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Changing Seasons

Hello my friends and followers, we have completed one month of winter here in the southern hemisphere and although Mother Nature isn’t changing seasons, change is still in the air.

The time has come for final post.

I have not come to this decision easily because there are many of you that I genuinely like and feel that I have been blessed by having you all in my life for this season. However, I just don’t feel that I have the drive to continue giving at the level I have to date and it’s not my style to just mess around with an occasional post.

There hasn’t been time for me to enjoy a good fashion mag for a couple of months and I haven’t read a proper book for ages.

Writing this blog has helped me learn a great deal about myself and shown me that even at darn close to 50 I can still embrace my individual style.

So to close out my time and as time goes…bye!

Closing Night

Closing Night

If you want to stay in touch please feel free to email me at

You will all spend many more seasons in my heart.




Did you know…Sunday is International Pink Day?

Hmmmm…what do you think that is all about? International Pink Day?

Australia's Favourite Pink

Australia’s Favourite Pink

This is definitely Australia’s vote for favourite International Pink Day!

Pretty sure Pink Ribbon Day is in October in the US, so that can’t be the International Pink Day connection.

Pink Roses

Pink Roses

I did decide to dedicate the month to Roses but I don’t think I influence enough people on an international level to have the International Pink Day be about roses.

Too Much Pink?

Too Much Pink?

Can I just say, “If this is what International Pink Day is about…STOP! NOW!”

So wrong, for so many reasons.

Love this photo - Think Pink

Love this photo – Think Pink

Maybe International Pink Day is about all of us putting on our rose-coloured glasses and seeing the best in each other and everything around us?

Now wouldn’t that be totally cool?

I’m thinking that is what I am going to do on Sunday. For International Pink Day, I’ll put rose-coloured glasses on my attitude and remain rosy and positive all day!

Any wagers on how well that will go?

What’s Your Rosebud?

Those of you who are younger probably won’t get the reference, so first a little explanation so you can share with me the answer to this question…”What’s Your Rosebud?”

Back in the early 1940s a movie called “Citizen Kane” was made. It was about the dying word of a very rich man who had become a bit of a recluse. The movie was about a reporter who was trying to find out more about the man Kane, by interviewing those who knew him. Originally, he was a poor boy living in a mining town in Colorado and as it turns out a lot of gold is found and that leads to him becoming a very rich man.

At the very end of the film, we find out the significance of “Rosebud”. Basically, it was a sled he had as a boy and represented the only time in Kane’s life that he was truly happy.

Citizen Kane - Rosebud

Citizen Kane – Rosebud

For many of us it is hard to understand going through a life of riches and most of the time being unhappy. After all, in this day and age we are driven to success and believing that money CAN buy happiness. At least my generation was taught to believe that.

I’m sure I believed it for a long time.

I don’t anymore.

I’m not sure if it is because of working in the Health Sector and seeing so many people who suffer from depression or if it is merely the result of my own aging process and learning that happiness can be found in so many other ways.

If I were to answer my own question, “what’s your rosebud,” it would be difficult because I don’t know that it would be one thing that represented my happiness. What I do know is that in the 10 plus years since I have moved to Australia, met and married the Fashion Mister and made my way closer to 50, I feel more content and thus somewhat happier every day.

I can describe for you those moments in time that I seem to be most content these days.

It’s usually when the Fashion Mister I are going for a drive on a sunny day. It doesn’t have to be warm because being in the car makes it that much nicer. The Fashion Mister is driving and right next to me. I have my face tilted toward the window and can feel the sun shining on my skin. As I watch the scenery pass by, there are rolling hills, flocks of cockatoo’s and gum trees everywhere.

Honestly, I would ride in the car for days looking out at Australia with the Fashion Mister at my side and the sun on my face.

To me, that is the happiest time of my life.

Are you surprised? Simple aren’t I?

But then like Kane, I come from gold mining country and spent 18 years in Colorado, so maybe it makes sense that I should find my happiness in such a way. Or maybe, I have just learned to be happy in the simple things.

So, I ask you…What’s your rosebud?


May Day! May Day!

No, I’m not in distress…well no more than usual. So why am I calling May Day, you may ask?

Well, that should be easy. Today is May 1st. Also known as “May Day”. In my mind I have visions of young ones and fair lasses dancing around the May Pole.

Which really is a lovely image…if you don’t get too wrapped up in wondering about the original meaning. I’m quite happy to stick with the celebration concept, so that is what I go with!

Of course, May Day could also be about distress…you know, a call for help! Which is a little appropriate for me this month as my mum’s birthday is on May 3rd and then Mother’s Day is on the 12th I have to figure out what to get the woman who has everything she needs or wants. AND get it shipped…VERY SOON!!

I’m thinking I “may” have that covered and will take photo’s before I send it to share.

