Honey Inspiration – Fashion vs Food

I suppose it may seem strange to be inspired by honey and then have it face off against food. After all, honey is a food, or at least something you eat! However, compare the two we will.

Honey Fashion vs Food 1

Honey Fashion vs Food Warm

Honey Inspiration – Fashion vs Food – Warm: You will recognize the honey inspired colour palette and both the looks in this collection. Notice that the original colour palette, the clothing and the food all have earthy yet intense tones. I imagine the honey drizzled mushrooms and the honey chicken are warm and comforting with a touch of sweet, just like the colour palette they represent. I find it interesting that I get the same emotion from the clothes, even though one of them is clearly a look for the warmer months, I think of warmth when I look at it. Amazing the power of colour and the emotions tweaked, whether used in clothes or in food.

Honey Fashion vs Food

Honey Fashion vs Food – Cool

Honey Inspiration – Fashion vs Food – Cool: This is the colour palette I was using when I was first starting to look for images based on the honey inspiration. And although once I found the warmer version these were a few images I still wanted to share. In part to show the cooler side of the honey inspiration. For those of you who can’t wear the warmer tones but are lucky enough to be able to wear more yellow and mint colours. I do like the nudes, pale yellows and golds with a hint of mint to keep them fresh and current.

As you know I am not much of a pastel wearer but think that I might like mint if done properly. I like the small hits of it in the bracelets of the top left photo. This hit of mint is also seen in the pistachio biscotti and even the necklace above.

As the pastel trend evolves it is being seen more and more with neutrals and nudes, so this honey inspired colour palette should be great inspiration to us all!

Looking at all this honey inspiration in fashion and food is starting to make me hungry.

I think tomorrow I’ll have to share a couple of honey based recipes!

Til then…




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10 responses to “Honey Inspiration – Fashion vs Food

  • joyandsunshine

    Great post! Love the food/fashion mix (two of my favorite things :-), and while I never thought of honey as fitting in with a cooler color scheme, I’m definitely going to try the palette you presented.

    • astimegoesbuy

      Food and Fashion are two of my favourite things too!
      It’s been very interesting working with honey as inspiration…finding that it could work for summer as well as Autumn and that there can be cooler side to the palette.
      I’d love to hear how you go with your honey inspiration. 🙂

  • ethelthedean

    Goodness…these posts are actually killing me. Sensory overload! It’s funny, because this is definitely not my traditional colour palette – in fact I’m not sure if I own anything in these hues, but goodness if I don’t find these pieces intoxicating.

    And is that tempura asparagus!? Need. Now.

    • astimegoesbuy

      LOL! Sorry if I am driving you to the edge with all the input! 🙂
      These are colours that grow on you.
      Probably not perfect for everybody but there is always ways to work into the wardrobe on a smaller scale via accessories.
      And Yes! That is a light tempura asparagus…very yummy!

  • Konstantina

    Pretty color combination, l liked a lot the autumn honey colors. Great boards.

    • astimegoesbuy

      Thanks Konstantina!
      It is a great palette to work with.
      Very warm and inviting.
      If you had a bride wearing a champagne coloured dress her bridesmaids would look great in these colours!

  • TinLizzie72

    I’m one of probably only a few people in the world who actually don’t like honey (shocking I know, and I can taste it in food, too, bleh), but I LOVE your palettes! I like both, even though i’m a “cool” color person. I love warm colors in the fall – this actually makes me want to go buy tan cords, for some reason…

    • astimegoesbuy

      Well it’s nice to see that you like honey in a tasteful way if not a tasty one! I adore this palette and would definitely recommend buying tan cords! 🙂 BTW: I have a brown pair that are great for making me feel like a kid again.

  • stretchyhannah

    I love how you’ve shown your creative process in these photos – they’re beautiful. 🙂

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