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Changing Seasons

Hello my friends and followers, we have completed one month of winter here in the southern hemisphere and although Mother Nature isn’t changing seasons, change is still in the air.

The time has come for final post.

I have not come to this decision easily because there are many of you that I genuinely like and feel that I have been blessed by having you all in my life for this season. However, I just don’t feel that I have the drive to continue giving at the level I have to date and it’s not my style to just mess around with an occasional post.

There hasn’t been time for me to enjoy a good fashion mag for a couple of months and I haven’t read a proper book for ages.

Writing this blog has helped me learn a great deal about myself and shown me that even at darn close to 50 I can still embrace my individual style.

So to close out my time and as time goes…bye!

Closing Night

Closing Night

If you want to stay in touch please feel free to email me at

You will all spend many more seasons in my heart.




Did you know…Sunday is International Pink Day?

Hmmmm…what do you think that is all about? International Pink Day?

Australia's Favourite Pink

Australia’s Favourite Pink

This is definitely Australia’s vote for favourite International Pink Day!

Pretty sure Pink Ribbon Day is in October in the US, so that can’t be the International Pink Day connection.

Pink Roses

Pink Roses

I did decide to dedicate the month to Roses but I don’t think I influence enough people on an international level to have the International Pink Day be about roses.

Too Much Pink?

Too Much Pink?

Can I just say, “If this is what International Pink Day is about…STOP! NOW!”

So wrong, for so many reasons.

Love this photo - Think Pink

Love this photo – Think Pink

Maybe International Pink Day is about all of us putting on our rose-coloured glasses and seeing the best in each other and everything around us?

Now wouldn’t that be totally cool?

I’m thinking that is what I am going to do on Sunday. For International Pink Day, I’ll put rose-coloured glasses on my attitude and remain rosy and positive all day!

Any wagers on how well that will go?

Rose Month

You may recall from last year that June is National Rose Month in the USA and here in Australia as the cold, wet weather kicks in the gardening motto is “We Prune in June”. I still have roses blooming, but with all the rain, I’m sure they are near the end. Which means for the next 3 or 4 months all things rosey around here will be in the form of fashion.

Rose Month

Rose Month

So there we have it. A plan for the month.

I think this one may be difficult.

There are a few pieces in the wardrobe with rose prints, but not sure I can fill a whole month with them???

This is definitely going to be a challenge. Would love for you all to send me some of your rose inspiration to share with everyone.



The Day I Lost My Will to Shop!

Yep, I think it may have happened, it has come…the day I lost my will to shop!

Okay, so maybe I didn’t really lose it. It was taken from me!

By the most unlikely source. I found my shopping krypton!

She looked harmless…

In fact she lulled me into thinking it would be fun!

Evil woman…she nearly sucked ALL joy from me!

Sneaky she was. In fact we had been shopping together in the past.

I really didn’t think that when I got a text from my DEAR (and at this moment I am using the term loosely) friend Sarah saying “HELP! going away for a girls weekend in Melbourne. Need something to wear. Can you come shopping with me” that would be the beginning of the end. After all, recently she needed something to wear to a friend’s birthday that was a little fancy and we just went shopping in my wardrobe. AND that had been kind of fun!

I went to work early so I wouldn’t feel guilty about taking a bit longer at lunch. I had let the shop know we were coming and given them so idea of what to pull for Sarah to try on. I couldn’t have imagined that by the time I got home I was going to look like this.

I Need a Drink!

I Need a Drink!

Which is a slight improvement over how I looked at the end of the experience. Stunned.

Stunned by Shopping Experience

Stunned by Shopping Experience

Which is actually better than I looked about an hour into it!



Sarah, I love you. You are a fantastic friend but I am CERTAIN the Fashion Mister paid you to wear me down.

I think I need another drink, so I can cry in my booze over the day I lost my will to shop!

Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia!

It has begun…Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia!

