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The Great Gatsby Premier

Well, it has finally come! The night that inspired this months theme. The Fashion Mister and I attended the charity fundraiser night of The Great Gatsby premier.

Naturally it was shown in cinema 1 of the Regent here in “The Rat” as it is very much an old-fashioned Deco inspired theater.

Regent Theatre Auditorium

Regent Theatre Auditorium

Champagne cocktails were served prior to the movie. Personally, I think a champagne cocktail is how you ruin good champagne but at least it was in keeping with the spirit of the night.

The Look: Obviously inspired by the Roaring 20s and The Great Gatsby. The dress is a Charlie Brown dress that I picked up during last years clothing swap. You may remember I invited a bunch of people to come together to swap things n their wardrobe that they no longer wanted and this was one of the items I chose to join my wardrobe. It has a plain black slip-underlay and the over-dress is a black netting with pink embroidery work. All very 20s dahhhhling.

Accessories: I went full on fashion flash-back with the accessories. My newest scarf done in one of my recent favourite styles as a head-wrap. I used my long strand of pearls, wrapped them once so I had a choker length and a long length then used the vintage deco style brooch purchased at the Love Vintage Show to pin on the long length of the pearls. A few bracelets, a brocade wrap, silver leather clutch, cocktail ring and a great pair of vintage inspired shoes.

The Make-up: For the ultimate finishing touches, I darkened up the eye brows, did a smokey eye and red lips.

Hair: I played up the curl in my hair by starting on one side and twisting it to the other, holding it in place with the occasional pin. Then I did a big pin-curl with the ends. Repeating the process with the front section of hair twisting to the back. A good bit of hair-spray to keep it all in place and the head scarf a la’ 20s.

I enjoyed the movie. It was very Baz Lurhman. If you have seen Romeo + Juliette or Moulin Rouge, you wouldn’t have been surprised. And even 30 years after reading the book while in high-school…I still dislike Daisy Buchanan.

So attending The Great Gatsby premier is how I will finish my month of Gatsby inspiration.

I’m sure you are all ready for me to move on to something else by now.


The Day I Lost My Will to Shop!

Yep, I think it may have happened, it has come…the day I lost my will to shop!

Okay, so maybe I didn’t really lose it. It was taken from me!

By the most unlikely source. I found my shopping krypton!

She looked harmless…

In fact she lulled me into thinking it would be fun!

Evil woman…she nearly sucked ALL joy from me!

Sneaky she was. In fact we had been shopping together in the past.

I really didn’t think that when I got a text from my DEAR (and at this moment I am using the term loosely) friend Sarah saying “HELP! going away for a girls weekend in Melbourne. Need something to wear. Can you come shopping with me” that would be the beginning of the end. After all, recently she needed something to wear to a friend’s birthday that was a little fancy and we just went shopping in my wardrobe. AND that had been kind of fun!

I went to work early so I wouldn’t feel guilty about taking a bit longer at lunch. I had let the shop know we were coming and given them so idea of what to pull for Sarah to try on. I couldn’t have imagined that by the time I got home I was going to look like this.

I Need a Drink!

I Need a Drink!

Which is a slight improvement over how I looked at the end of the experience. Stunned.

Stunned by Shopping Experience

Stunned by Shopping Experience

Which is actually better than I looked about an hour into it!



Sarah, I love you. You are a fantastic friend but I am CERTAIN the Fashion Mister paid you to wear me down.

I think I need another drink, so I can cry in my booze over the day I lost my will to shop!

Art Deco Gown Goes Modern

As this month the focus has been on the Great Gatsby and all things inspired by the time I thought I might do a post about Art Deco gowns going modern. Funny thing, when I Googled “Art Deco Gown”, one of the first pictures I found was of the pattern I used for my bridesmaids dresses nearly 5 years ago!

Art Deco Dress Design

Art Deco Dress Design

I was going for a fair bit of a vintage feel for the wedding. We got married at Neider Weisel which is a big grand old Victorian home that was a B&B at the time. The wedding was in the front garden and the reception was held there in the house. We had hired out the whole place from the night before when myself and some friends stayed over. Then the bridesmaids and I got ready there in the cottage on the property. The photographer took all our photos there. After the reception, the Fashion Mister and I had moved into the big Bridal Suite, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen plus their partners and two other dear couples who were staying in suites, went out to the back conservatory for a few drinks.

