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Friday Fabulous Fashion Find

Today, I am introducing “Friday Fabulous Fashion Find”.

It’s a way for me to share with you images from the ages that I find inspiring from a fashion perspective.

It could be the Roaring 20s, Swinging 60s or today.

Classic bobbed hair. Drop earrings and a metallic top/dress (I’m betting shift dress).

Philippe Halsman: Barbara Streisand posing in her apartment for a Cosmopolitan magazine cover shoot. New York City, 1965.

Both gorgeous and inspiring. Truly a fabulous fashion find for Friday.


How to Wear Rose Prints – Casual

Another in the ongoing series of How to Wear. Today it is How to Wear Rose Prints – Casual. Of course, it also works with our Rose Month Theme!

This is actually what I wore for the weekend outing to Clunes with the Fashion Mister. The outfit yesterday was after a quick change…in the car…behind a building! Decided to try to take advantage of the sun and get a couple looks photographed. Which meant really pretending I was a model and changing very slyly while trying not to freeze to death because of the cold! The Fashion Mister was good enough to go play look-out for me. Not that I think we had a plan of what to do should anyone actually come our way.

The Look: Pretty sure you have seen all of these pieces before, just never all together. Hopefully this is a little more proof that my wardrobe is NOT that huge and that I do a fair amount of mixing and matching. You’ll remember that the skirt was an op-shop buy and I love that not only is it a blue rose print but that it is a white denim skirt…classic! The shirt is a short-sleeved denim shirt that I DIY beaded the placket to give it some personality last year, and the jacket is the one I purchased from H & M a couple of years ago that I honestly wear ALL the time. So none of the core pieces are new.

The Accessories: It’s autumn and it’s cold but I have 20 something pairs of open-toe shoes so my go to trick, wear them with tights! In this case I really played up the contrast by having the grey ribbed tights with the electric blue cork-heeled wedges. The big white shell earrings and a mix of blue, silver and white jewelry keep everything working together. Then the old stand-by handbag – the classic black quilted bag.

By the way, it’s just over two months until I head to Hong Kong for my birthday and splurge on a Chanel quilted handbag! But who’s counting!!



Second-Hand Rose

Drum roll please! As promised, today I am reveling in my status as Second Hand Rose and sharing with you the cool second boots I purchased over the weekend.

As luck would have it, the dress I chose to wear to the antique and vintage fair was not only a perfect match for the boots but also second-hand from an op-shop so the Fashion Mister and I took the opportunity for a little impromptu photo-shoot.

The Look: Well, it actually started with one of my op-shop finds – the Willow wrap dress in turquoise and brown. I had added some brown tights and was originally wearing my brown suede boots. And just for fun, I wore my hair the way I used to before I started letting the curl do its own thing. Predominately straight with bit of curl on the ends. Which meant blow drying my hair straight and curling the ends. I used to do that every day. However, I can’t be bothered with messing with it that much anymore so only occasionally do I fuss over it.

The Accessories: The star of this show is the pair of boots I found at the Antique and Vintage Fair. Not just a perfect match for the dress but a perfect match for me! Love that they are knee-high and have the very retro swirl pattern to the suede. My necklace is a vintage deco piece that I purchased on my last trip to the US but the rest of the accessories are newer items. Newer in the sense that I bought them new. I have had the Coach handbag for  about 4 years now and the bangles are just a mix of a great number that I own.

The whole point of the day was to keep everything in the brown and turquoise ranges. Luckily, the new/second-hand boots worked with that! They cost $85 and had absolutely minimal scuffing to the soles which either means they had been resoled or likely only worn once.

Did you notice they have a very disco silver/mirrored heel?!

I really do love being Second Hand Rose in my second-hand clothes.

Do you like? Or too retro for you?

You Must Remember Lana-Rose

I’m sure you do.  When I tell you more I’m sure you’ll wonder how you may have forgotten.

So tell I will. Because you must remember Lana Rose.

Today the Fashion Mister and I stopped into an antiques and collectibles show held at the Mining Exchange. Predominately because an acquaintance of ours organized it and partly because as it’s in the first year we know how difficult it can be start-up something new in Ballarat so we wanted to support the effort.

It was so completely worth it!

I left with two purchases. One a gorgeous French Art Deco mirror that will go in our bathroom once the remodeling is complete (no, it actually hasn’t even started)! The other a fantastic pair of vintage suede boots from a shop called Lana-Rose. The reason I think you must remember Lana-Rose is because I have mentioned this great little shop in a couple of other posts. One on a killer pencil skirt and my two articles on Now & Later of a full-skirted dress. Both of those pieces were new pieces with retro inspiration. What I have not yet shared with you is that half the shop has fantastic vintage clothing as well.

I hadn’t expected to see any vintage clothing at this fair and when the one that was there turned out to be Lana-Rose, it had to be a sign! After all, just over a week ago I declared it Rose Month and here was Lana-Rose. Into the stall I stepped to have a look around at all the lovely vintage pieces. I asked the adorable red-head in her vintage navy blue dress if I could take some photos and started snapping away.

The whole time the Fashion Mister stood just outside the small booth with a funny look on his face. As I walked out to see what he was up to, I suddenly knew. There, right at the front of the stall, an amazing pair of 70s knee-high suede boots with a metallic silver high-heel. They were kind of swirly patch-work mix of blue, grey and brown and an absolutely perfect match for the wrap dress I was wearing.

