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Halloween and the Great Pumpkin Trend

Happy Halloween!

I have been reading all kinds of posts about pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie ice cream, pumpkin lattes and even spiced pumpkin beer! All this great pumpkin talk has got me thinking of how much I miss Halloween in the US and the love of all things sweet and pumpkin. Here in Australia, pumpkin is strictly a vegetable, usually served roasted, sometimes mixed with mashed potatoes and often as a soup. I don’t mind it as a soup if it has ginger or some other spicy flavour going on but I can’t do it as a boring old veg because I grew up loving pumpkin pie.

In honour of Halloween and the Great Pumpkin I’ve taken a few of my favourite images from my Halloween inspired board on and created a couple of collages to inspire us all.

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin 2012

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin 2012

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin: There are so many cool Halloween ideas on Pinterest that it got me looking for home decor, food and fashion to go with the black and orange theme of the day. I usually won’t wear black with orange because I don’t want to look like the great pumpkin however, these fashion inspirations all look great, the food divine and the homes lovely.

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin Inspiration

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin Inspiration

More Inspiration: I rather like the black varnished walls in the bedroom picture above. Very sophisticated. My other favourite would be the pumpkin coloured shirt with the silver statement necklace. I like that it kind of looks like a web. And if you are in the Northern Hemisphere the black coat with the pumpkin coloured scarf looks nice and cozy.

Hope you all have a fun, safe and splendidly scary Halloween! May the Great Pumpkin visit your patch of the woods.




Tangerine Tango Remix and the Great Pumpkin

You didn’t think I could get through the month of October and not do a post on Tangerine Tango did you? To keep it simple I thought we could do a quick remix that comes from the beginning days of As Time Goes…Buy.

Back in March when I first started writing about my love of fashion one of the first things I shared with you was my passion for the colour orange, which for 2012 had been renamed Tangerine Tango. I didn’t care what it was called as long as there were lots of ways to wear it because it’s a colour I have loved since the 70s! As tomorrow is Halloween, a traditional day honouring Pumpkin (just another name for orange), it seems appropriate to revisit my favourite colour.

Tangerine Tango - Spring 2012

Tangerine Tango – Spring 2012

Tangerine Tango for Spring 2012: Above are some amazing looks in Tangerine Tango for Spring 2012. Notice that these looks are predominately finished off with neutrals to keep them looking fresh for Spring wearing.

Splashes of Tangerine Tango - Spring 2012

Splashes of Tangerine Tango – Spring 2012

Splashes of Tangerine Tango: If head-to-toe Tangerine Tango is too full on for you, try using it to add a hit of colour to your look with accessories.

Pumpkin Passion for Autumn 2012

Pumpkin Passion for Autumn 2012

Pumpkin Passion: For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, mixing pumpkin with browns, blacks and beige help tone down the colour and make it more wearable for Autumn 2012.

Tangerine and Ice Blue 2012

Tangerine and Ice Blue 2012

Tangerine and Ice Blue: One of my favourite ways to wear Tangerine Tango is with blue and ice blue in particular keeps it fresh and modern. That’s me in the middle pic, J-brand skinny jeans, Cue ice-blue shirt, Glassons tangerine tango cardigan, my favourite orange suede wedges and an orange envelope clutch.

Tangerine Tango Remix 2012

Tangerine Tango Remix 2012

Tangerine Tango Remix: Here’s a revisit of three of my early 2012 looks using Tangerine Tango that are just as on-trend now as they were six months ago. Look 1) Orange jersey dress from Target, blue tweed jacket from H & M, blue Charming Charlie handbag and navy blue satin Glamour Puss shoes. Look 2) Vintage look orange light weight wool dress from TJ Maxx, tan trench coat and leopard wedges from Target, vintage leopard print scarf and vintage alligator handbag. Look 3) Orange pencil skirt from Glassons, blue and white print shirt from H & M, pumpkin coloured light-weight sweater from Hong Kong, vintage brown and orange scarf, orange bag from L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion week (give away – came filled with goodies) and my Django and Juliette wedges.

I’m ever so thankful that Tangerine Tango/Pumpkin is still a popular colour! I have tons of it in my wardrobe and love to wear it.

