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Chanel – Designer vs. My Way

On this, the last day of An Affair to Remember Month, it seems only appropriate to have a face off against one of my favourite designer houses. So here it is, Chanel – Designer vs. My Way!

Now you know I love LOVE Chanel, wear Chanel perfumes, have a loved Chanel scarf, and plan to spoil myself with a Chanel handbag later in the year. However, I am neither stick thin or crazy rich so my love and admiration for Chanel stops there. And honestly, I would be really naive to think that anything I own could compare to Chanel clothing…BUT…I do have one look, that you may recall has a bit of a Chanel inspiration.

Today, I thought it would be fun to compare an amazing Chanel ensemble in the same colour palette as my Chanel-inspired outfit. And since I have given a bit of attention to pink, gray, black and white, that is where we are returning!

Chanel Suit - Pink, gray and black

Chanel Suit – Pink, gray and black

Almost Chanel Pink

Almost Chanel Pink

Vintage Chanel Inspired

Vintage Chanel Inspired

Not Quite Chanel: Yeah. I know. Not quite. but the skirt is similar enough that it inspired me to feel like I was wearing Chanel! And hey, most of the time you just have to fake it till you make it! Or at least have enough confidence in what you are wearing that everyone else thinks it is far more than it is!

That’s it for February and our month of An Affair to Remember. March is going to be all about Transitions and much to my shock, there may even be a little green thrown in there.

What do you think of my face-off, Chanel – Designer vs. My Way? Way off or near enough?


New Series – Now and Later – T-shirt Dress

March is going to be a big month for As Time Goes…Buy. It’ll be all about transitions, which makes it a perfect time to start a new series – “Now and Later”. It’s not quite March, but I thought if I do the NOW component…well…now, we could begin our transitioning.

The whole idea for this series is transitioning between seasons with items in your wardrobe. I’m all about getting as much use as possible out of what I purchase to drive down the cost per wear. Which makes it economical to wear items of clothing across seasons. With “Now and Later”, I plan to show you how I am wearing a look or item now and how I will be wearing it in the opposite season. That way if you are in either hemisphere you might find some inspiration appropriate for your location.

For the first in our “Now and Later” Series – the T-shirt Dress.

Now and Later - The T-shirt Dress

Now and Later – The T-shirt Dress

The Polka Dot T-shirt Dress

The Polka Dot T-shirt Dress

Oxblood and Black polka dot t-shirt dress

Oxblood and Black polka dot t-shirt dress

T-Shirt Dress: This is a recent purchase from I knew I wanted it for many reasons, 1)it was on sale, 2) love the polka dots, 3) love the colour, just as oxblood was popular in the northern hemisphere for winter I am expecting it to be here in the southern hemisphere coming winter, 4) the length is great, just below the knee, 5) it’s a t-shirt dress! Can you say comfort?!

Dark Accessories

Dark Accessories

Late Summer Accessories

Late Summer Accessories

Accessories: Even though it is late summer, I opted for darker accessories to work with the black polka dots of the dress. I have to get a little more summer wear out of my black suede wedges, so they got the call up. Then my black quilted handbag, black and copper bracelets, a multi-chain necklace, Rose gold Marc Jacobs watch and my rose gold ball earrings. Because it is still quite warm, bare legs and arms keep me cool in this form-fitting dress. Plus, as it’s a cotton t-shirt fabric, it breathes.

Next time you see this dress, I’ll do a winter version. Any thoughts on how I might style this dress for winter?

That’s my t-shirt dress. The first item in my new series “Now and Later”.

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Today is Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

However, rather than tell you a fairy tale, I thought I would share with you some of Kirsty Mitchell’s stunningly beautiful fairy tale inspired photography from her series “Wonderland”. It’s all a bit dreamy.

Kirsty Mitchell - Fairy Tales - Ice Queen

Kirsty Mitchell – Fairy Tales – Ice Queen

Kirsty Mitchell - Fairy Tale - Fly Away

Kirsty Mitchell – Fairy Tale – Fly Away

Kirsty Mitchell - Fairy Tale - Sleeping Beauty

Kirsty Mitchell – Fairy Tale – Sleeping Beauty

Kirsty Mitchell - Fairy Tale - Rapunzel

Kirsty Mitchell – Fairy Tale – Rapunzel

Kirsty Mitchell - Fairy Tale - Evil Queen

Kirsty Mitchell – Fairy Tale – Evil Queen

Kirsty Mitchell - Fairy Tale - 7 Seas

Kirsty Mitchell – Fairy Tale – 7 Seas

Kirsty Mitchell - Fairy Tale Stories

Kirsty Mitchell – Fairy Tale Stories

I have these photos saved to my Pinterest because they are truly inspiring. In fact I probably could have every photo Kirsty Mitchell takes pinned but she has a great gallery online, so check it out. You’ll be amazed at the beauty in her pictures.




2013 – Trends to Love – Floral

In this month of all things “love” it seems the perfect time to start a new series, 2013 – Trends to Love. At the start of 2013 I shared with you some of the predicted trends for 2013 that I love and you shared which you were looking forward to, so the next step is to have a closer look at them. Starting with “Florals”!

As it is late summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, the options for seeing floral prints is predominately in the clothing we are wearing. I expect it is still a little too early in the Northern Hemisphere for a lot of floral anywhere other than the stores. But that makes it the perfect time to think about floral prints and using them in your wardrobe.

