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Autumn Rose…Sweater

Well, that’s the colour of the sweater, autumn rose.

A little bit of sunshine means it’s mandatory to gt outside and get some photos. So the Fashion Mister and I drove out to Clunes to take advantage of some of the lovely old historic buildings as a back-drop for this photo-shoot before stopping at a cafe for lunch.

It’s a little modern, a little retro and all about the autumnal colours.

The Look: This look not only has layers but it also has layers of pieces from or inspired by different decades! At the core, 80s bronze coloured skinny pants – just a little disco. On top a vintage argyle sweater. It looks like it could be from any number of decades but the beading really made me think 40s. It’s probably far more recent than that but because I purchased it from my favourite op-shop, I’ll pretend it has been around a lot longer.

The Accessories: Continuing with the many decades theme, I have my red/burgundy 20s-40s style cloche hat. My 50s alligator skin handbag (my first Australian Vintage purchase from years ago), and my 50s inspired Diane Ferrari leopard print kitten-heel pumps.

With the shine and sparkle of the pants and the beading on the sweater, I really didn’t need a lot of jewelry so a few bangles and classic charm bracelet finish off the look.

I’m dying to know what you all think? Is it too much for a winter weekend? Has this autumn rose bloomed and faded?



Second-Hand Rose

Drum roll please! As promised, today I am reveling in my status as Second Hand Rose and sharing with you the cool second boots I purchased over the weekend.

As luck would have it, the dress I chose to wear to the antique and vintage fair was not only a perfect match for the boots but also second-hand from an op-shop so the Fashion Mister and I took the opportunity for a little impromptu photo-shoot.

The Look: Well, it actually started with one of my op-shop finds – the Willow wrap dress in turquoise and brown. I had added some brown tights and was originally wearing my brown suede boots. And just for fun, I wore my hair the way I used to before I started letting the curl do its own thing. Predominately straight with bit of curl on the ends. Which meant blow drying my hair straight and curling the ends. I used to do that every day. However, I can’t be bothered with messing with it that much anymore so only occasionally do I fuss over it.

The Accessories: The star of this show is the pair of boots I found at the Antique and Vintage Fair. Not just a perfect match for the dress but a perfect match for me! Love that they are knee-high and have the very retro swirl pattern to the suede. My necklace is a vintage deco piece that I purchased on my last trip to the US but the rest of the accessories are newer items. Newer in the sense that I bought them new. I have had the Coach handbag for  about 4 years now and the bangles are just a mix of a great number that I own.

The whole point of the day was to keep everything in the brown and turquoise ranges. Luckily, the new/second-hand boots worked with that! They cost $85 and had absolutely minimal scuffing to the soles which either means they had been resoled or likely only worn once.

Did you notice they have a very disco silver/mirrored heel?!

I really do love being Second Hand Rose in my second-hand clothes.

Do you like? Or too retro for you?

You Must Remember Lana-Rose

I’m sure you do.  When I tell you more I’m sure you’ll wonder how you may have forgotten.

So tell I will. Because you must remember Lana Rose.

Today the Fashion Mister and I stopped into an antiques and collectibles show held at the Mining Exchange. Predominately because an acquaintance of ours organized it and partly because as it’s in the first year we know how difficult it can be start-up something new in Ballarat so we wanted to support the effort.

It was so completely worth it!

I left with two purchases. One a gorgeous French Art Deco mirror that will go in our bathroom once the remodeling is complete (no, it actually hasn’t even started)! The other a fantastic pair of vintage suede boots from a shop called Lana-Rose. The reason I think you must remember Lana-Rose is because I have mentioned this great little shop in a couple of other posts. One on a killer pencil skirt and my two articles on Now & Later of a full-skirted dress. Both of those pieces were new pieces with retro inspiration. What I have not yet shared with you is that half the shop has fantastic vintage clothing as well.

I hadn’t expected to see any vintage clothing at this fair and when the one that was there turned out to be Lana-Rose, it had to be a sign! After all, just over a week ago I declared it Rose Month and here was Lana-Rose. Into the stall I stepped to have a look around at all the lovely vintage pieces. I asked the adorable red-head in her vintage navy blue dress if I could take some photos and started snapping away.

The whole time the Fashion Mister stood just outside the small booth with a funny look on his face. As I walked out to see what he was up to, I suddenly knew. There, right at the front of the stall, an amazing pair of 70s knee-high suede boots with a metallic silver high-heel. They were kind of swirly patch-work mix of blue, grey and brown and an absolutely perfect match for the wrap dress I was wearing.

“Oh my god, those are fantastic,” is all I could think and must have said because the Fashion Mister said, “I was wondering if you had seen them”? I picked them up to check the size and low-and-behold, they were my size – a 9! That is nearly unheard of in vintage. So I tried them on to make sure they would fit over my abnormally large calves…and they did!

So with a price of $85, I bought them!

You’ll actually get to see them tomorrow. I know, how evil of me to hold out on you!

Today, you get a few pictures of other items at the Lana-Rose stall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can just see the top of my boots in the pic of the brown velvet dress.

If you have a chance, check out Lana-Rose.



