Womens Equality Day – 26 August

August 26, Womens Equality Day and although I could use this time to get all deep and meaningful about equality and the struggles, I’m afraid I am going to use the time to talk about something I like.


But first, I’ll tell you a funny story…

The Fashion Mister is pretty funny, and very witty and likes to stir up trouble sometimes. Ages ago when we applied for our frequent flyer cards he thought it would be amusing to put the title Dr. in front of my name. He did this because when it precedes my sir name it is a brand of shoes…not a very girlie brand mind you but still shoes…famous ones.

So when we travel, everything has that title on it. He laughs when the airline attendants greet me with Dr. ______.

When we were in China, every one looked at him when they said Dr.________. Because he is the man, they expected him to be the doctor. I guess Womens Equality hasn’t quite caught up there.

Anyway, back to fashion!

Seems like the perfect time to talk about the masculine vs. feminine trend. Not male vs. female, but the how of taking a look and spinning it either way, the more tailored masculine side vs the softer feminine side. I have pulled all these images from my boards on

The Suit: I love both of these suit looks. You would be more likely to find me wearing the one on the left, the masculine version. Mostly because I worship wide-legged tailored pants and all the classic tailoring, but also because at my age, I just don’t have the body to wear that cute little bra top and nothing else under a blazer! But if I could, I would! I think it is that bra top that really makes the difference in these two looks and what makes the white top more feminine. Okay, the black stilettos help.

The Pencil Skirt: Just in case you thought a pencil skirt was a pencil skirt and nothing more. From these two photos you can see that it’s quite easy to play up either the feminine side or the more masculine side of a pencil skirt. The colour and print paired with the strappy sandals on the left lead the look to the feminine, where the neutral colours, button-down shirt, blazer and closed toe shoe keep the look on the right more masculine. Again, I’d most likely be found in the look on the right because my wardrobe is full of those pieces, but I love the look on the right and hope to move more that direction over the spring and summer months.

Layers: And what about looks for you in the Northern Hemisphere. How can you embrace either the feminine or masculine sides of your wardrobe in the upcoming cooler months? Why with layers of course! This time on the right, we have the more tailored masculine look with the wide-legged pants, button-down shirt and the added layer of a jumper/sweater. All kept conservative and business-like in neutral and plum. On the left is a softer, flirtier look in similar colours that leans more to the feminine side. Why? Just because of the ruffled  skirt. Pretty much everything else in the look is masculine but the skirt is just enough to push this layered look to the feminine side.

All White: Again a look that the simple change from tailored pants to girlie pleated skirt makes the difference. Note that in both pics the ladies are wearing a simple white shirt with pockets. In fact to me it would appear the one on the left is more a chiffon or silk where the one on the right is likely to be cotton. If you were just looking at the shirts you would think the opposite of what the overall looks are doing.

The Leather Jacket: You know how much I love my leather jacket and in fact I love both of these looks. However, this is one time where I am more likely to be wearing the more feminine look. Because I love the juxtaposition of hard and soft and the look on the right is exactly my aesthetic. Although I will admit that there is a fair chance I will borrow from the look on the left. Wearing my leather jacket, Ralph Lauren black wide leg pants and probably adding a white t-shirt…just because I can.

It seems a fine line to tread between the masculine and feminine lines. Both sides can do tailoring and fabrics can be mixed as seen in the All White look. But predominately the differences seem to be in fabrics, prints and pairing softer touches to take the edge off the more tailored/masculine pieces.

Oh, and by the way…I don’t think women have to “prove” they are equal…I just believe we are. Unfortunately there are plenty of people out there who haven’t caught up with that thought yet.

Hope you don’t mind that I did finish off my celebration of Womens Equality Day with a little something that wasn’t just about fashion.




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Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

22 responses to “Womens Equality Day – 26 August

  • Anne @ The Frump Factor

    Happy Women’s Equality Day! Great roundup and analysis of these looks. Now you have me wishing for a leather jacket…… again! (Hoping I can still wear my suede one….. I will be bummed if they are deemed to be “out” this year).