I thought I might share a bit of a mash-up of some of the favourite floral print items in my wardrobe that will be on high rotation for 2013.


2013 – Floral Trend: Those are a few of my floral looks that will be seen out and about this year. Do you have a favourite floral that will be on high rotation thanks to the floral trend? Or are you lusting after a new floral item to add to your wardrobe?





Things I’m Loving – Our New Headboard

As we are still in the month of February, which started with An Affair to Remember it seems only natural to use this month to kick off a new regular series of “Things I’m Loving”. Right now, one of the things I am loving is our new headboard.

If you haven’t been following long you will remember at the beginning of the month, the Fashion Mister and I went over to Daylesford for a lovely day out. I took lots of pictures of hearts in the local shops, we had lunch and ended up doing a little shopping. The shopping was actually the Fashion Misters’ fault. He actually did a pretty good job of it!

If you have been following for a long time now, you will recall that last year I redecorated the master bedroom. Everything had been completed fairly quickly except the headboard, which I intended to make. It was going to be a padded headboard. However, time and motivation got away from me and the Fashion Mister and I knew we didn’t want a “standard” old headboard.

Here’s what the Fashion Mister found…

Things I'm Loving - Our new Headboard

Things I’m Loving – Our new Headboard

Things I'm Loving

Things I’m Loving

Loving Our New Headboard

Loving Our New Headboard

While having a look around one of my favourite little shops, I was taking photos of hearts and over in the corner I could see the Fashion Mister looking at some iron wall hangings. The first one he looked at was similar to a garden gate and was pretty but just didn’t have the right vibe. Then he found two of these! Instantly we both fell in love with the organic feeling of both the weathered iron and the tree shape.

It seemed perfect as there were two and it got even better when we saw they were on sale for $40 each!

So, $80 and a few nails later we have a new headboard that we think is perfect in our master bedroom. In the couple of weeks that they have been up, absolutely everyone who has come to the house has commented on them and how much they like it.

At last, nearly a year later, we have put the finishing touch on the redecoration.

I would love to hear what you think? Did we get it right? Can you understand why one of the things I’m loving is our new headboard?

Winner of the Monogram Necklace Is…

Thanks to My Name Necklace for offering one of their lovely monogram circle necklaces to my readers! There were a total of 36 comments left, and the winner is…

Monogram Necklace Winner Is...

Monogram Necklace Winner Is…

Congratulations to the little miss from Yes Missy!

You have won your personalized monogram circle necklace. In your choice of colour!

Monogrammed Necklace Giveaway

Monogrammed Necklace Giveaway

Please email me at so I can provide you with contact information to order your new necklace in one of the following colours.

15 Colours!

15 Colours!

And YES Missy, we are going to want to see pictures of you wearing it once you receive it! Congratulations again. May you wear it in good health. Our very lucky winner of the monogram necklace.




Classic Hits – The Chambray Shirt

Last month, I introduced a series called “Classic Hits”, for this month’s installment of Classic Hits – The Chambray Shirt!

In our continuing look at items of fashion that become and eternal style icon, the chambray shirt has to be one of my favourites. In fact, I own several versions, long-sleeved, sleeveless and a modified dressy version. Today, I am working with the classic long-sleeved version. A true icon since the 70s, I like finding creative ways to wear mine to work. The professional hospital environment may not be where you would expect to see a chambray shirt, and that is even more reason to wear it!

Classic Hits - The Chambray Shirt for Work

Classic Hits – The Chambray Shirt for Work

How to Work the Chambray Shirt for Work

How to Work the Chambray Shirt for Work

Classic Hits - The Chambray Shirt

Classic Hits – The Chambray Shirt

Classic Hits – The Chambray Shirt: Obviously this look started with the classic chambray shirt. So how do you make it dressy/professional enough to wear to work? Add a skirt! And why not a white denim pencil skirt with a blue floral print? And make that one you purchased for about $6 from an Op Shop! Still a little too casual, add a white jacket/blazer to give you the more polished look. I opted to wear the jacket sleeves rolled up and then to unbutton the cuff of the shirt and roll them over the cuff of the jacket. It keeps the look a little casual but says, “I’m not afraid to roll my sleeves up and get the job done”.

The Accessories

The Accessories

Classic Hits - The Chambray Shirt

Classic Hits – The Chambray Shirt

The hard working classic hit - chambray shirt

The hard-working classic hit – chambray shirt

The Accessories: The rest of this look evolved from the blue chambray shirt and the flowers in the skirt. The bright indigo bag was an obvious choice as it’s a perfect match for the flowers in the skirt. The big white watch (possible the best $20 I have ever spent), a couple of silver bangles and a beaded blue bracelet continue the colour palette. Large silver floral earrings and the multi-coloured floral of the Jeffery Campbell shoes play off the flowers in the skirt with the shoes providing a bit of interest to the entire look. That little hint of surprise. And just for a little more contrast, a double strand of vintage pearls to reinforce the professional/business side of the look.

Not only is this look comfortable but I think it’s a great option to wearing a suit to work and still maintains it’s professional yet classic style. Which is exactly why this months classic hit was all about the chambray shirt.

What do you think? Is the Chambray Shirt a classic in your wardrobe? How do you style this fashion icon?

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