509 Warrenheip StreetBuninyong, VIC Facebook – Lana.Rose.Chic.Boutique

Once you check out this shop, you will always remember Lana-Rose.

Love Vintage Show – My Purchases

As promised yesterday, today I’m sharing photos of my purchases from the Love Vintage Show.

I was completely impressed by how many people were there that clearly LOVE vintage as they were in full on vintage mode. Which I totally appreciate, even though it’s not how I approach vintage. The main focus was everything from the Roaring 20s to the Mod 60s and a fair smattering of 70s and 80s added in.

Keeping in mind that as much as I love vintage, I like to incorporate it into a more modern look, there were still about a million and one things I would have loved to own! Not only were there true vintage pieces in price ranges from $50 to $500 but there were a couple of shops that do vintage inspired items that were pretty fantastic too.

Absolutely every purchase at Love Vintage was for me, and only because I wanted it. I know, selfish!

I do love my red cloche hat so when I found a booth that was offering a wide variety of them I tossed between a black one and the brown one. One of the shoppers said she liked the brown one on me best so I took her word for it and that is the one I bought. I’ll have the Fashion Mister get a pic soon, it does look pretty good if I do say so myself. Then there is the silk vintage inspired dress from Retro Spec’d. A beautiful 40s style, cut really well and in a very cute print. I’m thinking it will look great in the Spring with my hot-pink wedges but just as good in the winter with black tights and boots.

You may remember that I bought an Erstwhile brooch for the Fashion Sister from Another Mother late last year. This time around, I couldn’t resist getting the red poodle for myself! It is going to look so adorable with both my vintage black and white polka-dot dress and my grey and red plaid Tommy Hilfiger shift dress.

Lastly I stopped back at Vintage Linens & Collectables to have a good look over what Bruna had with her. I found the gorgeous embroidered pillow that looks lovely in our guest bedroom, a scarf in burgundy and black (for my scarf fetish) and a lovely art-deco brooch which I am going to have to wear to our upcoming Great Gatsby premier. Of course I will find a fair few other ways to wear it as well. I’m thinking it would look great pinned on my red cloche hat. Bruna was such a sweetie and added a pretty American vintage hankie into my purchases.

All in all – a pretty great haul!

I could have spent heaps more but as I need to do a wardrobe cleanse I thought it best to show some restraint with my Love Vintage purchases.

What do you think? Did I do well?

Love Vintage Show – Melbourne

Do you all remember me telling you about going to the antiques fair here in Ballarat and hearing about the upcoming Love Vintage Show in Melbourne?

It was at the Ballarat show that I met the lovely Bruna from Vintage Linens and Collectables. As it turns out, Bruna is even more awesome than I thought! She remembered how much I loved her stuff and sent me a ticket to attend the Love Vintage Show in Melbourne this past weekend!

And…yes…I did…Love it that is! And…yes…I did buy a few things!

It was being held at the Royal Exhibition Building at the Carlton Gardens in Melbourne which is an amazing building but far better was the amazing vintage stuff going on inside. Some of those attending were decked out in their vintage and looked fab. I was pretty tame in a vintage maxi skirt and a little vintage jewelry. But then I had a few other things to do after the show. Plus, as much as I love vintage and vintage inspiration, I don’t like to look like I walked off a movie set. I would much rather incorporate vintage into my modern life.

In fact, there was so much amazing stuff I was nearly overwhelmed. I did a full lap of the building three times. First time around was to see everything and take a few pictures…plus stop in to say hi to Bruna. Second lap was actually going in to each both and looking to see what they had, what I might like and to touch all the amazing stuff! Third trip around was about trying on and buying. And honestly, I completely loved each trip around the building.

Tomorrow I will share photos of what I bought and see if the Fashion Mister can take a couple of pics of me wearing some of it.

In the mean time, check out Bruna and her Facebook page. She has some beautiful vintage textiles. Minus the few that came home with me!

Vintage Linens & Collectables by Bruna Capodanno phone: 0406 255 758
bruna.c@laposte.netVintage Linens & Collectables on Facebook


Fashion Transition – Vintage Dress

Yesterday I shared some fashion transitions with you in photos taken from an antique and vintage fair. I also mentioned that I purchased a vintage dress. Today I am going to share with you the fantastic dress I purchased from “Coutura”.

Bright Floral Vintage Dress

Bright Floral Vintage Dress

Accessorizing the Vintage Dress

Accessorizing the Vintage Dress

The Vintage Dress: I love this 60s number. It has a blue cotton lining and then this fantastic floral print in chiffon over the top. It’s hard to see in the pics but the skirt has a sun-ray pleats. The back of the lining zips up and the chiffon buttons which causes a nice blousing effect on top. It was the bright blue and green that first attracted me to the dress. I think if I wore a belt with it that my waist might look smaller but it’s really comfortable the way it is.

And for some reason a great vintage dress makes me think cocktails are the perfect accessory! However, I also found using some modern bracelets, and a vintage mesh handbag made great accessories for this look. You may have noticed I also opted for my green snake/lizard skin shoes with the ankle wrap for a little more vintage glam.