The next morning we all had breakfast together and I think it was a lovely way for us to start our first day of married life, surrounded by our dearest friends.

Anyway, it was a perfect setting and all worked really well with the vintage theme. I had searched high and low for dresses for the bridesmaids and absolutely fell in love with this vintage Vogue pattern when I found it. When I was in Hong Kong organizing having my wedding dress made, I bought the most gorgeous silk in black and purple for the dress and the contrast. However, I had envisioned a slight tweak to the dress and wanted the bottom panels to be in chiffon. I actually found silk chiffon in black and the exact same shade of purple!

We then organized for a local seamstress to measure up the girls and make the dresses.

I was very happy with how they turned out and surprisingly both of the lovely ladies actually did wear their dresses for other functions!

Bridesmaids in Vintage Vogue pattern

Bridesmaids in Vintage Vogue pattern

Back of the Bridesmaid dress in Mirror

Back of the Bridesmaid dress in Mirror

I loved the back of the dress. Each of the girls wore one of my grandmother’s vintage brooches pinned at the back where the purple comes together before draping down. You will also see that not only were the panels at the bottom in chiffon but that the ones at the back that formed a bit of a fish-tail were in the matching purple.

Simple black heels with a little bling at the open toe, long black gloves and vintage beaded handbags completed the look.

We had all agreed that purple orchids in a wrist corsage would allow them to have their hands free.

Loved taking this little trip down memory lane. I may have to dig out that pattern or take the pic with me to a dress-maker and get one made for myself because I still love this silhouette. Of course then I will need to find somewhere to wear it!

What do you think of my choice for my bridesmaids? Would you have loved it or hated it had it been you?

3 Happy Hens and 1 Happy Chook

Every time I drive down to Geelong I pass an egg farm called “Happy Hens” and when I see those 3 Happy Hens out front I become 1 Happy Chook. For my northern hemisphere friends…Aussie’s call chickens – chooks, but it’s also a bit of a name used for mature aged women. Sometimes as a term of endearment, and sometimes a little derogatory.

I don’t mind being a chook.

So this last Sunday we planned to meet some friends from Ocean Grove at the Hotel in Batesford for lunch. It’s about a 40 minute drive for both of us, so perfect for a Sunday outing. Two other great reasons to meet there? The food is pretty darn good for a pub and we get to drive by the Happy Hens. On this day, I made sure I had the camera and that we left a little early so I could stop for a photo shoot with the girls.

The Look: Above all else, priority was to be wearing a smile. Which was easy because I always think the Happy Hens look like they are doing the Macarana! Next, the weather is cooling so layers and we were going to be spending some time in the car and sitting at a restaurant so comfort. I love the black vintage dress with polka-dots purchased from Lost & Found and it makes a great starting point to layering a look with a bit of red.

First the dress, then black leggings for warmth. A red cardigan for colour and warmth. Decisions between the black cowboy boots and the red…red usually win! Belt the cardigan to give myself some shape, then add a black and white scarf, a red poodle pin purchased at the Love Vintage Show last weekend, a little black and silver wrist bling and a classic black handbag!

Perfect look for Sunday lunch with friends and for celebrating with the 3 Happy Hens!

Which is why I am 1 Happy Chook!

What do you think of my look? To scrambled? Or does it show the sunny side up?


Vintage Inspiration – Quilt

Earlier in the month, not only was it Mother’s Day but it was also my mum’s 70th birthday. She pretty much has everything that she wants so it can be a real challenge to get her presents. This year I used some vintage inspiration and sorted out a quilt for her.

I didn’t make it myself. I think I could have but as I don’t even own a sewing machine it really isn’t my thing. What is my thing is fabric. I LOVE textiles! Of all kinds and especially anything that is a bit vintage or vintage inspired. My mum’s living room is predominately cream and a pale blue. All very neutral. I wanted to give her something that would add a pop of colour and personality to the room but wouldn’t stray too far from what she obviously feels comfortable with and a nice quilt for curling up on the couch seemed a good idea.

