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Things I’m Loving – Our New Headboard

As we are still in the month of February, which started with An Affair to Remember it seems only natural to use this month to kick off a new regular series of “Things I’m Loving”. Right now, one of the things I am loving is our new headboard.

If you haven’t been following long you will remember at the beginning of the month, the Fashion Mister and I went over to Daylesford for a lovely day out. I took lots of pictures of hearts in the local shops, we had lunch and ended up doing a little shopping. The shopping was actually the Fashion Misters’ fault. He actually did a pretty good job of it!

If you have been following for a long time now, you will recall that last year I redecorated the master bedroom. Everything had been completed fairly quickly except the headboard, which I intended to make. It was going to be a padded headboard. However, time and motivation got away from me and the Fashion Mister and I knew we didn’t want a “standard” old headboard.

Here’s what the Fashion Mister found…

Things I'm Loving - Our new Headboard

Things I’m Loving – Our new Headboard

Things I'm Loving

Things I’m Loving

Loving Our New Headboard

Loving Our New Headboard

While having a look around one of my favourite little shops, I was taking photos of hearts and over in the corner I could see the Fashion Mister looking at some iron wall hangings. The first one he looked at was similar to a garden gate and was pretty but just didn’t have the right vibe. Then he found two of these! Instantly we both fell in love with the organic feeling of both the weathered iron and the tree shape.

It seemed perfect as there were two and it got even better when we saw they were on sale for $40 each!

So, $80 and a few nails later we have a new headboard that we think is perfect in our master bedroom. In the couple of weeks that they have been up, absolutely everyone who has come to the house has commented on them and how much they like it.

At last, nearly a year later, we have put the finishing touch on the redecoration.

I would love to hear what you think? Did we get it right? Can you understand why one of the things I’m loving is our new headboard?


Looks to Love – Pink and Grey

As I was collecting photos on Pinterest for this months “An Affair to Remember” theme, I realized that in all the looks to love – pink and grey combinations seemed to be my favourite. Which really wouldn’t surprise those of you who follow along regularly.

For some crazy, unknown reason, I seem to have become over-run with an obsession for pink of late!

Just for a bit of fun, I have matched some looks to love from the fashion world, with looks to love from the lifestyle/home world. Most of them are based on the combination of pink and grey.

Looks to Love - Pink and Dark Grey

Looks to Love – Pink and Dark Grey

Classic, chic and elegant!

Looks to Love - Pink and Grey 2

Looks to Love – Pink and Grey 2

Fun, Frilly and Girlie!

Looks to Love - Pink and Grey 3

Looks to Love – Pink and Grey 3

Exotic and Expensive!

Looks to Love - Pink and Grey 4

Looks to Love – Pink and Grey 4

Chanel Love!

Looks to Love - Pink and Grey 5

Looks to Love – Pink and Grey 5

Tailored yet Feminine!

Looks to Love - Pink and Gold

Looks to Love – Pink and Gold

Great Gatsby in Pink and Gold!

Pink can be added to any lifestyle, either in fashion or home decor. Even both if you are a lover of pink. I would have it in my home if I weren’t careful to consider not going too girlie and making the Fashion Mister feel out of place. I just don’t think he would love it as much as I do!

How about you? Do pink and grey figure in the looks you love? What about in your home?

What to Wear when Entertaining Friends at Home – New Series!

One of my dear friends and a faithful follower of As Time Goes…Buy has asked for advice on what to wear when she has friends coming to dinner and wanted a recipe to go with. So I thought it would be the perfect lead into a new series, focusing on food and fashion. Today is about what to wear when entertaining friends at home.

Recently I had a number of friends over so have used that night as inspiration for today’s suggestions.

My thoughts about entertaining friends at home is that I want to be comfortable and I want to spend as much time with my friends as possible, not stuck in the kitchen. However, being comfortable doesn’t mean wearing sweatpants and sweatshirt. You want your friends to know they are special, so why not up the look a little?