“Oh my god, those are fantastic,” is all I could think and must have said because the Fashion Mister said, “I was wondering if you had seen them”? I picked them up to check the size and low-and-behold, they were my size – a 9! That is nearly unheard of in vintage. So I tried them on to make sure they would fit over my abnormally large calves…and they did!

So with a price of $85, I bought them!

You’ll actually get to see them tomorrow. I know, how evil of me to hold out on you!

Today, you get a few pictures of other items at the Lana-Rose stall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can just see the top of my boots in the pic of the brown velvet dress.

If you have a chance, check out Lana-Rose.



509 Warrenheip StreetBuninyong, VIC Facebook – Lana.Rose.Chic.Boutique

Once you check out this shop, you will always remember Lana-Rose.

No Yellow Rose of Texas Here!

No, not in any way is there a yellow rose of Texas here.

In fact, I don’t like to wear yellow. Mustard, yes. Butter, lemon or sunshine yellow…not for me! However, I did use the thought of the yellow rose of Texas to inspire today’s look. AND I did select a scarf with a small tiny hint of yellow for the connection. However, that is pretty well where the yellow rose stops.

The reference to Texas on the other hand…that is a little more prevalent.

The Look: You may remember this skirt from my posts last year about the gypsy look or my ever-growing collection of maxi-skirts. Well now that the cold has rolled in, this skirt will be back on high rotation. I love the colours, red, orange and a watermelon blend of sixties print magnificence. Someone took the time to make it at home (I can tell from the seams and lack of tag – plus I did work in clothing manufacturing long enough to tell a factory garment). I love that this long skirt gives me a longer look. Cause you know in my mind, the longer (taller) I look then the easier it is to trick your eye into thinking I am leaner! With the sun out and a hint of blue sky today, I opted to wear one of my many cardigans, this one in a watermelon shade, as a shirt to go with the skirt.

The Accessories: I’m pretty sure you have seen all these accessories before. If not, then you are new, because I L-O-V-E each of these items and find MANY opportunities to wear them. My well-worn red cowboy boots. Definitely a staple of the winter months. My red Furla handbag, purchased while shopping in Spain. A little orange, double-wrap watch, purple “gator” bangle, one of my vintage scarves tied a-la-country around my neck, large rose-gold drop earrings and a thin orange belt at the waist.

I have pulled my hair to a low side pony-tail to finish off the tribute to Texas and the country theme.

If you are wondering about the setting, it’s the old cattle yards on the edge of town. Well, not quite the edge of town anymore which is why they have moved.

Even though my look is country inspired, I hope there is enough chic in it to keep it from being too much Country Girl. No yellow rose of Texas here please!

What do you think? Too many rose colours? Or just too girl from the sticks?

Rose Print Jeans Inspiration

There was a time when you couldn’t have paid me to wear a pair of rose print jeans. Now, I find them inspirational! Granted, you have to be careful how you wear them because for those of us whose backside is not our best-side it can get pretty ugly.

I find I feel most comfortable with a print on my pants if I have a loose shirt or big sweater on to cover most (if not all) of my backside. What I really like about a rose print pair of jeans…especially skinny jeans, is that you then have so many options for a top and shoes. You can keep it subtle or bring on the blooming colour!

Here are some pairs of rose print jeans that I would love to have hanging in my wardrobe.

My favourites? Loving the big red rose print and the small black and white print, but also wishing I had the ones with the black background and the bright blue roses. Those would be fun to wear!

And certainly would be inspiring.

How to Dress For Work to Drinks

It’s that time again. Yes, a helpful how to!

Even though I know June is Rose Month, there are no roses in this post. It really is about how to dress for work to drinks occasions. It can be tricky. You have to be at work all day but you are heading out for drinks after work. How do you balance the “day-time professional” with the “give the girl a drink”?

It could so easily go wrong.

Here’s one way to go about it.

The Look: I have to thank Tricia from my favourite op shop. She sold me this skirt and shirt, and she was also the lady that sold me my fantastic Louis Vuitton wallet. The skirt is by “Wish” and is a classic pencil skirt with a twist. Classic in that it is dark grey pin-striped flannel and a twist in the ruffle that runs down the length of it. You know I describe myself as “classic with a twist” which made this skirt a perfect match for me. I have purchased a couple of silvery-grey shirts from the op shop over the past year but neither of them have been quite right and have found their way on to a friends wardrobe or back to the op shop. This one will have a long-standing spot in my wardrobe! It’s got just the right amount of sparkle and bling going on and is a classic t-shirt cut which makes it crazy comfortable and versatile. The black shrug is from Target and was very reasonably priced. So much so that I am sure after two years it has cost me less than 5 cents per wear.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Accessories: I have continued with the black and silver/grey theme with the accessories. After purchasing a couple of fantastic pairs of tights while in Spain, I have become quite hooked on tights for the cooler weather. So first priority with a skirt…tights! I like the kind of crochet effect of this grey pair. They are both vintage inspired and modern at the same time. To really amp up the modern I have paired them with my favourite black open-toe wedges. If you remember from this post, it really is okay to wear socks/tights with open-toe shoes…if you do it properly!

Working our way up…the classic black handbag, black and silver bracelets, a necklace with pearls and chains interwoven, tri-colour pearl earrings.

All fairly simple and straight forward. However when worn together I think it makes for a great look that will transition from work appropriate to after-work drinks and look just as fantastic in either place.

What do you think? Is this a good option for how to dress for work to drinks? Or am I just dreaming?


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