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Geelong and the Jan Mitchell Bollards

You may have noticed from my last two posts on my nautical look for Spring 2012 that I seem to be fond of the Jan Mitchell bollards in Geelong.

You would be right!

I find them fun and whimsical.

Artist Jan Mitchell took a short wooden or metal post that was predominately used by ships and boats for mooring and turned them into a showcase of history for Geelong. Each one has a story. All of them make me smile. So I thought I would share a few of the 100 that dot the waterfront.

Beach Beauty Bollards

Beach Beauty Bollards

How lucky are these ladies. Such fantastic built-in support in those bathing costumes!

I need a Drink Bollard

I need a Drink Bollard

I could actually imagine myself as this bollard. Eggplant coloured pencil skirt, paisley top and a cardigan with a drink in my hand. This could easily be me most days!

Fireman Bollard

Fireman Bollard

You’ll find a rabbit painted on many of the Jan Mitchell bollards. The rabbits are symbolic of the wild rabbits introduced by the English to Australia, that now wreak havoc on the landscape and agricultural industries. Because there is no natural predator of the rabbit in Australia their population exploded. So some bright spark introduced the fox. Guess what? No natural predator for the fox either. Of course all this happened back in the mid 1800s before ecology was so well thought out but 150 years later, it’s still a problem.

2 Fishermen and a Fishwife

2 Fishermen and a Fishwife

Clown Bollard

Clown Bollard

This sad clown has a broken heart. Poor dear. It’s a wee bit sad but is one of my favourites because it is so different from the others. Maybe that’s another reason he is so sad.

Geelong Cats Footballer Bollard

Geelong Cats Footballer Bollard

Australian Rule Football is, in my opinion, the best sport ever! Geelong loves their team, The Cats and they have had about 5 or 6 years of being a very strong team. However, they aren’t my team so the bollard is the only Geelong Cat I like.

Hello Sailor Bollards

Hello Sailor Bollards

What a nice pair of bollards.

(nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Sandwich Board Bollard

Sandwich Board Bollard

Partially Dressed Lifeguard Bollards

Partially Dressed Lifeguard Bollards

I’m not sure about the social commentary that goes with this set of bollards but the one on the right without the shirt looks to be the youngest and as you go to the left they seem to become older and more clothed.

As I mentioned earlier, there are over 100 of Jan Mitchell’s bollards along the Baywalk in Geelong. If you have the chance on a beautiful sunny day to check them out, it’s a very pleasant walk.


Nautical Look – Spring 2012

I thought I would share with you more of the nautical look for Spring 2012.

Today’s co-stars are Captain Jack, A tall dashing man of the sea, and a few life guards. Lucky me!

Captain Jack and Me at the Sea

Captain Jack and Me at the Sea

Isn’t playing with your hair one of those “flirting signals”?

Me and Captain Jack

Me and Captain Jack

Captain Jack: He’s not much of a talker and sometimes come across as a little stiff.


Captain Jack and Co.

Captain Jack and Co.

The Fashion Mister calls this one “Capt. Jack, the Wench and the First Mate”. I would be angry if he weren’t mostly correct.

Captain Jack and Two Birds

Captain Jack and Two Birds


Not sure if the boys were out drinking or if the surf was just too much for the one at the back??

Save My Life - Lifeguards

Save My Life – Lifeguards

You’ll remember the full details of my look from yesterdays post. When the Fashion Mister and I decided that we needed to go for a drive because the weather was so beautiful. I asked him where he wanted to go. He gave a list and then said, “Wherever you want”. I explained that I needed to know where we were going so I could figure out what to wear. He laughed! Well, it was more a chuckle. And then suggested Geelong.

Now that football season is over for Geelong, it has returned to being a lovely beachside town and the day was perfect for the drive in cha-cha diva with the top down.

We had a lovely lunch at the Sailor’s Rest. I had a Caesar Salad and the Fashion Mister had salmon. We both went for a glass of Pinot Gris while sitting outside and enjoying the sun.

It was a great day out and great way for me to share with you my nautical look for Spring 2012.

Me and the Band

I finally had a day off that was sunny! Maybe Spring really has decided to come this year. So I put the top down on the cha-cha diva and drove down to Geelong to hangout with the band.

By the Sea - Geelong

By the Sea – Geelong

You should be able to tell from the view behind me why I drove to Geelong…

…The SEA! I love being near the ocean. It doesn’t matter what the weather is I am happiest by the sea.

But being able to hang out with the band made it fun.

Me and the Boys in the Band

Me and the Boys in the Band

Don’t you just love a man in uniform?!