How are you going to be wearing it this Spring? Or Autumn?

Spring Fashion in the Hood

Yep, I said Spring fashion in the hood. Nope, it may not be what you think. Although if you are a regular follower, you’ll understand this post isn’t about inner city urban fashion but how it has influenced generic suburban fashion that a wider population wears. It’s my “Ode to the Hoodie – Life in the Suburban Jungle”.

It has even influenced me, a “mature aged” woman living in suburbia. In a subtle way you will see it in todays look.

Suburban Hoodie Fashion

Suburban Hoodie Fashion

Spring Fashion in the Hood: There are a number of ways I think this piece pays homage to more urban fashion or inner city life. First and foremost would be the hoodie. The staple attire of so many youth. Typically worn with the hood up by the younger, urban crowd. I’m wearing my hoodie under a vintage Jag denim jacket that was given to me by The Fashion Sister From Another Mother. I’ve even gone denim on denim by wearing this with the basic blue jeans. To complete the urban youth homage I have on my high-heeled, open-toe runners from Wittner. Yes, I love these shoes because they are so comfortable…but hey, they are pretty cool too!

Urban Homage to the Hoodie

Urban Homage to the Hoodie

I’ve also used my leopard print Mulberry bag to honour the Urban Jungle!

Hoodie - The Suburban Jungle

Hoodie – The Suburban Jungle


Suburban Jungle - Ode to the Hoodie

Suburban Jungle – Ode to the Hoodie

Suburban Jungle: A few of these items are pieces that you would find in many suburban wardrobes these days. Most people seem to have some version of the hoodie and with wedged runners becoming so trendy right now, I’m seeing them on more and more women even in my conservative part of the country.

What do you think of this look? To cliché? Too young? Or not too bad for spring fashion in the hood? That is if your hood is in the suburban jungle!

Spring Stripes – More Nautical Inspiration

You may remember my nautical look from the day trip to Geelong in Me and the Band. Today I have more nautical inspiration with spring stripes.

Spring and Summer are great times to embrace nautical inspired looks. The colours, red, white and blue are a perfect fit for all things nautical. Crisp white is great for this time of year and with stripes being so trendy you can always find a great striped shirt or cardigan to bring the look together.

Red white and Blue Nautical Inspiration

Red white and Blue Nautical Inspiration

Nautical Inspiration for Spring: Nautical always seems to work well when you want to be both casual and chic. I like the relaxed nature of this look. And the best part is that each of the pieces is very mix and matchable with other items in my wardrobe.

Red white and blue nautical

Red white and blue nautical

The Nautical Look: For this version of the nautical look I have put together a pair of red cotton ankle length pants from Target, with a plain white t-shirt and a light-weight blue and white striped cardigan. Layers are important both for Spring and for being seaside and going nautical! to keep it casual I have worn my black and white quilted flats (not quite navy and white, but they’ll do), my big red Guess handbag and a gold multi-chain necklace. I think the necklace adds to the nautical look by being reminiscent of large chains attached to anchors.

red white and blue nautical inspiration

red white and blue nautical inspiration

Oh, and you must have a great pair of sunnies when you are running around. This pair from D&G.

Red White and Blue Inspired Nautical Look

Red White and Blue Inspired Nautical Look

The Fashion Mister thinks it looks more French than nautical. Either way, I like it because it is perfect for showing off my spring stripes! I’ll have to see how much more nautical inspiration I can come up with.

What do you think of the Nautical Look?

Shopping Online – has to be one of the most popular places for online shopping. Many a fashionista has spent her hard-earned paycheck on fabulous finds from ASOS, myself included. Well, not the whole paycheck but I have been known to get the credit card out when I find something interesting.

You may remember my graphic floral skirt purchased earlier in the year from ASOS. I wasn’t sure about it in the beginning and worried that it might be too form-fitting but I have fallen in love with that skirt. So when shopping for a peplum top, I found it hard to resist a new skirt too. Naturally, all of them were on sale. I say all of them, because I ended up with two peplum tops and a new skirt.