Other distressing May Day issues…I can’t for the life of me come up with some sort of theme for this month. If I were in the Northern Hemisphere is would be easy…SPRING! However, here in the southern hemisphere, it’s getting colder and the days are shorter which leads me to wanting to hibernate. It should be interesting to see what I get up to this month.

Any suggestions?? You could really help me sort out my May Day! Dilemma.


Reales Alcazares de Sevilla – Moorish Seville

As I mentioned the other day, Seville is an amazing blend of Spanish and Moorish history and architecture. The Reales Alcazares de Sevilla is a fantastic example of the Moorish heart of Seville. The Royal Alcazar of Seville is the oldest royal palace still in use in Europe and was once a Moorish fort. It is one of the best remaining examples of mudejar architecture and was registered by UNESCO in 1987 as a world heritage site. One of the things I love about Islamic architecture is that it often very simple and plain on the outside and simply stunning on the inside!

The Entrance to Reales Alcazares de Sevilla - Seville Spain - October 2012

The Entrance to Reales Alcazares de Sevilla – Seville Spain – October 2012

Inner Courtyard - Royal Alcazar - Seville - October 2012

Inner Courtyard – Royal Alcazar – Seville – October 2012


Courtyard - Roayl Alcazar Seville - October 2012

Courtyard – Royal Alcazar Seville – October 2012

The Inner Courtyard: As you can see, it was raining while we visited the Reales Alcazares de Sevilla. However, it was actually still warm so the only issue was not getting too wet. That was pretty easy to avoid thanks to the purchase of a second umbrella, and all the lovely covered areas around the internal areas of the palace. You can see from the first picture that outside the Royal Palace looks very unassuming. It’s only once you get into the buildings and courtyards that you see the true architectural beauty of the place. Dainty columns holding up intricate archways, fantastic patterns in the plaster and mosaic tiles. I found it most tranquil, even if there were hundreds of other people around.

The Gardens at the Royal Palace - Seville Spain - October 2012

The Gardens at the Royal Palace – Seville Spain – October 2012

Seville Oranges at Reales Alcazares de Sevilla - October 2012

Seville Oranges at Reales Alcazares de Sevilla – October 2012


Gardens at Reales Alcazares de Sevilla - October 2012

Gardens at Reales Alcazares de Sevilla – October 2012

The Gardens: The rain let up long enough for us to have a good wander around the gardens at the palace. At first I didn’t want to, thinking it would be a little boring but the Fashion Mister seemed keen so out we went. I’m glad I followed because the gardens were lovely and just as tranquil as the internal courtyards had been. Plus as we were the first to venture out once the rain stopped it was like we had the whole fantastic place to ourselves!

Seville Oranges: Now most of us have heard of Valencia oranges. They are big, sweet and orange! Seville oranges never actually turn orange and are a little on the bitter side. They are planted absolutely everywhere in Seville and the story goes that they are collected each year and sent to England where they are turned into Marmalade for the Queen. Not sure  if there is some wit or silliness in that story but I like it.

We visited the Reales Alcazares de Sevilla on our last day in Seville, taking in all its Moorish splendor. Our next stop is a little magic hide-away called Vejer de la Frontera.

Visiting the Third Largest Cathedral in the World

Part of the reason I wanted to go to Seville was to see the cathedral. It is the third largest cathedral in the world, after St. Peter’s and St. Paul’s, which absolutely everyone in Seville is happy to point out! The other connection is that it is the burial place of Christopher Columbus and having grown-up in the US there was a historical connection. For the record, it was pretty amazing!

Catedral de Seville - October 2012

Catedral de Seville – October 2012

The Cathedral: As amazing as this photo is, it is only a very small part at the center of the cathedral! The place was huge and elaborate. I heard one of the guides telling her group that there are over 500 religious paintings in the cathedral, not to mention all the other artifacts. It was so awe inspiring. It was weird to feel so tiny inside of a building.

Burial place of Christopher Columbus - Seville - October 2012

Burial place of Christopher Columbus – Seville – October 2012

Stained Glass at St. Mary of the See - Seville Cathedral - October 2012

Stained Glass at St. Mary of the See – Seville Cathedral – October 2012

Inside St. Mary’s of the See: Above is a pic of the marker on Columbus’ burial spot and the best picture I managed to get of stained glass from any of the cathedrals or churches we visited. The light was perfect back-lighting the stained glass and the dark alcove area around it really made the colours stand out. I think I have mentioned, my fascination with churches and cathedrals is not a religious one but one based around the architecture and what beauty was created at a time when it would have taken many craftsmen and artisans sometimes their whole lives work on one building. Can you imagine piecing together all that glass and then taking the time to paint it all or experimenting with the glass to actually create a coloured glass. I wonder what the creator of this window would think if they knew someone from the other side of the world came along some 300 years later to stare at it and take photos. Those are the reasons I love old architecture and things left by those who came before me.