    • astimegoesbuy

      I think you are safe! With the huge way Prada embraced the 70s this year it’s likely you’ll get at least another year out of the suede jacket. 🙂 However you are more likely to get two minimum. I’m borrowing the Fashion Misters suede jacket and wearing it “boyfriend” style…may even try a belt on the outside to give it a fitted look sometimes.

  • budgetcouture

    Happy Women’s equality day! Love this article

  • ethelthedean

    From now on you are Dr. Fashion. Haha, that’s such a great story! I didn’t take my husbands last name when we wed, so I always get such a kick out of it when people meet me first and then are like, “Hello Mr. the Dean” to him.

    Love, love this editorial. You always pick such stunning photos. I would have to say my favourite is the very first – hello international woman of mystery, and that pleated skirt nearly knocked me off my feet. So fab.

    Happy equality day!

    • astimegoesbuy

      I rather like the name Dr. Fashion! 🙂
      We always know if someone is trying to sell us something when they call and ask for Mr. Martin because he has a differnt sir name.
      that first suit is pretty amazing…kind of Carmen San Diego all grown up…you may be too young to know who that is! 🙂
      Happy Equality Day to you too!

  • JeannieRichard

    Fabulous picks! I’ve always been a pants lady (wore my mom’s clothes) and pencil skirts (again, my mom’s clothes) since 14, that were coupled with my father’s shirts and ties, lol! But now that I nearing 40, I want to start wearing maxi skirts. Happy Equality Day ~ XO!

    • astimegoesbuy

      Sounds like you have been stylish beyond your years Jeannie!
      I’m a slacks and pencil skirts kind of girl and LOVE a good maxi.
      I just assumed it was because I am a child of the 70s. 🙂

  • spashionistareport

    You mean I have to stoop to being equal? ;-P
    Speaking of spouses with a sense of humor, when I told Mr Spashionista it was Women’s Equality Day, he tweeted the following, “In honor of Women’s Equality Day I’m making my wife change the oil in the car, mow the yard and paint the house. I’m going shopping.”
    Love these looks, I think the appeal of masculine inspired clothing is it’s more structured and that looks great on older, curvy girls.

    • astimegoesbuy

      Mr Spashionista sounds like he has a wicked sense of humour. I must remember not to let him and the Fashion Mister meet because the evil may outweigh the good! 🙂
      I think the reason the masculine structured look works so well is in part because of the juxtaposition on a feminine form. You know I am a great fan of mixing it up with your looks and that seems to be just another way to do it. It keeps things from being too much of a good thing and balances it out so it’s great!

  • Born To Organize

    Now that we know you’re a doctor…well that changes everything

    Great post. We don’t get to layer much in California…it just doesn’t get that cold. I’ve always liked the looks, though.

    • astimegoesbuy

      Alys, I’m only a doctor on my frequent flyer card! 🙂
      In real-life I am an Intensive Care Nurse who has now moved in to Redesigning Care and Patient Flow.
      Which all goes back to my days in printing and production.
      If you are in Southern California that can be tough, but having grown up in Northern California I know layers work there!
      You could always work a shirt and a suit vest for layers with a masculine flare.

      • Born To Organize

        I knew you weren’t a doctor, but it did give me a good giggle. How cool to know you are an Intensive Care Nurse. My hat is off to you. Nurses make patients well IMO.

        I live in the Bay Area (San Jose). If I lived in San Francisco, I would definitely be layering.

  • fashionmudra

    Lol, the Mister sounds like a lot of fun!
    Thanks for the post, I enjoyed the images 🙂

    • astimegoesbuy

      He is a lot of fun as long as his evil is directed at someone else!
      I was freaking out the first time we flew after his little funny, worried someone would become ill and the attendants would expect me to be a Dr.!:D

  • designchickee

    Funny story, Laura… and a Happy belated Women’s Equality Day to you! I love all these looks. Great post!

    • astimegoesbuy

      Thanks Olga,
      I tend to gravitate to the tailoring but like to add in a little something feminine to keep my look from getting to masculine. Don’t want to be confused for a bloke after all. 🙂

  • dovergirl

    Women’s Equality Day – is this a universal holiday? Hope so – what a fantastic excuse to buy a white pant suit (the pic in your posting inspired me!).

  • Valentina

    Very nice selections, the top two photos are very elegant and smart. Leather jacket is a must.

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