A Visit From the Ghost of Christmas Past

I am NOT a Scrooge but I have had a visit from the ghost of Christmas Past and thought I would share a couple of photos with you. I mentioned in my post about The Fashion Mister and I collecting Christmas ornaments from our travels that I brought him to the US for his first ever northern hemisphere/ white Christmas.

After spending nearly eight years adjusting to celebrating Christmas in the middle of summer it seemed time he learn what all the fuss was about with Christmas in the winter. The proper way, as I like to say! So rather than just spending a week or two with my family in Northern California, we took the month of December off from work (his business closes down for two weeks anyway) and off we went to spend time in the US.

The plan was spend a few days with my family, stop in Las Vegas (just because), then head down to Arizona to catch up with a couple of fantastic friends, then back to wine country in California before stopping in Yosemite and then the hour back to my family for Christmas and the rest of the holiday. Here are a few of my favourite Christmas related photos from that trip.

Bellagio - Floral Christmas Polar Bear

Bellagio – Floral Christmas Polar Bear

Bellagio - Christmas Decorations

Bellagio – Christmas Decorations

Christmas in Las Vegas?: You wouldn’t think there would be much Christmas spirit in Las Vegas. I certainly hadn’t expected any! So we were pleasantly surprised to find that our hotel, The Bellagio, had a magnificent Christmas display. I loved the polar bears created out of flowers and the large Christmas baubles with dancing water (a trademark of the Bellagio). On the other side they had igloos and penguins and at one end a HUGE tree with Santa and the reindeer taking flight. It was a most pleasant surprise.

Christmas Spirit in the Desert

Christmas Spirit in the Desert

Desert(ed) Christmas Past: I love this photo! Every time I look at it, it makes me smile. The whimsy and sense of humour that goes into thinking of putting Santa hats and beards on cactus is just too cute! I’m pretty sure this little Christmas display is what motivated me to purchase the cacti ornaments we now have on our tree each Christmas.

Russian River wines enjoyed at Yosemite

Russian River wines enjoyed at Yosemite

Visiting the wineries in Sonoma

Visiting the wineries in Sonoma

Christmas Cheer: We spent a few days touring around Sonoma, Napa and the Russian River and stopping in a few wineries. It was an interesting experience. Even though I had grown up near there, I had never been…probably because I wasn’t much of a wine drinker before I moved to Australia. Of course since moving here that has all changed! We found it great fun to see the differences in wine making style and taste between the two countries. I enjoyed Sonoma far more than Napa and thought the Pinot Noir from the Russian River were fantastic. But I still prefer Australian wines to Californian ones.

The Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite

The Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite

Winter Wonderland in Yosemite

Winter Wonderland in Yosemite

Heading into Yosemite in the snow

Heading into Yosemite in the snow

Our Winter Wonderland: The Fashion Mister and I have been to Yosemite together twice. It is very near where I grew up and he simply loves it. When we were planning this trip he organised for us to stay at the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite Valley. There were two reasons for that, 1) The Fashion Mister knows how much I love art deco and the Ahwahnee Lodge is the Queen of Deco in a rustic setting, and 2) they have a 75 year tradition of putting on the Bracebridge Dinner before and during Christmas.

As Yosemite is so close to my family home, we spent the a couple of days there just before Christmas. We took in all our favourite sites in Yosemite as it was covered in snow. Enjoyed the Bracebridge Dinner and I have lots of memories of seeing the Fashion Mister beaming while enjoying his first northern hemisphere Christmas in the snow.

A couple of days after Christmas it actually snowed at my parents house which was an added bonus. It didn’t stick but it was great to get outside and enjoy the big fat snowflakes coming down. The Fashion Mister and I were like a couple of kids who had never seen snow before!

I do so enjoy a visit from the ghost of Christmas Past…especially this Christmas Past.

Happy Holidays!




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