Across from the hospital here in Ballarat is an adorable cafe called Cafe Cornucopia. The staff is all lovely, Chris makes a fantastic coffee, Glenda always knows what I’ll have and Kevin has gotten quite fascinated by my shoes! Which is exactly what lead to the Shoe Down.

As most of you may have figured out by now, I LOVE SHOES! And as I go over to the Cafe Cornucopia most days to get a take-away soup the fabulous team over there have begun keeping an eye on my shoes. On Monday, I wore my gorgeous Pollini’s purchased when we were in Barcelona and got both Kevin and Chris buzzing, which lead to Kevin challenging me to a Shoe-Off.

It was set for high-noon on Friday.

As I had already worn my most amazing shoes on Monday, it became a challenge to sort out which shoes I would wear. I opted for a pair I normally would never wear to work…because they are CRAZY high. A black pair of Jeffery Campbell’s. Spectacularly fierce but not that great for marching up and down the stairs of a hospital. Although if you are going to fall off your shoes and break an ankle…I guess a hospital is the place to do it!

So high-noon on Friday, I tottered myself across the street for the Shoe Down.

They were waiting for me.

Kevin came around to stand next to me as I admired his shoes and Sally snapped a picture.

Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia

Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia

Kevin hadn’t told me he was a ballroom dancer so he had a few tricks up his sleeve, or pant legs, when it came to shoes!

The Shoe Down was so much fun that Cafe Cornucopia is going to start a Shoe Down / Shoe – Off on Fridays! They are thinking they might offer customers a free coffee for wearing fabulous shoes. I suggested they take pictures of all the shoes that people wear and do a collage then have the other customers vote on their favourites. Kevin’s thinking of getting a shoe and spray painting it gold to make a trophy.

I think I am going to have to buy some new shoes!

Bring on the Shoe Down!

Who do you think the first winner should be? Me or Kevin?

May Day! May Day!

No, I’m not in distress…well no more than usual. So why am I calling May Day, you may ask?

Well, that should be easy. Today is May 1st. Also known as “May Day”. In my mind I have visions of young ones and fair lasses dancing around the May Pole.

Which really is a lovely image…if you don’t get too wrapped up in wondering about the original meaning. I’m quite happy to stick with the celebration concept, so that is what I go with!

Of course, May Day could also be about distress…you know, a call for help! Which is a little appropriate for me this month as my mum’s birthday is on May 3rd and then Mother’s Day is on the 12th I have to figure out what to get the woman who has everything she needs or wants. AND get it shipped…VERY SOON!!

I’m thinking I “may” have that covered and will take photo’s before I send it to share.

Other distressing May Day issues…I can’t for the life of me come up with some sort of theme for this month. If I were in the Northern Hemisphere is would be easy…SPRING! However, here in the southern hemisphere, it’s getting colder and the days are shorter which leads me to wanting to hibernate. It should be interesting to see what I get up to this month.

Any suggestions?? You could really help me sort out my May Day! Dilemma.


10 Wardrobe Essentials from the Past Year

Because we are revisiting my 10 wardrobe essentials, I thought it would be important to walk the walk and show you some of the many outfits that I have worn from the past year that have included my essentials.

As I was going back over photos from the past year I really didn’t find that many. However, what I realized is that I wear these essential pieces all the time, they just don’t often make it into the photos I share with you because they are those “basic” items that get worn over and over again. So I’m thinking I’m going to need to make a point of actually getting more photos from those “regular” days to show off how much the basics, really are basic!

Here are a few of the ways I wore some of my wardrobe essentials over the past year.

These are all the same little black dress just worn seven different ways. That alone should prove it is a wardrobe essential!

Here are a few different ways I have worn my favourite white t-shirt over the past year.

And finishing off with a few of my other looks using the wardrobe essentials.

I do promise to get a few more photos of those days when I use my wardrobe essentials, even if they are pretty basic looks.

What items in your wardrobe do you consider essentials?


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