What I Wear When Entertaining at Home

What I Wear When Entertaining at Home

What to Wear When Entertaining Friends at Home: I like to keep it simple yet chic. Which is exactly the look I think I get when wearing these great black and white graphic print palazzo pants with a simple white t-shirt. You’ll know from yesterdays post that I love a white t-shirt in so many different looks. The combination of the t-shirt and silk palazzo pants says, I’m relaxed, welcome to my home, it’s really nice to have you here. Or at least that is what I imagine. Plus this look means I can do the next best thing to being barefoot, wear sandals.

Summer Entertaining at Home

Summer Entertaining at Home

Simple and Chic Entertaining at Home

Simple and Chic Entertaining at Home

Chic Entertaining at Home: Over the years I have collected a number of vintage wicker chairs and a couple of vintage cast iron tables. All of them are as I found them at antique auctions and they make a nice spot to sit outside on the patio during the summer. The Fashion Mister has a nice collection of vintage glassware that really plays up the vintage chic feel.

Simple Accessories

Simple Accessories

Simple Accessories: I have maintained the black and white look with my white watch, black and silver bracelets and silver necklace. Keeping it simple and comfortable can still be chic.

To continue the theme of keeping it simple, I try to think of things that can either be prepared the day before or at least ahead of the guest arriving so I can hang out with my friends. For this particular gathering I had put together a couple of gourmet pizzas before their arrival and we popped them into the outdoor pizza oven while having drinks. I had also made some nibbles. One of them was a smoked salmon pin-wheel, which I prepared the day before and everyone loved. So that is the recipe I will share with you. Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this!

Salmon Pinwheel

Salmon Pin-wheel

Smoked Salmon Pin-wheel:

  • Thinly sliced smoked salmon
  • Cream Cheese
  • Finely chopped fresh dill

Lay out the salmon on a sheet of cling film / glad-wrap, making sure to match up edges as much as possible.

Finely chop fresh dill and mix into cream cheese. Then spread mixture over the salmon.

Using the cling film to start, begin rolling the salmon from one end until you reach the other end, being sure to remove the cling film as you roll.

Tightly wrap the role in the cling film, sealing each end (this should look a little like a sausage), then place in refrigerator over night (this allows the dill to flavour the cream cheese).

Remove from refrigerator just before ready to serve. Remove cling film and slice. I usually create a pretty plate of the salmon pin-wheels and place a bowl of garlic flavored biscuits/crackers/toasted bagel chips next to the plate so guests can either eat plain or with a bit of crunch.

Currently, I am a fan of a glass of Pinot Gris with this dish however, a Riesling is also very nice.

Serve and Enjoy!

Hope this helps Sarah! And thank you for the question that has led to this series of “what to wear when”. I’ll be doing a post of What to Wear When each month that will include a recipe.

So that is what I wear when entertaining friends at home. What do you wear? Do you think I am too casual? Or too dressy?

Deep in the Heart…

Deep in the heart of Daylesford! Okay, maybe not deep in the heart. As Daylesford is actually a fairly small town, and we really only wandered around the main street. However, for those of you who don’t know Daylesford, it’s not a far drive from Melbourne, which makes it a popular weekend destination, and it is well-known for its mineral springs and spas which make it an ideal destination anytime!

The weather was nice, so the Fashion Mister and I put the top down on ChaCha Diva and made the drive over for lunch and a little wandering. There are two things I love about Daylesford; 1) there are some great cafe’s, Boccocini is my favourite, and 2) there are some adorable little shops to browse around in. So after stopping for lunch…at Boccocini of course, the Fashion Mister and I wandered around and I took photos of all things heart-shaped.

Heart Soap at Frances Pilley

Heart Soap at Frances Pilley

Bubbly Heart: These little soap hearts looked so pretty in their wooden box. But then absolutely everything at Frances Pilley is lovely! Including the shop assistant, who was nice enough to let me get a pic of her that I will share another day.

Heart Truffles at the Chocolate Shoppe

Heart Truffles at the Chocolate Shoppe

9 of Hearts chocolates

9 of Hearts chocolates

Melting Heart: These chocolate hearts were so pretty and reminded me of the chocolate shops in France. When the owner of the shop came over to chat, I soon realized why…he is French!

