10 Tips to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe



Since this week is “Get Organised Week”, what better time to use these 10 tips to Spring clean your wardrobe! These 10 tips work well for any season or any time you get motivated and want to get yourself organised. We will work our way through the wardrobe with 4 options – Save/Store It, Donate It, Toss It or Revamp It.

Unorganised Wardrobe

Unorganised Wardrobe

Tip #1 – Time: There is no way to get around it. You are going to need a couple of hours and a fair bit of motivation. If you want to do this right you need to have a good look at every item in your wardrobe and you may need to make some difficult decisions. The other part of the time tip is keep in mind the 1 year rule – If you haven’t worn it in the past year, it’s probably time to get rid of it. There are exceptions that will be coveredย  in Tip #2.

Tip #2 – Designer & Classics: The only time you are going to do anything other than Save/Store It with your designer and classic pieces is if they are poor fitting (Donate It), or tatty and beyond repair (Toss It). Designer pieces have a way of coming back into style in a couple of seasons and are worth storing until then. Classic pieces that are impeccably tailored or animal prints have a place in every season and can be worked into any number of looks. Jackets and blazers in particular have a long life and you can wear them for many years.

Tip #3 – If it is beyond repair – Toss It: There is no point in wasting valuable wardrobe space with items that are beyond repair. If hems are down, buttons are missing and minor repairs can be made, either do it yourself, bribe a friend or find a tailor/seamstress who will make the repairs for you or Toss It!

Tip #4 – Down-sizing: If it’s an item you love, has sentimental value or is something you don’t wear because it is too big, take it to that seamstress and have her Revamp It. If it’s too small or too uncomfortable – Donate It!

Tip #5 – Boots and Winter Shoes: Let’s face it, you’ve been wearing those boots all Winter through rain, sleet and snow. It’s time to pay them back for their service and take them to a cobbler for repairs and to be resoled if needed. While you’re at it, get them polished. Then store them properly so they are ready for next Winter. Revamp It.

Tip #6 – Sweaters/Jumpers: You may love that old jumper with the holes in it because it’s comfortable, but you shouldn’t be wearing it outside the house…in fact, should you be wearing it all? If your sweaters/jumpers have holes, are threadbare or their pilling can’t be removed – Toss It! If they are still in good order, fit and you will wear them again next winter, fold them properly, get some cedar blocks and Store It.

Tip #7 – Multiples:ย If you spent all season trying to find the perfect jeans, jumpers or hoodie and now have 10 pairs of each, chances are pretty good you are only wearing the same one or two. Clear the others out to make room for fantastic new lighter Spring/Summer clothes and Donate the extras.

Tip #8 – Accessories: Have a good go over your accessories. Handbags, scarves and jewelry that are in good order and will be worn again can be stored. If you didn’t wear it this year, Donate It. If it has become worn, Revamp or Restore It. If it is beyond repair – Toss It!

Tip #9 – Returning to a Wardrobe Near You: As you return items to your wardrobe/closet, have a plan. You’ll remember that I keep like items together and then hang by colour to make getting dressed in the morning easier. Han all your shirts together and by colour, all pants, all dresses, skirts, etc. Trust me, this really does make pulling together a look easier and it helps you to see what classics or basics you are missing.

Tip #10 – Shop to Fill the Gaps: By far the favourite part of this exercise! Once you have been through everything and returned the items you are keeping to the wardrobe in an organised manner, you will see if there are obvious gaps. Do you need a pair of brightly coloured skinny jeans? Did you toss all your white t-shirts? How about a flirty floral skirt? A pair of hot pink wedges to complete your Spring update? Make yourself a list so you can stay focused on updating your Spring wardrobe.

Spring is a great time to take fashion risks – bright colours, florals, flirty, floral and fun looks that you just couldn’t wear in the summer are all okay now so feel free to add them into your wardrobe for a seasonal update.

Nicely Organised Wardrobe

Nicely Organised Wardrobe

Once you make a habit of keeping your wardrobe organised in this manner it gets easier to maintain. I also find that I then can shop more effectively because not only do I have a list of what I need or want to add for the season but if I am in a shop and I’m drawn to something I can imagine my existing wardrobe and quickly decide if the new item would work with other pieces I already own. Which means I have far fewer bad buys. You know those ones that never get worn because they don’t really work with anything you own. So far less wasted money!

It may be hard to get to the end stage. And you may lose some sleep over the tough decisions you made in getting there but trust me, these 10 tips to Spring clean your wardrobe are well worth it!



