Our Christmas Tradition

When the Fashion Mister and I first got together, one from the Northern Hemisphere and one from the Southern Hemisphere, we decided we would start our own Christmas Traditions. At first it was largely due to my distinct lack of Christmas Spirit on my first Christmas in Australia, but it has grown into traditions that celebrate the season and who we are together.

One of my favourites is built around our love of travel and the fact that I have some Christmas Tree decorations and ornaments from my very first Christmas on my own at 18, as well as many that family and friends have made, or given, me over the years.

The Fashion Mister came to our relationship with ONE ornament. And that was one that I had sent him while I was still living in the US!

So we decided to build up a collection of ornaments that came with memories…our memories…ones we could share. On our first trip to the US together we stopped at the Christmas Shoppe in the town I grew up in and purchased some ornaments that represented our trip, Snowmen. You don’t see many snowmen in Australia, so they were a little different to the options we had back home. After a few trips back we now have a wide range of snowmen. But that is not where this tradition stopped.

Hong Kong Christmas Ornament

Hong Kong Christmas Ornament

Hong Kong: We actually have two of these beautiful reticulated fish. This yellow one and a deep purple one. We found them at one of the art shops where you can buy local made products. They came in a beautiful satin lined red box, which I usually stick under the tree once the ornaments are up.

Irish Christmas Ornament - Celtic Cross

Irish Christmas Ornament – Celtic Cross

Irish Christmas Ornament - Cladaugh

Irish Christmas Ornament – Cladaugh

Ireland: On our honeymoon we went to Ireland. The Fashion Mister’s great-grandfather had immigrated from there, my family history can be traced back there and one of my dearest friends lives there. Interesting that all of us can trace our family lines to within about 20 kilometers! We have a few of these beautiful white porcelain ornaments with their charming green shamrocks on our tree.

Egyptian Christmas Ornament - Hand-blown glass

Egyptian Christmas Ornament – Hand-blown glass

Egypt: You may know that there is a fair-sized community of Coptic Christians who live in Egypt, which may be why we were able to find these hand-blown and painted coloured glass balls while in the market in Egypt. I was really glad to see them make it back to Australia. They have been gracing our tree for about 5 years now.

Frankincense and Myrrh from Jordan

Frankincense and Myrrh from Jordan

Jordan: So this one took a little more imagination. While visiting Petra in Jordan, I bought a small bag of frankincense and myrrh. I thought it was pretty cool as they were two of the gifts the wise men brought with them. The trick was going to be how to do something with it so we could include it on the tree every year. Problem solved when I found this little silver box with the gold bow that actually opens up! Now the frankincense and myrrh are inside the  box with the gold bow. Gold, frankincense and myrrh…kind of clever, hey?!

Copper Cacti from Arizona

Copper Cacti from Arizona

Copper Snowflakes from Yosemite

Copper Snowflakes from Yosemite

Back in the USA: Our last joint trip to the US was the Fashion Mister’s first ever white Christmas. We spent a couple of days before Christmas at Yosemite and attended their big Christmas dinner/play. In honour of the snow we brought back a few of these copper snowflakes. Also on that trip we had driven to Arizona to catch up with some friends and while wandering through a shop in Tuscon we found some lovely copper cacti ornaments. Both of these copper ornaments really remind us of our trip.

Moroccan Inspired Ornament from Southern Spain

Moroccan Inspired Ornament from Southern Spain

Bull Tile from Spain

Bull Tile from Spain

Spain: I was really surprised how difficult it was to find something different in the Christmas tree ornament category while in Spain. Everything looked like ornaments we could get back home. But with a little creativity (I’ll show and tell more tomorrow), we ended up with these cool ornaments as mementos of our trip to Spain.

The Fashion Mister and I put the tree up and decorate it together. Each of the special memory ornaments usually scores a kiss and in my mind, our Christmas tradition, is a great one!


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22 responses to “Our Christmas Tradition

  • Paula Parisotto

    I bet those ornaments brighten the holiday season and bring back fabulous memories.

    • astimegoesbuy

      They do Paula!
      I actually look forward to The season and knowing that the ornaments are coming out. It’s a good way to remind myself of how truly lucky I am to have the life I am living. And it’s a chance to remember some of our great adventures. 🙂

  • mistymidnite

    Hello, I find your article lovely, the diversity is wonderful, however, as a new blogger, I am confused about the pingback I received. Did you find my article or does wordpress do this automatically. If I accept the pingback does that mean your article gets posted on my article as well???? misty ….appreciate your response.

    • astimegoesbuy

      Hi Misty Midnite!
      Thank you for your kind comment.
      Wordpress automatically provides a list of articles that are related to my content.
      I have the option to look at those articles and select them to be included as related articles.
      Usually I try to pick things that I think my readers might enjoy or something that will give them a little more information on the topic.
      At the bottom of your article where the Likes and comment section appears, if your article has been pinged and you accept it there will be a link to the article that pinged you.
      When I am pinged, I typically check out that site and article to make sure I feel comfortable being linked before approving.
      Hope that helps!
      I love your Christmas tree ornaments! 🙂

      • mistymidnite

        Oh Ok, I think I understand. I appreciate your response back though. I will accept the pingback and see what it does. However, Im thinking this: Im wondering if someone can repost or rewrite and get paid for it. Not that it is worthy of all that, but its a question Im not sure if I should I worry about.

        Again thank you, and you have a lovely site. Sorry to be such a bother !!

      • astimegoesbuy

        You’re not a bother at all!
        If we don’t help each other out here in the blogosphere we wouldn’t be very nice people.
        Have a happy holiday! 🙂

  • ethelthedean

    Love it! These are by far my kind of Christmas trees, the ones that tell a story! x

    • astimegoesbuy

      I had the greatest comment from a colleague who came over for drinks tonight.
      She said my tree was very eclectic, but probably one of the best trees she had ever seen!
      I spent the rest of the evening all floating about, head high and chest out because I love our tree and was excited that someone else did too. 🙂
      Yes, I’m a total dork!

  • dedivahdeals

    Aaah the memories ornaments provide if only once per year….lovely!

  • caroline1t

    I love the fish! Isn’t it fun starting your own traditions?! My husband and I have done that too, makes for some wonderful memories.

    • astimegoesbuy

      The fish were a fantastic find Caroline!
      And something just that little bit different.
      I think it’s important to build new traditions that embrace who you are as a couple. It’s certainly a great way to blend the old and new into something special. 🙂

  • spashionistareport

    What a lovely story – and beautifully unique ornaments! Hubby and I have a similar tradition and it does make you appreciate the years you’ve been together.

    • astimegoesbuy

      I used to find it so difficult to get the Christmas spirit when the weather was stinking hot but now I look forward to getting the Christmas stuff out and decorating. And I have learned to appreciate a big seafood spread at Christmas rather than a hot roasted and baked table of goodies. 🙂

  • Born To Organize

    It’s so nice to make your own traditions. What an vast and eclectic collection of ornaments you have. Thanks for sharing. I’ll stop by tomorrow for stage two.

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