Luckily, my dear friend and Sister From Another Mother loves quilting and doesn’t mind if I pick out the fabrics. She made the beautiful silk brocade quilt on our bed from fabric I brought back from Hong Kong and has done a couple of baby blankets and a lap blanket for my mother-in-law. It always amazes me how fantastic my motley mix of fabrics look when she gets done with them!

There were so many lovely vintage inspired fabrics and I thought to add another colour into the mix of blue and cream would be fun…especially when it’s lime green! Vintage florals, paisley and stripes all in similar hues set the tone. To really get the vintage vibe there is a print that is pear’s and to keep it a little modern a brown with pale blue stripes trimming the edges. When mixing textiles, it’s always fun to put in a little something unexpected so I chose a brown and cream Giraffe print for the backing.

To give the quilt a little more personality and to make sure I added something to it, I went to my favourite little haberdashery shop for a variety of buttons and randomly sewed them on to the quilt to give it a personal touch.

I absolutely L-O-V-E the finished product and certainly hope my mum does too!

I guess if she isn’t in to the vintage inspiration or the quilt…she can always give it away…or ship it back to me!

What do you think of this quilt? Too old-fashioned?

Weekend at Ballarat Bertie’s

I spent the weekend with an icon, Bitter old Ballarat Bertie. At least he is an icon around here!

So much so that the image of him on the side of one of the local buildings is heritage listed. Well, I could be making that up but I know the rest of the building gets a painting and Bertie stays right where he has been for ages. In fact, he is such an icon that a couple of years back one of the local breweries made some Ballarat Bitter and donated profits to charity.

That’s just the kind of guy old Bitter Bertie is…or was.

Back in the day, Ballarat Bitter and their mascot Bertie were THE beer of Ballarat! Those days have long gone with major corporations taking over and all the imports that are available these days. I keep thinking that as Cider is becoming ever more popular with its boutique blends perhaps micro-brews will return.

Time will tell.

Anyway, Old Bertie and I did a photo shoot together.

The Look: I thought it was about time to do something different. So I wore flats. I do wear them occasionally and as it was the weekend, I thought why not. I also went with a TOTALLY casual look. Just to show you that I’m not always getting dressed up or going anywhere very exciting. In fact, when I put this look together, we were just going to be checking on a friend that just got home from the hospital, stopping at the local antique auction for a preview and then heading home to relax for the day.

Which is exactly what boyfriend jeans, an op-shop camo t-shirt and military style jacket are good for…taking it easy and being casual!

However…while taking the photos a car pulling a trailer drives buy slowly and the driver yells, “Hey, want to come to my house for a coffee after your photo shoot”? Luckily, even without my glasses I recognize the driver as Swampy, a friend of ours. He and his partner Kerri, live just a couple of doors down from where we were shooting.

So the Fashion Mister got a few more pics, close-ups and off we went for a long chat and coffee with friends.

Eventually we made it to the auction house and home but it was good to catch up with Swamp (sir name Marsh which is where he got his nickname…it’s the Australian way) and Kerri.

The Gardens at Ercildoune – Part 2

As promised, today will be the balance of photos from our Garden tour of Ercildoune Homestead.

Ercildoune was settled in 1838 by the Livingstone-Learmonth teenage brothers, and became one of the most famous and widely renowned stations in Australia. The homestead construction is of massive blocks of granite stone cut by hand from a quarry close by. The Learmonths built most of the various outbuildings including the Gothic styled Managers House.

The name Learmonth arises from lands in Berwickshire and the Learmonths of Ercildoune in the Merse (a flat area in the east of the region that borders the River Tweed) were the earliest family of note. The Learmonth Family Motto is ‘Dum Spiro Spero’ – uncovered during restoration on the arch in the entrance hall = ‘While I Breathe I hope’.

182 acres of the old homestead was auctioned off last weekend (house and gardens). It was expected to bring in about 3.8 million. As much as it would be lovely to own, we just didn’t need 9 bedrooms!


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