Me and the Band

Me and the Band

Me and the Band by the Sea

Me and the Band by the Sea

Hanging Out With The Band

Hanging Out With The Band

What I’m Wearing: Old Navy Jeans (from my last trip to the US in February). Blue and white striped tank top (Free from Harper’s Bazaar magazine last summer). White jacket from Noni B (kind known for it’s “older lady” clothes but I loved this jacket!). Wittner high-heeled runners in white (you may recall these from MSFW). My big red Guess handbag (about 7 years old now), with my Chanel scarf (it’s perfect for driving with the top down on the diva). White watch from Hong Kong. Sapphire and silver bracelets and a silver and gold rope necklace. D&G sunnies.

Not a bad look for being down by the sea and hanging out with the band!



I rarely reblog stuff as I usually have plenty say of my own!
…I love Annalisa’s fashion related graphics and there is just something fun and carefree about this one.

I want to be this girl!


Vintage Wrap Dress – Not Quite DVF

I am a massive fan of the wrap dress. It’s flattering to so many figures but as a woman with curves a good one is gold. I’m lucky enough to have a few of them, several are vintage wrap dresses. Unfortunately, none of them are DVF. I nearly bought a DVF wrap dress when we were last in Hong Kong but when I can find great wrap dresses shopping at vintage/op shops, it’s hard to justify a big spend.

Today I am showing off my recent purchase from one of my favourite op/thrift shops. No, it’s not quite DVF, but it did only cost $6!

Vintage Wrap Dress - Not Quite DVF

Vintage Wrap Dress – Not Quite DVF

Vintage Wrap Dress: I don’t know what has gotten into me. This is the second morning that The Fashion Mister has taken outfit pics before I have gone to work and the usual grumpy morning me has busted out in a smile!? Sorry the photos are a little blurry, I think The Fashion Mister was as surprised as me and forgot to focus properly.

So, on to the look. Unfortunately, due to the weather, my styling doesn’t fully show off the wrap style dress but it does give you a sense of how I style a lighter weight dress to be appropriate for the cooler or wetter days.

Vintage Wrap Dress - Classic Blog Posing

Vintage Wrap Dress – Classic Blog Posing

Classic Blog Posing: No, I’m not checking the bottom of my boots! As with yesterday, I was challenged to strike a classic pose and this is one I tend to see on all the blogs. It’s also an easy one when you really don’t like to have your photo taken…or it’s before 7:30 in the morning and you would really rather be in bed.

Vintage Wrap Dress - The Look

Vintage Wrap Dress – The Look

The Look: I remember hearing somewhere that your legs are supposed to look thinner if you cross one over in front of the other. Hey, I’ll give anything that makes me look thinner a go!

Vintage Wrap Dress

Vintage Wrap Dress

Pulled Together: Now that the messing about is done, let’s talk about brining it all together. Obviously this look started with the vintage $6 wrap dress. Underneath is a pale turquoise coloured tank from Glassons that I bought last summer, and on top a black cardigan also from Glassons. I’m wearing a pair of textured grey tights and my black cowboy boots from You don’t see a lot of cowboy boots in Australia so ordering them from a company that ships internationally like Sheplers is my least expensive option. I’ve had these boots for about three years now and wear them a lot during the winter months.

Vintage Wrap Dress - The Accessories

Vintage Wrap Dress – The Accessories

The Accessories: My nails are polished a gorgeous midnight blue which happens to work perfectly with the blues in this look. The two silver bracelets I have had for 20-25 years, one was a gift and one I purchased in Mexico when I was 19…okay…so maybe 25-30 years! The turquoise bracelet was another op shop find and cost $1. The big white watch was purchased in Hong Kong for the bargain price of $20. The blue bag is a relatively recent purchase from Sussan.

I bought it with some money my parents sent me for my birthday. It’s a great bag! The colour is fantastic and very on-trend with all the cobalt and blue being seen for Spring. And it is HUGE! Which makes it great for carrying to work as a coat, umbrella and lunch fit inside. It’s one of the two big, bright, and beautiful bags I plan to take on the upcoming holiday.

Vintage Wrap Dress - Necklace and Bracelets

Vintage Wrap Dress – Necklace and Bracelets

More Accessories: I love the bright blue turquoise and silver necklace. It was another bargain buy from one of my usual op shops. I think the price was $2, I couldn’t pass it up for that.

Vintage Wrap Dress - Not Quite DVF

Vintage Wrap Dress – Not Quite DVF

Not Quite DVF: It’s not quite DVF but then it’s not a bad second best for the money. I love the colour and paisley print. It has 3/4 length sleeves which all together will make it a great dress to wear this Spring. Of course for Spring I’ll have to ditch the cardigan, tights and boots but I think the dress is going to look great with my new Wittner wedge runners purchased when I was at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

I would love to know what you think of my bargain shopping. I personally love this vintage wrap dress. Even if it’s not quite DVF!

Vintage Chanel?

There is so much I want to tell you to set up this photo shoot. Most important is that this is my vintage Chanel inspired look. Which means, the look is inspired by Chanel and the skirt, top and jacket are all vintage or op/thrift shop purchases.