Outside St. Mary's of the See - Seville - October 2012

Outside St. Mary’s of the See – Seville – October 2012

Tower View from Seville Cathedral - October - 2012

Tower View from Seville Cathedral – October – 2012


View from the Tower over Seville - October 2012

View from the Tower over Seville – October 2012

The Tower: Naturally I had to go up the tower to see all that I could see! And it was worth climbing up there. The view was gorgeous looking out over Seville. And of course I was thinking of all those craftsmen how had carved the beautiful stone work.

Seville Cathedral Tower at Night - October 2012

Seville Cathedral Tower at Night – October 2012

Seville Cathedral at Night - October 2012

Seville Cathedral at Night – October 2012

The Cathedral at Night: I had to share these couple of pictures of the outside of the cathedral at night with you. I just love how fantastic the building looked lit for the night. Majestic, beautiful and just a little bit creepy!

One more post tomorrow about the Moorish side of Seville before moving on.

Hope you enjoyed visiting the third largest cathedral in the world!

Get Organised Week – Holiday in Spain



As those of you who are regular readers know, we are heading to Spain very soon. I thought I might share with you some things I have done to get myself organised for the week ahead and the upcoming holiday in Spain. The Fashion Mister and I have been planning this trip for about a year. At first it seemed so far away and pointless to plan much. but start planning we did!

Holiday in Spain 2012

Holiday in Spain 2012

Early Planning: Usually once we have decided the general location of the trip (Spain) and how long we are going to be there (4 weeks), we start making a bit of a list of our must see and do things while there. That then starts dictating how long we will spend in certain areas. Also at this stage we spend a fair bit of time looking for different or interesting things to do that may be a little off the beaten track.

For this trip, The Fashion Mister wants to check out Barcelona, we both want to go to the foodies Basque region around San Sebastian, I want to go to Seville, we have a friend with a home we can stay in at Vejer in the south, seeing Alhambra is a MUST, as is Madrid. So that means a bit of traveling but we don’t want to rush around for the holiday because that takes some of the joy out being away. It is important to find time to relax!

Alhambra Granada Spain

Alhambra Granada Spain

The Organising: I’m actually very lucky. The Fashion Mister enjoys researching and planning for a holiday almost as much as going on one. Which means I can be fairly generic about what I want (good food and wine, shopping, architecture and history, general cool experiences) and he does pretty much the rest!

Examples of how fantastic the Fashion Mister is at planning:

1.)  He knows that if I didn’t see the Alhambra Palace while in Spain I would not be a happy girl. So not only does he book us a guided tour of the grounds but he manages to book us into the hotel on site so we have access to much of the grounds both before and after the general crush of tourists! I get to stay at the Palace!

2.)  As we will be driving north when we leave Barcelona, he has found that about an hour north there is a designer outlet mall so I can go mad shopping at bargain prices!

3.)  When looking for a place to stay in Seville, he found Hotel Silken Al-Andalus Palace Seville. Yeap, another palace! What drew him to this one? An entire floor designed and in honour of Spanish designers Victorio & Lucchino. The Fashion Mister has managed to get us one of the suites on that floor at an extremely reasonable price.

BBQ - Fine Dining

BBQ – Fine Dining

Nice Things for The Mister: I have planned a few things myself that I am hoping the Fashion Mister enjoys.

1.)  While in Spain we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary. When we first got married we started using the old list of anniversary traditional gifts list as a challenge to get each other gifts. As the 5th is wood and we wouldn’t be able to bring back wood items this was going to be a challenge. However thanks to chef Victor Arguizoniz, I have a plan. In his restaurant Asador Etxebarri he has created special grills, pans and ovens so EVERYTHING can be cooked by wood fires! I have booked us in to celebrate our wood anniversary.

2.)  Also, I thought the Fashion Mister might like a tour of one of the Spanish Bodega where he can enjoy the sherry, maybe a little jamon and test drive the good life. After a little research, I found Bodegas Gutierrez Colosia. It was recommended by a local cook and should be a lovely afternoon as part of a day trip to Cadiz.

Running with the Bulls

Running with the Bulls

Not a Chance: Before you ask, NO! We won’t be participating in any nonsense like running with the bulls! The thing about getting to our age is you have learned that this is just crazy! However, if it were going on while we were in the area, I would make the time to watch…from above…out of harms way…like any clever person.

Our plans are obviously mostly complete as we leave in one week, but I can’t tell you everything now or there will be nothing new to post about later!

Now I need to have a good look at what I am packing for this trip.

More attention to get organised week, the holiday in Spain tomorrow with the start of planning the wardrobe and what to pack.




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