Many Hearts - Beat as One

Many Hearts – Beat as One

Painted Heart at Benjamin Bandicoot

Painted Heart at Benjamin Bandicoot

The Fashion Mister thought of me when he saw these hearts

The Fashion Mister thought of me when he saw these hearts

Metal Heart

Metal Heart

How do you like your Heart?

How do you like your Heart?

Painted Hearts: Benjamin Bandicoot had the best selection of all things heart related. I’m always impressed how they can have so many seasonally themed items in the shop without going over the top. They carry clothing, gift ware and home wares, all of which are very reasonably priced. I can never resist picking up a Christmas ornament from BB before the holiday season.

Twisted Heart

Twisted Heart

Twisted Heart: Just next to Benjamin Bandicoot is one shop that I have never managed to get out of without buying something! They have the best finishing touches for home decorating and this trip was no different. We found a couple of metal trees that we are going to hang as the headboard to our bed. Actually the Fashion Mister came up with the idea and I think it will look great. Once they are up, I’ll get some photos to see what you all think. I’m stalling here because I have drawn a blank on the name of the shop…pretty sure the word Wombat appears in the name…which makes sense that I can’t resist it because I love wombats!

If you are in regional Victoria, I highly recommend you make a stop deep in the heart of Daylesford. I’m sure it will steal your heart just as it has stolen mine.


Upcycled Sweater – DIY

I had a big problem…and I do mean BIG. It was a sweater from my plus-size days that I just couldn’t get rid of. After all, I had brought it from the US with me on my move to Australia and I loved the snow flakes on it, but it’s now many sizes too big. So I finally decided to up-cycle my sweater and do a little DIY with the help of a few buttons.

Snowflake sweater and a selection of buttons

Snowflake sweater and a selection of buttons

The original sweater: Maybe the snowflakes remind me of my years in Denver? They aren’t the most gorgeous but I couldn’t face giving them away. After seeing some pillows on Pinterest made from old sweaters and loving how my creative friend K at Pillows-ala-mode adds buttons to pillows, I was inspired to give it a go myself.

My biggest obstacle was going to be the fact that I don’t own a sewing machine and really am not much of a seamstress. But I thought I could probably do a pillow or two.

Sleeve Beanie

Sleeve Beanie

Beanie: I used part of one of the sleeves and a strip of the ribbing that was around the neck to create this cute little beanie.

Many Pillows and More!

Many Pillows and More!

Much More: Once I finish stuffing the last two pillows I will have 5 pillows, 1 coffee cup holder, 1 beanie and 3 Christmas tree ornaments.

Pillows and a coffee cup holder

Pillows and a coffee cup holder

Coffee Cup Holder: For the coffee cup holder I just used a piece of one of the cuffs and a floral button. I like the envelope pillow, it’s part of the bottom of the sweater with the edge pulled over and stitched with a button to look like and envelope. The next pillow back is an ode to the sweater. I used the top front of the sweater with the neck ribbing cut out. Folded it in half and used the other cuff to look like neck ribbing. Then added a button at the top (shoulder) for decoration. The largest pillow was the first one, made from most of the bottom front of the sweater, with the ribbing and a plain piece from the back. I stitched it closed at the ribbing and added three buttons for fun.

Envelope style Pillow

Envelope style Pillow

Christmas Ornaments: After using all the other bigger pieces and all the ribbing, I had three of the smaller snowflakes left so I cut them into circles with a plain piece from the surrounding areas and added some ribbon so they will hang from the branch of the Christmas tree next year.

I just about managed to up-cycle all of the original sweater! There were a few small pieces of plain green and the two shoulder pads left over. Yes, shoulder pads! That is how old this sweater was! It all turned out pretty well considering I have such little talent for sewing and no sewing machine but I am really happy with all my new creations made by my up-cycled sweater DIY.

What do you think? Do I pass the novice up-cycler test? Any pieces you like best? What might you have created from this old sweater?

Up-cycling an Embroidered Jacket

You may be thinking why bother recycling or up-cycling an embroidered jacket. My answer would be, I paid pretty good money for this jacket because I loved the colour and the print but I only wore it once. So why not work it into my wardrobe more often? It has become far too big for me and I just can’t bear the thought of giving it away.