Next is that every absolutely EVERY time I have worn this skirt I have people comment about my Chanel look. Even those who surprise me by knowing who or what Chanel is!

Finally, the Fashion Mister took these photos before I went to work one morning. For those who know me, this is going to come as a H-U-G-E surprise because, a) I leave for work at 7:30 in the morning so before work is REALLY early, and b) I HATE mornings and there are actually smiles in some of these pics.

Vintage Chanel Inspired

Vintage Chanel Inspired

Vintage Chanel Inspired: It’s the op/thrift shop skirt that sets the tone for Chanel thinking in this look. Classic boucle’ in a white, grey, pink and black with a little black netting type fabric hanging below the ragged hem. I bought this at my favourite op/thrift shop for $6 a couple of months ago. The top is from my recent trip to the same op/thrift shop and cost $6. You may recall the handbag from my lust-have haul, the hounds-tooth stockings were from Target and I have had the tri-tone vintage inspired shoes for about 3 years.

Vintage Chanel Inspired Look

Vintage Chanel Inspired Look

Yep, there is almost a smile there?! Perhaps I wasn’t awake. It’s so not me in the morning to be this happy!

Vintage Chanel Inspired with a Jacket

Vintage Chanel Inspired with a Jacket

Add in a Chanel Inspired Jacket: This pink jacket with black trim is from a couple of months ago when vintage shopping with the Fashion Sister From Another Mother. It was the same day I found the skirt but rather than at an op/thrift shop it was at a vintage shop. Which means it wasn’t as cheap. I seem to recall it was about $45. In all honesty I’m not sure if the jacket reminds me more of Jackie O or The Simpsons episode when Marg finds the Chanel suit on sale and keeps restyling it to be fashionable at the country club?! Either way, it’s a great match for this skirt which is part of the reason I bought it.

Vintage Chanel Inspired with Jacket

Vintage Chanel Inspired with Jacket

Woops! How did that get there? Now I am sure I was sleep walking because there is no way known that I would be smiling like that before 7:30 in the morning! Or perhaps I have been taken over by aliens??


Vintage Chanel Inspired "Broken Down"

Vintage Chanel Inspired “Broken Down”

First a smile then a bit of silliness at the early hour. The Fashion Mister was being Mr. Jay and asking for a “broken down” look. It’s probably not my best but it’s not a bad attempt for woman who has only had one coffee to start the day.

There you have it. My vintage Chanel inspired look, collected over the last two or three months, mostly second-hand at a price that even brought a smile to my face.

Hopefully, this will show you a little of why I love to op/thrift and vintage shop. And that you can shop in those places and still look good.

I’m really looking forward to hearing what you all think!

DIY – Beaded Sandals

It’s time for another DIY, and as I am going away on holiday soon, my attention has turned to holiday appropriate sandals.

Well, they aren’t quite holiday ready or I wouldn’t be doing a DIY, so let’s get started!

DIY Beaded Sandals - the Starting Point

DIY Beaded Sandals – the Starting Point

The Sandals: I have this pair of pretty basic sandals. For most things they would be fine, but for a month in spectacular Spain, I think they need a little more personality. And I need options as I am only taking the minimal pairs of shoes.

What You Need:

  • Sandals (any pair should do, see my choice above)
  • Assortment of beads
  • string or leather strips
  • scissors
DIY Beaded Sandals - The Supplies

DIY Beaded Sandals – The Supplies

Step 1

Cut two equal lengths of string/leather. Put a knot at one end, approximately 10cm (4 inches) from the very end.

Step 2

Begin stringing beads in a random order. I used beads from the same line in two different colours to add depth to the selection.

Step 3

Continue stringing beads until the beaded section is long enough to cover front half of strap &/or your ankle. Finish with a knot and trim string about 10cm (4 inches) from knot.

Step 4

Repeat first three steps so you end up with two strands of beads.

DIY Beaded Sandals - String of Beads

DIY Beaded Sandals – String of Beads

I left the long length at each end so I could tie the beads to my sandals. I want to be able to wear the sandals with or without the beads so will need the string long enough to tie when I want to use them. Also having the length will give me the option of wearing the beads tied around my ankle or wrist should I want a little bling. This will reduce the amount of jewelry I need to bring with on the trip. So, I can jazz up my sandals, have an anklet or a couple of bracelets depending on my mood!

DIY Beaded Sandals - After

DIY Beaded Sandals – After

DIY Beaded Sandals – After: I have tied the beads so they drape across the front of the shoe at the level of the strap.

DIY Beaded Sandals - Ready for Holidays

DIY Beaded Sandals – Ready for Holidays

There you go, a little extra for just the cost of a few beads. I think it gives the sandals a little more personality and keeps them from being too basic.

DIY Beaded Sandals, perfect for a holiday in Spain!

What do you think?

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