International Flirting Week

Yes, it’s true. It’s International Flirting Week. So I thought while we were internationally flirting, we could think about how internationally we are flirting with extinction.

This cause was brought to my attention by a friend and follower of As Time Goes…Buy.

Meet my lovely friend…Liana…

Baby Orangutan

Baby Orangutan

Meet Liana: Okay, so this isn’t Liana. But this post is inspired by her and in fact I am thankful that she has made me aware of this situation. Liana wanted to get my attention by writing something she knows gets my attention…fashion. I have thought about how to word this post but nothing seems as well said or passionate as the message Liana sent to me.

Beautiful Baby Orangutan

Beautiful Baby Orangutan

“Hi Laura,
I have been reading your blog and am very impressed with what you have achieved. I am wondering what sort of ‘fashion spin’ I can put on a cause I feel very passionate about, so that you might mention it somehow in your blog … somewhere, so that the 1549 followers (probably 1550 if you count me) can check it out and maybe be inspired to do something.
So, here goes … fashion spin … I am really liking the Sumatran look at the moment … bright orange is in at the moment, but only for the moment … check out what this cute girl is wearing …”
Orange isn't just a passing trend

Orange isn’t just a passing trend

… she looks rather pleased with her appearance!

 oh no … this flame-coloured look is only a fashion ‘trend’ … soon you won’t see it anymore, never again!
Another of my favourite fashion trends at the moment is mixing bright orange with white & contrasting it with black; the colours work amazingly well together, almost like they were meant to be … naturally so …”
Sumatran Tiger - Print Trend?

Sumatran Tiger – Print Trend?

… they are meant to be … but they won’t be for much longer … another fashion ‘trend’, the Sumatran tiger look is on the way out …

… I also like plain colours … grey is beautiful … if you are inclined to be on the bigger side … grey can look quite beautiful, stunning in fact, especially with the right accessories such as a grey trunk.”

Sumatran Elephants - A passing Phase?

Sumatran Elephants – A passing Phase?

Ah, but for this little one, the Sumatran elephant look is fading as well.

Alas … another fashion ‘trend’ that we won’t be seeing in the very near future.
The above looks are all on their way out … permanently … with every tree felled, with every square metre of natural forest ravaged, we come closer to witnessing the extinction of these beautiful and intelligent animals. What has this got to do with fashion?
Why are these beautiful animals on the way out? Because we all want palm oil – a simple case of supply & demand! Where is palm oil found? It comes from the oil palm tree which grows in tropical regions. In Indonesia & Malaysia deforestation is occurring at an alarming rate to make way for palm oil plantations, making up to 85% of the global production of palm oil.  And what is palm oil used for … in cosmetics & food products! The more we demand it, the greater the deforestation to create the supply, which destroys the habitats of these magnificent creatures and condemns them to extinction within the next decade or so. The sad irony is that in order for us to create artificial beauty for ourselves, we are contributing to the demise of some of the most naturally beautiful creatures in the world.
I am sure that the majority of your 1549 followers use cosmetics which contain palm oil … because it is in so many products. It is not that we consciously demand it, but we don’t know it’s there. We don’t know where it comes from, and we don’t understand the ecological devastation that is resultant from its manufacture.
Is there an ecologically sound alternative? Yes … many.
If we could just educate and encourage others to stop buying products which contain palm oil, we would decrease the demand, which would reduce the need for palm oil plantations, reduce the need to destroy the natural forests of these countries & allow these animals to continue to exist alongside us.
Palm oil is also found in about 50% of all packaged products in our supermarkets.

The greatest threat at the moment is in Central Sumatra where these three animals are facing the death sentence and extinction … Borneo is also under threat.

I just thought that somewhere in your blog you might be able to mention ‘The Orangutan Project’ or direct people to go check it out, and maybe get people thinking about alternatives to palm oil …

Why don’t you just go and have a look … check out little ‘Bunga’ … we’ve adopted her … and yes she looks just like me.

Thanks for listening … I’ll get off my soap-box now … ah … that would actually be a ‘goats milk cleansing product-box’ which does not contain palm oil!”


Please check out Borneo orangutan Survival for a list of products that contain palm oil. Palm Oil Action also has a great page on how to tell if palm oil is being used in food products.

Liana and I aren’t asking for much…just that you have information so you can make an education choice. I know I’m going to be trying some of the Palm Oil Free Products. Which means I’ll probably let you all know more about them!

So during this week of International Flirting…let’s try to stop flirting with disaster.




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