Lust Have – Skull Scarf by Alexander McQueen

As much as I love scarves and appreciate many things Alexander McQueen, I can honestly say this isn’t my lust have but that of 13coco at 1st on Trend. She and I both have the Chanel Handbag on our Lust-Have lists and 13coco loves the skull scarf by Alexander McQueen but can’t quite convince her parents it’s worth $500!

A couple of years ago I treated myself to my own scarf obsession, a navy and cream chain print scarf by Chanel. It was an absolute insane price but I had some recent exciting news and as I marched into the Chanel boutique I promised I was buying the scarf and not going to ask the price. I still love that scarf and how it feels to wear, which is usually in the warmer months as a head-scarf while driving with the top down on the car.

Anyway, as someone who understands what it means to have a scarf on your lust-have list, I have done some investigating for 13coco in hopes that she too can have her obsession quenched.

The chiffon scarf above is available from a number of sources and in a number of colour combinations for a wide variety of prices some as high as $700. However I found this specific model available at for about $250. So we have already saved $250!

The exact same scarf is also available at Net-a-Porter for about $200. So another $50 saved.

This slightly different version with fringed edges is available at for about $322. Personally, I’d go with the other version and used the $100 savings to buy some great accessories!

This version is from ASOS and cost about $20. But I have to say, it kind of looks like it cost $20 and wouldn’t be my choice even at that price.

As you can tell from the photo this version comes from And at $50 including shipping it’s probably a pretty good contender!

I also stumbled across this pink version at, and if I were going to get a scarf with skulls on it, this would be the one that I would want. I love the juxtaposition of the pale pink girlie colour and the skull print. There is a quirky sense of humour about it that I like. With a price of about $35, it really tickles my funny bone!

I hope this helps my friend at 1st on Trend finally to be able to get the Alexander McQueen scarf she has been lusting after. Or at least something that is close enough to keep both her and her parents happy!




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31 responses to “Lust Have – Skull Scarf by Alexander McQueen

  • Fashion Mayann

    I love Alexander McQueen’s Skull Scarf so much ! I’ve got a black one and a red one but if I could I would have them all !!! Thanks for this great post !!!

  • TinLizzie72

    Ooh i love the pink one! I have so many scarves but never really know what to do with them, and when I try to wear them, I always ended up getting annoyed at them by the end of the day. I think I’m not a scarf accessories kind of girl…

    • astimegoesbuy

      That is unfortunate.
      I love scarves and also have many…two small drawers full actually!
      One drawer of winter scarves and one of summer scarves.
      I like the way they can change a look or pull it all together.
      I even like wearing them as belts when they are long enough. 🙂

  • shinyinlove

    I just culled my scarves to get rid of those I don’t need/want/love so I am on scarf overload at the moment. I still kept quite a few but I have lots I am giving up.
    I am not a huge fan of the whole skull theme but I do like the pink one.

    • astimegoesbuy

      I agree.
      If I were going to go with the skull thing, it would be the pink one.
      I have so many scarves I had to move them to a bigger storage spot.
      Eventually I will cull a few but most of them I wear at least a couple times a year.
      I find that they add a bit of life and colour to a very simple look and can make the drab into fab! 🙂

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  • 13coco

    Thank you so much Laura!:)
    Thank you for finding me more options so I can get my hands on a similar scarf to McQueen’s. Personally, I love skulls on scarves because I wear a lot of vintage, floral prints, eyelet, lace, and romantic dresses, so I love to juxtapose that sweet style with harder pieces (motorcycle jackets, spiked heels, leather pants, or skull accessories). I definitely like the one from Etsy and I really like the pink one as well (I will look into them). Thank you so much and please let me know if Trend can do anything for you.

    • astimegoesbuy

      My pleasure madame!
      It was fun to have a look into something that I may not have looked at otherwise.
      I can understand liking to mix the hard and soft, I love to do that myself!
      When you do get your skull scarf you will have to share with the rest of us what you get.
      I know I will want to know and I’m pretty sure others will too!

      • 13coco

        Hi Laura,
        I just wanted to let you know that I found a beautiful skull scarf that looks a lot like the McQueen scarf. Thank you so much for all of your help and please check out the photos I just put up on my blog of the scarf (and comparing it to the McQueen scarf).
        Thank you!

      • astimegoesbuy

        How exciting! I’m on my way over now to check out how you did. 🙂
        Glad that I could be of help.

  • shiroknowes

    Mostly I don’t like skulls but these scarves are beautiful !!!

    • astimegoesbuy

      I love a good scarf, not overly fond of the skull thing but this challenge has made me see that some of them aren’t too bad.
      And, if you wear a lot of girlie feminine pieces like 13coco then it is a great way to add a bit of edge to your look.

  • jensine

    not really a skull girl myself but i have a fried who loves them and always looks so cool

  • bpreethi

    I love Alexander Mcqueen with an unexplained fervor! great post 🙂

    • astimegoesbuy

      I am glad you liked it!
      There are many things McQueen that I love too and although I’m not a massive fan of the skull scarf…I love the skull clutch!
      I’ve been looking at Alexander McQueen’s affinity for steampunk and find that all kind of cool too. (as you would have noticed from pinterest)

  • mlatimerridley

    Oh I love the pink skull scarf too! Me wants! 🙂

    • astimegoesbuy

      The great thing about that option is that the price actually means you can have it!
      Well and that it is pink…and the skulls seem to be smiling…guess there are a few great thing about that scarf!

  • Carr Party of Five

    Dear Laura,
    The skulls are edgy.
    When we were in the Paris Airport waiting for a flight home…I spied a scarf.
    We had a lot of Italian $ left.
    My huz was like…”go for it”.
    I treasure it.
    I never thought I was a scarf girl. I thought wrong!!
    Love ,lis

    • astimegoesbuy

      Hi Lis!
      I love a scarf as my Chanel scarf proves…plus the other 30 or so I have! I just havent been convinced that I need a skull one. Maybe because my day job is in a hospital and I’m just not sure how well wearing a skull cross would go down! 🙂
      Otherwise, I could be tempted.

  • Love & Lunchmeat

    I’m not sure if I’d wear it once I owned it, but I LOVE the pink scarf…

  • Jeni Johnson

    Top shop one for sure!

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