could you not love this grey patent leather Chanel bag? I love it so much I am tempted to make it a present to myself rather than the classic black. In fact I had a good hard look at a non-patent version when in Hong Kong last October. Everything about this bag, including the dove grey colour, screams chic!

More grey, more style, more to add to my wish list. I tend to select sunglasses with a tortoise-shell frame but this lovely grey pair could certainly change me tune. A little retro and a whole lot of cool.

We’ve seen this style of statement necklace in all the brights so what about a few shades of grey…well, silver, grey and black actually! I like it, I really like it!

I love everything about these grey platform shoes. The fact that they are grey – yes, the platform – most definitely, the ankle wrap and cut-out pattern – oh yea! These would be so fantastic to wear with my charcoal, pin-stripe suit and equally fun with my Tommy Hilfiger grey and burgundy plaid shift dress. They even make me want to find a grey skirt to wear with a t-shirt and these shoes!

You will remember this nail polish pic from an earlier post about polish trends I would wear. What could be more perfect for 50 shades of grey? You get 5 from just this one nail polish trend.

Okay, so this one is a loose interpretation of grey, but I wouldn’t knock it back! Simply stunning!

And finally, for our friends in London that are not letting the rain spoil all the excitement of the Summer Olympics.

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at 50 Shades of Grey Accessories. I know I enjoy the Chanel handbag and the dream that comes with it!




50 (plus) Shades of Grey – Fab Faces

Nope, I’m still not writing about the books. And todays title of 50 (plus) Shades of Grey should have given you a clue.

As mentioned yesterday, I was using the arctic colour scheme to be inspired for this series of posts and while collecting photos on, I came across so many fantastic 50+ faces that totally qualified for the topic.

Following are some women, and a couple of men, that are mostly over 50 (thus the 50 plus), all of them are rocking the grey palette (always with their hair) and sometimes are even working the grey palette in their clothing as well. Each and every one was far too fabulous to be left out during this closer look at the spectacular shades of grey.

Oh my goodness! I so wish I could look half as fantastic as these fantastic 50 plus shades of grey! Love the wavy locks of the lady in the bottom left and the grey outfit with the ruffled shirt. I know, I have a thing for ruffled shirts. But I have confessed that to you all before.

More fabulous 50 plus in this collection of photos. Don’t you love the attitude of the woman in the top left photo?!

Well dressed and gorgeous!

I’m having a love – hate with all of them!

I love that these amazing faces are showing us that it is possible to be fabulous, fantastic, stylish, chic and sometimes even cool when you are wearing the 50 (plus) shades of grey.

I am begging mother nature…please oh please let me go one of these beautiful shades of grey. Oh, and if you can make sure I don’t get any more wrinkled…and that all my body parts don’t go south, I would be forever grateful. And mother nature, umm, one more request if you don’t mind…can I be as stylish and chic as this lot?!

Do you think these photos show the fabulous faces of the 50 plus shades of grey or have I just become obsessed?

50 Shades of Grey – Fashion



I really debated about calling this post 50 Shades of Grey. For one, I’m not using 50 photos and didn’t want to mislead there. And secondly, although I haven’t read the books, I understand they can be a bit polarizing.

This all actually started as one of my fascinations triggered by finding a beautiful palette of wintery, arctic inspired colours and creating a board on Pinterest, (you can check out the complete collection here).

Even though we are nearing the end of July, it is still quite cold here in the southern part of Australia and since the sky is still grey most days, why not focus on grey and the positives of it rather than the gloom. It is a beautiful classic neutral. Up north you are starting to pair it up with your summer neons and brights in preparation of autumn. It makes a great backdrop to prints of all kinds, so why not give it its special moment in the sun?!

Here’s to grey and all its shades!

I love all these looks, girlie with frills, classic tailoring, dressy or casual, the many shades of grey are gorgeous.

I really like the look in the top left of this photo. Many layers of grey all classic and tailored. It’s a look I would wear. But then I love all these looks!

What do you think? Is grey for winter only or would you wear it and it’s 50 shades any time of the year? Or is dressing all in grey just to gloomy for you?


Mid-Winter Clothing Swap – Part 2



I’m afraid that during the mid-winter clothing swap that was held at my house, I was having too much fun to remember to take many photos. I will, however, share with you the ones I have and I did remember to at least take pics of the items I selected during the swap.

This cute dress was snapped up so quickly, other than this photo I didn’t even have a chance to look at it!

Items I was swapping were the white shearling vest with the fur trim, which you know Sarah was happy to find. The bit of bright red in the centre is a red wool jacket you may recall from earlier Looks from my Wardrobe posts. The pale blue Ralph Lauren wrap which is the item that caused me to go on my original shopping break (The Fashion Sister took this one home…which made me very glad because I know she will love it). The fourth item was the brown wrap on top of the RL.

I had my eye on a couple of things in this group of clothes and was lucky enough to end up with one of them! Are you wondering which one it is?

Loved the military/safari style of this neutral coloured jacket. It’s going to look great with jeans and a t-shirt. Maybe even the red tank top from last weeks op-shop haul. I think it will look great with a couple of my tribal looks too. Might have to revisit that trend from earlier in the year and style using this jacket.

I tried not to think about Kylie Minogue singing “I can’t get you out of my head” when I tried this on! Especially as Kylie and I have nothing in common other than we are women. It’s a light-weight knit that will look good in the summer with some leggings and wedges but until them will make an appearance with a long-sleeved coloured t-shirt underneath and a pair of jeans and boots. I really fell in love with the fact that it was a dressy hoody.

