DIY – Metallic Oversized Clutch


While researching the metallic trend I saw several pics of oversized clutch bags in silver that not only did I fall in love with but got me thinking…”I can do that”!

So I did!

The Inspiration for my DIY project

And here is how I went about making a DIY metallic oversized clutch.

The Supplies

I went to the local craft store in search of something that had the look I wanted. I found this silver lame’ fabric. It is 80% Polyester and 20% Elastic. The reverse side has almost a rubberized feel to it so I thought it would be strong enough to hold up to things that get thrown in a  bag without ripping. As I wanted to do an envelope style clutch I thought the big silver, green and blue glass bead would make a nice decorative accent and as I don’t own a sewing machine I bought some hemming ribbon.

The fabric wasn’t cheap but I got half a metre for about $13 and have ended up with enough left over that I can make another bag! The bead was $10, so for around $20 I have a new, cool and trendy bag.

Working out a size and shape

I started by cutting a square slightly larger than I wanted the finished size. Keeping in mind that oversized is part of the look, I went 26 inches by 26 inches (about 66 cm x 66 cm). I then determined where I needed the fold to be and sorted out lengths of the hemming tape.

I turned the fabric inside out, placing the hemming tape between the two layers and using a hot steam iron and a towel ironed the two side seams and created a small finished edge on one end.

Creating a finished flap

On the opposite end I folded in the sides and used hemming tape to finish them and then folded dow a small bit of the last raw edge with hemming tape to finish off the flap.

After folding and using hemming tape on all the edges

Once all the edges are completed, turn the bag right side out.

Adding the Glass Bead

I used a small piece of silver wire to attach the bead to the flap by simply wrapping it around the bead and pushing it through the fabric. Then separating the wire ends and pushing them out flat in opposite directions to help anchor the bead. A little dab of fabric glue holds it in place.

The Finished Bag!

I have used a plastic portfolio sleeve on the inside to provide a little more “body” to the bag, and now that I am happy with the finished project I will take the time to go back and hand stitch the seams. If you have a sewing machine I would recommend just sewing the seams from the start.

I’m really very happy with the way this bag turned out and will be using it for future styling so am sure that you will see it again. As I plan for my two days of fashion in Melbourne during the first week of September, I’m thinking this bag will definitely make the trip with me.

What do you think of my new bag? Are you inspired to create one for yourself?

I’m thinking of using the left over fabric to make another that is a little more true to the shape and style of the inspiration bag.

This DIY metallic oversized clutch is very on-trend for the coming season and will look equally great for spring or fall.



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