How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Yes, today is Make Your Dreams Come True Day. The tricky bit is the “How to”.

It sounds like it would require magic, or luck, or at least the intervention of fairy godmother granting three wishes. Just sitting here thinking of making my dreams come true and little explosions of flowers and sunshine go off in my mind. It seems so unrealistic and yet brings a smile to my face. So if it can give me these warm tingling feelings of rainbows and butterflies just thinking about it, why does it seem so hard to make it a reality?

Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

Is it because I expect too much? Or because I want too much? And if every day is another chance to make my dreams come true, should I spend today crying about the dream I didn’t make come true yesterday?

Sorry for getting all deep and meaningful on you. Perhaps it’s the new year. All the focus on resolutions and goal setting for this new year. Not just any new year either but the new year following the Mayan End of the World! That alone has added pressure to make this year amazing!

Am I stressed by the pressure? Worried that I might fail? Too afraid to even get started?


If you read my New Year’s Resolution post, you know I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I think we should embrace positive change every and any day. I’m not sure if I have always been this way, but I do know when making change became almost as important as breathing and if you are interested, I am going to share it with you.

As many of you know, I grew up in a small town in Northern California. I was born into a time that had just seen the death of Camelot in the US and was yet to experience the first steps on the moon. I don’t think I ever really felt at home in the town I grew up in, or maybe I was just born with the belief that there was more “out there” for me. From the time I was 13, I had this dream of living in a foreign land. I had two years of French in high school because I was certain I would end up in Paris or some lovely bohemian life.

20 years later, I had moved from my small northern California hometown and created a life in Denver Colorado but had only left the US once when I was 19 to spend a month in Mexico with some girlfriends. Something was still missing and I had this overwhelming feeling of a candle that was about to burn out.

Sunset in Australia

Sunset in Australia

One night, while sitting up late thinking, the only thing that I knew for certain was that I didn’t want to be in my 80s, sitting in a nursing home and wishing I had done more. Followed my dreams. Gave life a go. I would rather sit in that nursing home and know that I had tried and failed than that I had never tried at all.

So I started planning a trip to the other side of the world. Or at least it seemed like the other side of the world. Australia was the plan and a friend was going to come with me. When she canceled, I could have not gone…but I had to. The ball had been set in motion. So I traveled alone. For three weeks I wandered around Australia on my own, meeting people, taking it all in, thinking of how I could become the woman I was meant to be.

Okay, it sounds a little”Eat, Pray, Love“…but it wasn’t. Australian food is good but not that great and there certainly were no epiphanies. When I returned to the States, that is when the epiphany happened. Within 3 months I had gone back to university to begin studying nursing. Something I had wanted to do for 10 years. It was only part-time but it was a start. Within 4 months of my return I had been accepted to study nursing in Australia and commenced paperwork to organize a student visa, and woke one morning to see the second of the World Trade Center Towers collapse on the news, and console friends who lost friends and loved ones.

For the next two months I worked my day job, studied and worked part-time as a personal carer. Not a single day off for 60 days. All so I could save up as much money as possible and get some experience that would help me get work when I got to Australia. I cashed out my 401K, sold everything I owned – minus two suitcases full of clothes and jewelry and the few boxes of belongings I had shipped to my new home.

Big Sky in Australia

Big Sky in Australia

Lots of people thought I was crazy. Some even thought I was brave. I just knew it was something I had to do. So it never felt crazy or brave.

Along with the move and change of jobs I decided if I ended up in a nursing home I was going to be there with as many memories of seeing as much of the world as possible. My one overarching dream is to die having filled as many passports as possible. Probably not such a big deal to most but considering other than the trip to Mexico when I was 19 I had never been out of the US of A. So to be starting this dream at 38 was a little of a late start. Not to mention the fact that it was going to take every cent I had and could earn to get through 3 years of studying Nursing. In fact when I finished my study and actually started working as a nurse, I was down to my last $100.

Forty-one years old, starting a new career in a new land and stone-cold broke. Still it was a great time.

Adjusting to living in a new country on the heels of 9-11 was not exactly easy. However, I was lucky enough to meet some great people and make a few good friends at university. Plus I met the Fashion Mister!

In the now eleven years since moving to Australia, I met and married the Fashion Mister, I finished study and started work as a nurse and I have retired one passport to begin another…another two actually, because I am now a dual citizen of Australia and the US so have passports for both countries. I’ve been at my current hospital for over seven years and have moved into Project Management and Patient Flow Management roles that utilize skills from my previous life as well as my nursing experience.

My Car - ChaCha Diva

My Car – ChaCha Diva

Other bonuses along the way are that the Fashion Mister and I bought a house and in one more year it will be paid for. Two years ago I bought myself a brand new car. Ordered exactly what I wanted, and it’s a convertible…that I love. Additionally, I have taken the Fashion Mister back to the States a few times. We have been to Hong Kong, Singapore, Fiji, Ireland, Egypt and Jordan. All of which have been amazing! For my 50th Birthday this year we will travel to Hong Kong with friends, dine at one of my favourite restaurants, Bo Innovation, have high tea at the Peninsula Hotel and at long last I will buy myself a Chanel Bag, another dream come true.

Chanel Bag - Dream Come True

Chanel Bag – Dream Come True

So where is the moral of this story? And what does it have with how to make your dreams come true?

The answer = Don’t be afraid!

Don’t be afraid to follow your dreams, give up everything to gain everything, or to work hard. Because most of us don’t have a fairy godmother to grant us three wishes and make our dreams come true.

The only way I know how to make my dreams come true is to work hard at being the woman I want to be, and never give up on giving her the best life I can create for her!



p.s. sorry if you read this and thought I might reveal some secret to make your dreams come true. The truth is there is no secret but you can do it.


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