I found myself drawn to this bright blue shirt. The cut and style should look pretty good on me and I think with one of my pencil skirts that I had made in Hong Kong it is going to look great for work. I’m also thinking with white denim, my metal capped toe shoes from the Lust Have Haul, my vintage owl necklace and a stack of bracelets will be a fun and relaxed look for Spring.

I really wasn’t sure about this dress by Australian designer, Charlie Brown, but as you know I currently have a crush on all things pink so I thought I may as well try it on. Good thing I did because it was gorgeous! Not sure what I have on the summer social calendar that warrants something so fancy but maybe it will make it to Spain so I can wear it when the Fashion Mister and I have dinner for our anniversary. He’s going to love it! It’s very flattering to my curves and so comfortable. This is more proof that some clothes look better on a body than on a hanger.

How do you think I did? Which item from the mid-winter clothing swap is your favourite? Would you like to see me focus on styling options for any of them?


Mid-Winter Clothing Swap

I’ve been reading some great blogs from the UK and the US and realise that many of you are well into the “Slow Fashion” concept. You are shopping green by going to vintage and thrift shops and many of you are attending Clothing Swaps.

I don’t know if I am slow and they are happening in Australia but I hadn’t heard of any happening in my area so I thought I would invite some of my more stylish friends around to have a Mid-Winter Clothing Swap at my home.

Tina – on the right – has been studying and I think the excitement of new clothes may have gone straight to her head!

Sarah – centre – from the great Wardrobe Remodeling, Shelly and Kate, enjoying a chat and bubbles before checking out the clothes on offer.

The ladies inspecting the clothes and trying to decide what to try on and take home!

Sarah has found the vest I ordered from when it was on sale and then decided was just too short for me but thought she might like…I was right, once she found it she wasn’t letting anyone else near it!

What I learned from the clothing swap:

  1. I have friends that have great clothes, much of which I have never seen!
  2. Give the girls a mid-week chance to have some bubbles and shop without spending a cent and much fun will be had by all!
  3. Try on things even if the size label isn’t right. There was a cute little silk top that I liked but the size was an 8 so I passed on it. Then the Fashion Sister From Another Mother (who is the same size as me) tried it on and it was a perfect fit! Guess that was her payback for the LV wallet last week!
  4. Everyone was happy for me to take the items that weren’t chosen for a new home to our favourite op-shop (where I found the LV wallet).

There were 10 of us and we have all decided it would be great fun to do again. We also talked about doing a group trip around the area one Saturday to visit some of the op-shop/thrift stores and vintage shops. There will probably be a small bus, a few bottles of bubbles and maybe lunch in there as well. I mentioned I would love for us to do a trip down to Melbourne for the day to do the same thing.

High on my list for Melbourne would be Mary Lipshutt Vintage in South Yarra. They carry such brands as Pucci, Versace, Missoni and the French brand Courreges. It would be heaven to shop there!

Now I just need to find a few other great op/thrift/vintage shops in Melbourne so we can organise the day trip.
If any of you have suggestions, please share!

The Mid-Winter clothing swap went well. Everyone went home with something new and a smile on their face. Tomorrow I’ll share a couple of picks of the clothes with a focus on the items I selected.

One Lovely Blogger – an Award

Well the revamp of the blog must have worked because the lovely Kristi from Biscuits & NAVY has nominated As Time Goes…Buy for the “One Lovely Blogger Award”!

It’s absolutely sweet of her to think of me and lovely in the same sentence. As I have mentioned before, I originally joined the blogosphere to write about the fact that I was on break from shopping. However, in the process of that 90 days in the wilderness I have learned that I enjoy writing about fashion and style, food, fun and all things lifestyle. Additionally, and most importantly, I have found many others who inspire me in so many ways.

One of the rules to this award is to nominate 15 other bloggers. This will be easy as there are so many that I enjoy reading on a regular basis. Please be sure to check them out, not all of them are about fashion but all of them are inspiring. I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me.

1.  Detta Moda

2.  Truth and Cake

3.  Fashion Mashie

4.  Designchickee

5.  Old Vogue

6.  The Thread Affect

7.  Gracefully 50

8.  Glitter ‘N Glue

9.  The Fashion Secret

10.  Charming Trinity

11.  Pillows A-La-Mode

12.  The White Trash Gourmet

13.  Style on the Couch

14.  Helpful Annalisa

15.  Carr Party of Five

Rule number one was to acknowledge the person who nominated you…done. Rule three was to nominate others…done. Rule two is to share 7 things about yourself…that’s the hard bit.

  1. I have always loved good style, whether it is in clothes or homes and I am totally infatuated with great architecture and beautiful spaces and places.
  2. As most of you know, I will be 50 next year…and it’s kind of freaking me out. I don’t feel 50, but then how would I know what 50 is supposed to feel like?!
  3. I am notorious for refusing to follow a trend. So much so that I neither have seen more than 10 minutes of “Sex in the City”, nor have I read any of the Twilight or Harry Potter books. Although I have read every single one of the True Blood books, I’ve never watched the television series.
  4. I hate flying but love to travel, and as I live in Australia, flying is the only real way to get anywhere. To date I have filled one passport and I am working hard on filling a second.
  5. I spent 10 years of my adult life abstaining from alcohol…just because I could…but I’ll never do that again!
  6. I am fiercely loyal, to friends, family, fashion designers, you name it. Once you’re on my A-list chances are pretty good you’ll stay there.
  7. I am married to the nicest man I have ever met. The Fashion Mister is a fantastic friend, companion, confidant and partner.

Thank you again to Kristi at Biscuits & NAVY for nominating me. And thank you to all of you that stop by. I know time is valuable and it means a lot to me that you spend some of yours here at As Time Goes…Buy.




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