My dilemma was solved by creative, and crafty in a good way, blogosphere friend at Pillows A-La-Mode. I see all the great things she creates from bits and pieces she acquires and asked her if I sent her something to work with would she be interested in surprising me with something new. Luckily, she said “YES”.

This is what I sent her:

My too big jacket with great colour

My too big jacket with great colour

Embroidery on the Green Jacket

Embroidery on the Green Jacket

I thought it would be gorgeous to wear with black pants and a black shirt, with its hint of orient in the embroidery. Unfortunately, I don’t like to wear black next to my face and then was self-conscious about how bright the jacket was for a then plus-sized woman. So I packed it up and sent it to the US for make-over and last week I received a big box of goodies in return! It was like an early Christmas present…presents actually!

What Pillows A-La-Mode Made with my Embroidered Jacket

What Pillows A-La-Mode Made with my Embroidered Jacket

My Surprise!: Check out all the fantastic stuff K from Pillows A-La-Mode made with my old jacket! Here’s a list but you can check out her website for specifics (plus all the other great things she does) – A clothing/hanger cover, a tote bag, a pillow (Naturally!), a coffee cup warmer (I’m having a fashion inspiration for this item), a wall hanging that she embroidered my blog name onto, a frame to be used to leave messages/menus and such in wax pencil, a black jewelry pouch, a beaded rosette, a tissue holder for my handbag, two card organizers, and a miniature string of bunting. See what I mean about it feeling like Christmas!

My Up-cycled Embroidered Jacket

My Up-cycled Embroidered Jacket

I love how she used the front of the jacket (buttons and button-holes) to make the pillow. She really is a clever lady. And I am totally thinking I may borrow my coffee cup warmer/holder and use it as a cuff bracelet! After all, it was a cuff at one time.

Love the Logo Wall Hanging

Love the Logo Wall Hanging

This wall hanging is going in the office where I do all my blog work!

Cool new Tote Bag

Cool new Tote Bag

Both sides of this cool carry-all / tote bag are the pockets from the original jacket which means besides tons of space inside the bag there are two pockets for extra carry space.

What a Great job by Pillows A-La-Mode!

What a Great job by Pillows A-La-Mode!

I’m so glad that I hung on to this jacket and sent it to the lovely K at Pillows A-La-Mode! Now I can still be in love with the fabric and enjoy it in its many new forms. Many thanks to my creative and crafty friend for all my early Christmas presents! I’m a pretty lucky girl to have made a new friend back in my homeland who it this talented!

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin Trend

Happy Halloween!

I have been reading all kinds of posts about pumpkin pie, pumpkin pie ice cream, pumpkin lattes and even spiced pumpkin beer! All this great pumpkin talk has got me thinking of how much I miss Halloween in the US and the love of all things sweet and pumpkin. Here in Australia, pumpkin is strictly a vegetable, usually served roasted, sometimes mixed with mashed potatoes and often as a soup. I don’t mind it as a soup if it has ginger or some other spicy flavour going on but I can’t do it as a boring old veg because I grew up loving pumpkin pie.

In honour of Halloween and the Great Pumpkin I’ve taken a few of my favourite images from my Halloween inspired board on and created a couple of collages to inspire us all.

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin 2012

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin 2012

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin: There are so many cool Halloween ideas on Pinterest that it got me looking for home decor, food and fashion to go with the black and orange theme of the day. I usually won’t wear black with orange because I don’t want to look like the great pumpkin however, these fashion inspirations all look great, the food divine and the homes lovely.

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin Inspiration

Halloween and the Great Pumpkin Inspiration

More Inspiration: I rather like the black varnished walls in the bedroom picture above. Very sophisticated. My other favourite would be the pumpkin coloured shirt with the silver statement necklace. I like that it kind of looks like a web. And if you are in the Northern Hemisphere the black coat with the pumpkin coloured scarf looks nice and cozy.

Hope you all have a fun, safe and splendidly scary Halloween! May the Great Pumpkin visit your patch of the woods.



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