From Miracles to a Monastery

We left behind the miracles at Lourdes to settle into a monastery in Serignac-sur-Garonne. It was in a tiny little village and turned out not to be the Prince Noir Hotel the Fashion Mister had thought he booked into but the location was lovely, the room REALLY nice and the food was EXCELLENT!

Prince Noir Hotel - Serignac-sur-Garonne - 2012

Prince Noir Hotel – Serignac-sur-Garonne – 2012

Prince Noir - Serignac-sur-Garonne - 2012

Prince Noir – Serignac-sur-Garonne – 2012

The Prince Noir: The Fashion Mister had thought he booked a Prince Noir set next to a lake and a vineyard, as it turned out we were about a two-hour drive from there. This Prince Noir Hotel  was in a tiny little village and used to be a monastery. As was becoming normal for our trip, we could find the town but even in this tiny village struggled to find the hotel! In all honesty, the GPS had us drive right past it but we didn’t see the sign so went the extra four blocks into town.

Once there, we got out and walked around a bit thinking we might find it. When we didn’t I went into the Ambulance Office and asked for directions (again with my minimal French). The woman knew where it was (which is a relief as they were the local ambulance) but only spoke French. She gave us directions with a few hand directions and surprisingly I got enough of what she said to find our way back to the hotel!

Our Room at The Prince Noir - Serignac-sur-Garonne - 2012

Our Room at The Prince Noir – Serignac-sur-Garonne – 2012

Checking the Blog at The Prince Noir - Serignac-sur-Garrone - 2012

Checking the Blog at The Prince Noir – Serignac-sur-Garrone – 2012

Our Room: The room was BIG and bright. It was fantastic to spread out a bit after the tiny room at Lourdes and the morning in the car. There wasn’t much going on in the tiny village so we drove to the next town which really wasn’t very interesting. Luckily, we went down to the hotel restaurant for dinner, because the dinning room was beautiful and the food fantastic! I was quite proud of myself for managing to order wine and dinner in French and that we actually got what we wanted.

Before dinner the Fashion Mister was a bit bummed that there wasn’t much to do around us so I got on the internet and found out that St. Emillion was about a two-hour drive. It was right up in Bordeaux and was a center for showing off the Bordeaux wines, with a lot of wine history. As it turned out it was also the place where the Fashion Mister thought he had booked. We had planned to go there the next day.

But overnight the Fashion Mister got more bummed that we weren’t in the right spot so the next morning he hopped online. He couldn’t book us into the Prince Noir at St. Emillion but he found another place in a nearby town that wouldn’t mean a two-hour trip back and we checked out of our lovely room in the monastery, even though we had already paid for the second night. Both of us ended up being very glad we changed our plans.

The Prince Noir at Serignac-sur-Garonne - 2012

The Prince Noir at Serignac-sur-Garonne – 2012

Side Note: Sorry, had to share this funny story and as it happened at this stage of the journey, now is appropriate. On our afternoon in Serignac-sur-Garonne, we stopped at a truck-stop type restaurant because there were a lot of cars there…usually an indication the food is good. We went inside and there were quite a few dirty tables and some tables with people still eating. We managed to get a table, all of which were set with a carafe of water and one of wine. When the waitress came over I could see the menu board and thought the Fashion Mister had seen it as well. The waitress read off the options and as the Fashion Mister only new that “Cunard” is french for duck, he ordered that. I said I’d have the same thing.

Once the waitress left I looked at the menu board again. I noticed the board said “couere de Cunard”. We had actually just ordered duck hearts! When I told the Fashion Mister I thought he might just walk out of the place. He didn’t want to talk about it. When lunch came it was served on a skewer with vegetables. We looked around to see how everyone else was eating it and gave it a go. It was actually pretty good, as long as you didn’t think about it too much. The Fashion Mister even said he would have it again if it were cooked exactly the same…and maybe if you didn’t tell him what it was.

So, that was the next leg of the journey. We had gone from miracles at Lourdes to a monastery eating duck hearts!


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2 responses to “From Miracles to a Monastery

  • vintagefrenchchic

    It sounds like you are having a great vacation. Too funny about the duck. But you have confirmed what I have read in the past about the gourmet food served at truck stops in France.

    • astimegoesbuy

      We were completely surprised…first by the duck heart and then by how good the food was!
      I had no idea that the truck stops had a reputation but I would not be worried about stopping at one again. 🙂

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