About astimegoesbuy

Just a middle-aged woman with a love of fashion trying to have a purchasing fast. Spending 90 days dressing out of what is already in the wardrobe.If I can't shop for clothes, I may as well write about clothes! View all posts by astimegoesbuy

24 responses to “10 Tips to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

  • Carr Party of Five

    Dear Laura,
    I am INSPIRED!!!!
    I’ve been going through my kid’s drawers….and what a shock.
    Now to go through mine!
    The part that resonates the most with me, is the part about clothing being stained or damaged. SHOULD we be wearing that ANYWHERE? I always feel better when my clothes are nice. ALWAYS.
    Wonderful piece dear friend. LOVED it!!!
    Love, LIs

    • astimegoesbuy

      Thanks Lis!
      No, we should not be wearing that look anywhere…even around the house! I truly believe what we wear and how we look are important to how we feel about ourselves. And I want people to at least think that I care enough about myself to be presentable. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I have set aside some nice things that just don’t work for me to either take to the next clothing swap I organise or to donate and I currently have two pairs of boots that need a cobblers attention and a couple items to take to the dry cleaners and then my wardrobe will be organised for Spring! Did the drawers a couple of months ago and just gave them a quick go over.

      It’s a good feeling to have that out of the way.

      thanks for reading through my madness. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • theaustriansocialmediamanager

    Hi there! Just found your blog – and I definitely agree with #10: shop to fill the gaps ๐Ÿ™‚

    • astimegoesbuy

      A lot of people spend too much money doing random shopping and end up with things that don’t work in their wardrobe which is why they “have nothing to wear”. If you fill the gaps you have an almost endless selection. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thanks for reading!

  • phinamcgregs

    Wardrobe-turnover is one of my favorite times of the year! Thanks for your awesome tips–and it tickles my soul that you’re writing about moving into Spring as we’re preparing for the rainy fall/winter season here in the States! Enjoy Springtime!

    • astimegoesbuy

      Usually one of mine too Sarah!
      Most years I prefer the turn over from Summer to the cooler Autumn. I still have a hard time thinking of October, November and December as warmer months but as it has been such a cold winter this year I am really looking forward to the blue skies that come with these months in the Southern Hemisphere!

  • Playing With Scarves

    Hi Laura,
    All these tips are so precious! We all know what we should do and what we don’t do enough. Nonetheless it’s good to see the whole list written on a paper. Now we have no excuse…
    Well actually, I found a good excuse (HA): when you live in Florida – where the concept of seasons – doesn’t really exists, you ( read “I”) tend to postpone…. (until the day your closet looks like photo number #1! LOL!)
    I will follow your wise recommendations though. Very soon… The only thing I will never toss or donate is my wedding suit (Max Mara / mini mini skirt). Means a lot to me – love… and unfortunately also a few more pounds than some 25 years ago. Grrrrr.
    Enjoy spring!

    • astimegoesbuy

      I would never expect you toss your wedding suit or anything Max Mara for that matter!
      As you live in Florida your wardrobe probably doesn’t have too many season clothes either, ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I am so used to having seasons that I feel badly for people who don’t have an opportunity to bring out big warm sweaters and boots for winter!
      In fact I always say I keep chosing places to live that have 4 seasons so I have a good reason to shop for 4 seasons of clothes!
      However, if we take care of our clothes they can last a very long time which means we can not feel guilty about spending a littl more on them when we buy them.
      I still have my wedding dress. It was made for me in Hong Kong out of the most beautiful silk crepe and silk chiffon. I am 70 pounds lighter now and I keep threatening to have the dress remade or made into throw pillows for the bed!


      • Playing With Scarves

        You know what, Laura? I truly miss the seasons… Yet when I remember the many ugly winters I spent in Paris – with rain or dirty snow – I think: Viva Florida! ๐Ÿ™‚
        Hey, maybe your wedding dress would fit me? Too bad I am already married – and still happy. LOL!

      • astimegoesbuy

        Oh NO Anne!
        I’m sure my wedding dress is well too big for you!
        I used to be a pretty big girl, which is why I think there may be enough fabric there to make something else. ๐Ÿ™‚
        The seasons and the cold are okay in moderation. I’m a little over the cold at the moment!
        Luckily the last two days have been nice. I actually put the top down on the car yesterday and went for a drive – Come on nice weather!

  • malinsophia

    Nice blog!! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? ๐Ÿ™‚

    / Malin @ !

  • reversecommuter

    I wish I needed to clean out my Spring closet – instead I am bulking up in my wool purchases for Fall and Winter – yuck!
    Enjoy a little sunshine for me please!
    XO reversecommuter

  • gracefully50

    Oh, how I wish my closet was organized as the one in the photo!

  • narcissista1

    I have to keep reminding myself that we’re on opposite seasons; it’s so funny to hear spring when my head is in sweater weather. Great tips though, thanks!

    • astimegoesbuy

      Well the tips apply no matter the season!
      Having spent my first 40 years in the US I can understand how odd it is. For me this time of year is weird because I am so used to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas being cold where here they are progressively warmer.

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