What NOT to Wear When You Are a Wedding Guest!

Just like the Christmas office party what not to wear, you would think this should be about common sense. But for some reason, when that wedding invitation arrives some people just forget what NOT to wear when you are a wedding guest!

The reason I am thinking about this is that tomorrow, my eldest step-daughter is getting married, and I have given great thought to what is appropriate for a step-monster to wear in this situation, which then led to some wedding what to wear ideas.

So here we go…be prepared…it ain’t pretty!

Your the guest, dress like one!

You’re the guest, dress like one!

You’re the Guest: Dress like one! You are not the Bride, so avoid white and ivory. It is a wedding, and you are not the most important woman there…the Bride is…then her mum…the bridesmaids…mother of the Bride and flower girls. So not try to compete with them for attention.

Keep it Covered!

Keep it Covered!

Keep it Covered!: Speaking of not looking for attention…Keep it covered! Again, it’s a wedding, not a night out trolling. If you can’t show some respect for yourself, show it for everyone else who is attending the happy occasion. I don’t care what a fantastic job your plastic surgeon did on your new breasts or where he hid the scars!

Can you sit in that??

Can you sit in that??

See Above: Same as above, keep it covered below! At some point in the day at either the church or the reception, you are going to have to sit. Preferably without going all Brittany on the rest of the guests.

Don't wear drunken glazed eyes

Don’t wear drunken glazed eyes

Not a Good Look

Not a Good Look

Don’t Wear Drunken Eyes: Okay, I get the booze is free. But that doesn’t mean it is your job to drink as much of it as it takes until pass-out out or spew. There is nothing attractive about drinking straight from the bottle or slumping over in your chair because you’re so anesthetized that you could have surgery.

Just Don't!

Just Don’t!

If I have to explain this, then things are worse than I thought…just don’t!

Don't Get in the Photographers Way

Don’t Get in the Photographers Way

Photo-bombs: Yeah, we get it, you’re funny and want some attention. Not today. Stay out of the photographers way. The sooner the formal photos are done, the sooner the Bride and Groom can start enjoying THEIR big day. Plus, professional photographers aren’t cheap. Don’t waste everyone’s time.

Don't Leave your Phone on.

Don’t Leave your Phone on.

Off or Silent: It doesn’t matter how important you are, either turn your phone off or on to silent. Do NOT, answer a call during the ceremony and go outside if you need to make a call during the reception.

Don't wear alien inspired head-wear.

Don’t wear alien inspired head-wear.

Alien Inspired Head-wear: Really? Even a princess can’t get away with this one. Don’t go there!

Born this Way?

Born this Way?

Born this Way?: Even if you were, don’t wear food, unless you want to be confused with the buffet/dinner. Always avoid all other extreme and or crazy looks for this day. Unless the dress code says costume, make your fashion(less) statement another day.

Opt for Something you can dance in.

Opt for Something you can dance in.

Don’t do Extreme Heels: Even if you really could dance all night in these shoes. Watching your goldfish turn into fish soup is not something the rest of the guests want to see, and I am pretty sure it would traumatize the flower girl.

So Wrong for So Many Reasons

So Wrong for So Many Reasons

Don’t Dress in the Wedding Party Colours: Again, do I have to explain this? You are not the focus of the day, let the others stand out. Besides, do you want to show up at the wedding dressed like a couple of the other girls? I thought we spent out lives avoiding that! Oh, and bridesmaids…if your Bride wants you to wear gold lame, puffy sleeves, ruffles or bows on your bum…think about how good of a friend she really is. After all, the wedding photos are going to be around for a VERY long time!

I’ll be sure to let you know if any of these faux pas show up at my step-daughters wedding.

Do you have any other pointers on what NOT to wear when you are a wedding guest?


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