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As those of you who are regular readers know, we are heading to Spain very soon. I thought I might share with you some things I have done to get myself organised for the week ahead and the upcoming holiday in Spain. The Fashion Mister and I have been planning this trip for about a year. At first it seemed so far away and pointless to plan much. but start planning we did!

Holiday in Spain 2012

Holiday in Spain 2012

Early Planning: Usually once we have decided the general location of the trip (Spain) and how long we are going to be there (4 weeks), we start making a bit of a list of our must see and do things while there. That then starts dictating how long we will spend in certain areas. Also at this stage we spend a fair bit of time looking for different or interesting things to do that may be a little off the beaten track.

For this trip, The Fashion Mister wants to check out Barcelona, we both want to go to the foodies Basque region around San Sebastian, I want to go to Seville, we have a friend with a home we can stay in at Vejer in the south, seeing Alhambra is a MUST, as is Madrid. So that means a bit of traveling but we don’t want to rush around for the holiday because that takes some of the joy out being away. It is important to find time to relax!

Alhambra Granada Spain

Alhambra Granada Spain

The Organising: I’m actually very lucky. The Fashion Mister enjoys researching and planning for a holiday almost as much as going on one. Which means I can be fairly generic about what I want (good food and wine, shopping, architecture and history, general cool experiences) and he does pretty much the rest!

Examples of how fantastic the Fashion Mister is at planning:

1.)  He knows that if I didn’t see the Alhambra Palace while in Spain I would not be a happy girl. So not only does he book us a guided tour of the grounds but he manages to book us into the hotel on site so we have access to much of the grounds both before and after the general crush of tourists! I get to stay at the Palace!

2.)  As we will be driving north when we leave Barcelona, he has found that about an hour north there is a designer outlet mall so I can go mad shopping at bargain prices!

3.)  When looking for a place to stay in Seville, he found Hotel Silken Al-Andalus Palace Seville. Yeap, another palace! What drew him to this one? An entire floor designed and in honour of Spanish designers Victorio & Lucchino. The Fashion Mister has managed to get us one of the suites on that floor at an extremely reasonable price.

BBQ - Fine Dining

BBQ – Fine Dining

Nice Things for The Mister: I have planned a few things myself that I am hoping the Fashion Mister enjoys.

1.)  While in Spain we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. When we first got married we started using the old list of anniversary traditional gifts list as a challenge to get each other gifts. As the 5th is wood and we wouldn’t be able to bring back wood items this was going to be a challenge. However thanks to chef Victor Arguizoniz, I have a plan. In his restaurant Asador Etxebarri he has created special grills, pans and ovens so EVERYTHING can be cooked by wood fires! I have booked us in to celebrate our wood anniversary.

2.)  Also, I thought the Fashion Mister might like a tour of one of the Spanish Bodega where he can enjoy the sherry, maybe a little jamon and test drive the good life. After a little research, I found Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia. It was recommended by a local cook and should be a lovely afternoon as part of a day trip to Cadiz.

Running with the Bulls

Running with the Bulls

Not a Chance: Before you ask, NO! We won’t be participating in any nonsense like running with the bulls! The thing about getting to our age is you have learned that this is just crazy! However, if it were going on while we were in the area, I would make the time to watch…from above…out of harms way…like any clever person.

Our plans are obviously mostly complete as we leave in one week, but I can’t tell you everything now or there will be nothing new to post about later!

Now I need to have a good look at what I am packing for this trip.

More attention to get organised week, the holiday in Spain tomorrow with the start of planning the wardrobe and what to pack.





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