Fabulous Floral Fashion Find

Fabulous Floral Fashion Find

Lounging in My Vintage Dress

Lounging in My Vintage Dress

No, I haven’t had too many cocktails, I am just melting in the heat!

Cheers to a fashionable find!

Cheers to a fashionable find!

Luckily the flowers on the dress and the dress itself can hold up to the heat! I’m positively melting! Other accessories for this look are a pair of green and purple jade earrings purchased in Hong Kong a couple of years ago and a double strand of crystal beads that belonged to my grandmother, which were probably fashionable even before the dress was made.

This vintage dress certainly works well with my fashion transition that covers each decade from the 50s to now! I really do love being able to mix fantastic vintage finds into my wardrobe. They add so much style.

What do you think? Does my new vintage dress make the fashion transition from days of old to style of gold?

Dress: Coutura Vintage –

Fashion Transitions Thru Time

I have a time machine…

…well…of sorts…it’s called a camera and a chance to take some photos of fashion transitions thru time, by attending a local antique/vintage fair.

I used to attend the fair predominately for the antiques, but a few years ago they started having more booths that carried some vintage textiles, handbags and jewelry, and each year since they have a few more. The amazing vintage clothing hasn’t taken over the fair, Ballarat is after all very keen on its antiques. BUT the only reason I attend anymore is to check out the vintage clothing and jewelry. Yesterday, I brought the camera along and was able to get a few photos at a couple of the booths.

Beautiful Vintage Full-skirted Dress

Beautiful Vintage Full-skirted Dress

Vintage Style - Fabulous Fuchsia

Vintage Style – Fabulous Fuchsia

As I got nearly down the first aisle of antiques I saw this dress from a couple of booths away. It was feminine, flirty and fuchsia and full-skirted! So love at first sight! I loved the neckline, very flattering for someone like me who is a little busty but just as lovely on one not so well endowed. I kept thinking how fantastic this would be to wear to Melbourne Cup during the Spring Racing Carnival.

So, why don’t I own it?

The lady running the booth, was not very customer friendly. When I asked if there was somewhere to try it on because I was worried the bust might be a little too small, she gave me every reason in the book not to try it on. She would have to take it off the dress dummy, she didn’t have a change room because her space was too small, I’d have to take it to the bathroom stalls and that was the other side of the building. So I gladly kept my $300 and moved on.

Now that is Vintage Style

Now that is Vintage Style

Fantastic Vintage Accessories

Fantastic Vintage Accessories

Thank goodness the next vintage fashion booth I came to was “Coutura”. I first spotted them last year and was thrilled to find them again this year. Not only did Lena have a fantastic selection of vintage accessories but she had some beautiful dresses. In fact, I bought one and will share it with you tomorrow! Lena has lovely taste in clothing and accessories. You could dress yourself in head-to-toe vintage from her shop and look stunning or you could find a signature piece of jewelry and be equally amazing. AND, unlike the previous booth holder, Lena has a lovely smile and very friendly manner.

“Coutura Vintage” Lena Slater 04 8862 3448 (currently under construction)

Revived and Handcrafted Linen - Vintage Linens & Collectables

Revived and Handcrafted Linen – Vintage Linens & Collectables

Beautiful Beaded Handbags

Beautiful Beaded Handbags

Vintage Linens & Collectables - Bruna Capodanno

Vintage Linens & Collectables – Bruna Capodanno

I was then drawn into Vintage Linens & Collectables. Such beautiful textiles and used in so many creative ways. Bruna Capodanno, the shop owner, had on a lovely lace overlay and everything about her booth was beautiful. I love that her tagline is “Revived, hand crafted linen for modern living”. She had everything from retro tea towels to cushions, antique wedding laces and vintage haberdashery. She also took the time to tell me about a big vintage even coming up in Melbourne and suggested it is “the vintage even to attend”…so you know I will be there!

Vintage Linens & Collectablesby Bruna Capodannophone: 0406 255 758
bruna.c@laposte.netVintage Linens & Collectables on Facebook

Here’s info to the vintage event Bruna mentioned:

Love Vintage Show

Sydney March 15-17Hordern Pavillion, EQ Moore Park

Brisbane April 5-7Brisbane Exhibition Centre, South Bank

Melbourne May 17-19Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens

There was also a collection of vintage wedding dresses on display, so I have a couple of photos to share of them.

Vintage Wedding Gowns

Vintage Wedding Gowns

White, lace and vintage glitz

White, lace and vintage glitz

Lovely vintage wedding dresses

Lovely vintage wedding dresses

They had something from every era starting with Victorian and moving into the Edwardian, Deco and on into the mid-century styles. I loved the simplicity of the Edwardian gown above. Beautiful lace cotton with a sash and flowers at the waist. Although the style would look shocking on my shape, I do have an affinity to Edwardian and Deco styles.


Talk about Deco Style!

Talk about Deco Style!

Hope you enjoyed the photos from fashion transitions thru time. Stay tuned for the reveal of the dress I purchased tomorrow!

Do you wear vintage clothing? Which decade is your favourite?


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