Peplum Tops and Skirt from

Peplum Tops and Skirt from

I love the “dark romance” trend of the skirt. It’s going to be a good match for my oxblood silk shirt. I’m also thinking my hot pink wedges and handbag can keep the look from getting too dark. Of course the pale pink peplum top works nicely too. I bought the black and white graphic print top to wear with something else but I think it makes for a great pattern clashing look with the skirt.

The "Dark Romance" Trend

The “Dark Romance” Trend

Dark Romance Trend: I can’t wait to wear this skirt. The pink and oxblood colours with the black lace print makes it very moody but the white background keeps it from becoming too dark, which means it will work for spring, summer and autumn. I can think of about 5 ways to rock this skirt with pieces already in my wardrobe so be prepared to see a lot of it over the next 6 months.


The Print Clashing Trend

The Print Clashing Trend

Print Clashing Trend: I hadn’t expected these two items to go together but when I took them out of the packaging and put everything together to take a picture they looked right on trend with print clashing. My brain still is amazed that this would work together but it does. The geometric of the top is so different from the floral and lace of the skirt but the black and white ties it all together. Black heels would look great with this. I’m also wondering about coloured stockings and ankle boots in the autumn. Is it too weird to be planning autumn looks when we are barely in spring?

Over all I think my recent shopping online with has gone very well.

What do you think? Would you wear the geometric shirt and floral skirt together? How would you accessorize this “dark romance” skirt?


Shopping Online – Samantha Wills

In the same Madison Australia magazine that I mentioned yesterday, the very same Madison magazine that I subscribed to because they were giving away a gorgeous Samantha Wills bracelet was an offer for $40 off your next Samantha Wills purchase. Naturally I had to check it out, so I hopped online and started window shopping.

There were a pair of earrings I had my eyes on and with the $40 off, the price was right.

Samantha Wills wooden box

Samantha Wills wooden box

Just like the bracelet, the earrings came in a lovely little carved wooden box. It adds to the excitement of seeing what is inside.


Samantha Wills - Deco Style Earrings

Samantha Wills – Deco Style Earrings

The little black velvet bag and the brass Samantha Wills label add to the excitement of getting a lovely piece of jewelry.


Deco Style Earrings by Samantha Wills

Deco Style Earrings by Samantha Wills

I just love the art deco style of these earrings. The turquoise, coral and shape are so classically deco I knew I wanted them when I first saw them a few months ago. I’m glad I had the opportunity to add them to my collection and at a bargain price. I think they will look as cool with jeans as they will with a dress so I should get a lot of wear out of them.

Do you do much shopping online?


Online Shopping – The Iconic

Lately it seems that I have two preferences for shopping. If you have been a regular reader then you already know one is op/thrift shopping. The other is online shopping. There are a few online shops that I find hard to resist. Today it’s The Iconic a fantastic Australian based business that has fabulous fashion at reasonable prices.

And I have to admit. I do love the fact that they are Australian based. As much as I love any number of other online stores, you really do have to support local. But then that is easy when they carry such great stuff!

When I got my October edition of Madison Australia I noticed a $20 off your purchase for The Iconic and couldn’t resist taking a peek. I went specifically to look at shoes because some recent op shop buys have a fair bit of turquoise in them I wanted a pair of turquoise shoes.

Wrap Dresses

2 of the 3 recent turquoise purchases

Both of these dresses would look great with turquoise shoes. Plus you may recall I have a wrap dress with black and turquoise that would be a great match too. So it was impossible to resist the $20 off and free shipping! If I lived in Sydney they would have delivered in 3 hours! Now that is service.

Fabulous Turqoise Wedge Heels

Fabulous turquoise Wedge Heels

The Shoes: Now how perfect are these?! Gorgeous colour, soft leather and a wedge heel (my favourite). Plus the $20 off…I had to buy them…it would have been crazy not to!

Turquoise Wedges from The Iconic

Turquoise Wedges from The Iconic

By the time the Fashion Mister and I return from our holiday it should be warm enough to start wearing these little beauties. I promise to get myself in front of the camera wearing them  and to share with you all.

But while you are waiting, may I suggest you get online and check out , you are going to love them!




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