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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

If only everything WERE coming up roses! Unfortunately, it’s just too cold for that. It may not be officially winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, but it sure feels like it is!

Which is why, I am bundled up and trying to stay warm in today’s look. The Fashion Mister and I didn’t even venture far from home. I was trying to think of somewhere we could get a few pics and it seemed the white wall of Sunny Crust Bakery was as good as any on this chilly day. And as it’s only a kilometer from our house we were able to get back inside next to the fire pretty quickly.

The Look: Ballarat has a bad rap in Australia for being cold. But it is deserved to some degree. It can be very cold in the winter, however we rarely get snow and I have never seen it stick for more than an hour so it certainly could be worse. However, because the wind can from the cold south, it is important to wear layers. In fact, moving to Ballarat is part of the reason I have two drawers full of scarves!

This is one of my classic weekend looks. Jeans (from Just Jeans purchased at the op-shop for $6), white long-sleeved thermal shirt (purchased a few years ago from Wal-Mart, while in the US, cost $3 on sale). A BIG, and most importantly, WARM tribal rug inspired cardigan, (purchased last year from Sussan).

The Accessories: I’m wearing my black ankle boots with the silver studs at the back. One of about three black winter scarves I own. A really cool big silver bracelet that I purchased from a little gift shop in Beaufort for like $15. My white watch and big white shell earrings. Besides using a scarf to keep my neck warm in the winter it is a great way to finish an outfit if you don’t have the right necklace. Which is why I also own so many light scarves that I can wear in the warmer months.

Even though everything’s NOT coming up roses. I still had a nice relaxing day.

What are some of your go to items for the weekend?


You Must Remember Lana-Rose

I’m sure you do.  When I tell you more I’m sure you’ll wonder how you may have forgotten.

So tell I will. Because you must remember Lana Rose.

Today the Fashion Mister and I stopped into an antiques and collectibles show held at the Mining Exchange. Predominately because an acquaintance of ours organized it and partly because as it’s in the first year we know how difficult it can be start-up something new in Ballarat so we wanted to support the effort.

It was so completely worth it!

I left with two purchases. One a gorgeous French Art Deco mirror that will go in our bathroom once the remodeling is complete (no, it actually hasn’t even started)! The other a fantastic pair of vintage suede boots from a shop called Lana-Rose. The reason I think you must remember Lana-Rose is because I have mentioned this great little shop in a couple of other posts. One on a killer pencil skirt and my two articles on Now & Later of a full-skirted dress. Both of those pieces were new pieces with retro inspiration. What I have not yet shared with you is that half the shop has fantastic vintage clothing as well.

I hadn’t expected to see any vintage clothing at this fair and when the one that was there turned out to be Lana-Rose, it had to be a sign! After all, just over a week ago I declared it Rose Month and here was Lana-Rose. Into the stall I stepped to have a look around at all the lovely vintage pieces. I asked the adorable red-head in her vintage navy blue dress if I could take some photos and started snapping away.

The whole time the Fashion Mister stood just outside the small booth with a funny look on his face. As I walked out to see what he was up to, I suddenly knew. There, right at the front of the stall, an amazing pair of 70s knee-high suede boots with a metallic silver high-heel. They were kind of swirly patch-work mix of blue, grey and brown and an absolutely perfect match for the wrap dress I was wearing.

“Oh my god, those are fantastic,” is all I could think and must have said because the Fashion Mister said, “I was wondering if you had seen them”? I picked them up to check the size and low-and-behold, they were my size – a 9! That is nearly unheard of in vintage. So I tried them on to make sure they would fit over my abnormally large calves…and they did!

So with a price of $85, I bought them!

You’ll actually get to see them tomorrow. I know, how evil of me to hold out on you!

Today, you get a few pictures of other items at the Lana-Rose stall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can just see the top of my boots in the pic of the brown velvet dress.

If you have a chance, check out Lana-Rose.



509 Warrenheip StreetBuninyong, VIC Facebook – Lana.Rose.Chic.Boutique

Once you check out this shop, you will always remember Lana-Rose.

Weekend at Ballarat Bertie’s

I spent the weekend with an icon, Bitter old Ballarat Bertie. At least he is an icon around here!

So much so that the image of him on the side of one of the local buildings is heritage listed. Well, I could be making that up but I know the rest of the building gets a painting and Bertie stays right where he has been for ages. In fact, he is such an icon that a couple of years back one of the local breweries made some Ballarat Bitter and donated profits to charity.

That’s just the kind of guy old Bitter Bertie is…or was.

Back in the day, Ballarat Bitter and their mascot Bertie were THE beer of Ballarat! Those days have long gone with major corporations taking over and all the imports that are available these days. I keep thinking that as Cider is becoming ever more popular with its boutique blends perhaps micro-brews will return.

Time will tell.

Anyway, Old Bertie and I did a photo shoot together.

The Look: I thought it was about time to do something different. So I wore flats. I do wear them occasionally and as it was the weekend, I thought why not. I also went with a TOTALLY casual look. Just to show you that I’m not always getting dressed up or going anywhere very exciting. In fact, when I put this look together, we were just going to be checking on a friend that just got home from the hospital, stopping at the local antique auction for a preview and then heading home to relax for the day.

Which is exactly what boyfriend jeans, an op-shop camo t-shirt and military style jacket are good for…taking it easy and being casual!

However…while taking the photos a car pulling a trailer drives buy slowly and the driver yells, “Hey, want to come to my house for a coffee after your photo shoot”? Luckily, even without my glasses I recognize the driver as Swampy, a friend of ours. He and his partner Kerri, live just a couple of doors down from where we were shooting.

So the Fashion Mister got a few more pics, close-ups and off we went for a long chat and coffee with friends.

Eventually we made it to the auction house and home but it was good to catch up with Swamp (sir name Marsh which is where he got his nickname…it’s the Australian way) and Kerri.

Love Vintage Show – Melbourne

Do you all remember me telling you about going to the antiques fair here in Ballarat and hearing about the upcoming Love Vintage Show in Melbourne?

It was at the Ballarat show that I met the lovely Bruna from Vintage Linens and Collectables. As it turns out, Bruna is even more awesome than I thought! She remembered how much I loved her stuff and sent me a ticket to attend the Love Vintage Show in Melbourne this past weekend!

And…yes…I did…Love it that is! And…yes…I did buy a few things!

It was being held at the Royal Exhibition Building at the Carlton Gardens in Melbourne which is an amazing building but far better was the amazing vintage stuff going on inside. Some of those attending were decked out in their vintage and looked fab. I was pretty tame in a vintage maxi skirt and a little vintage jewelry. But then I had a few other things to do after the show. Plus, as much as I love vintage and vintage inspiration, I don’t like to look like I walked off a movie set. I would much rather incorporate vintage into my modern life.

In fact, there was so much amazing stuff I was nearly overwhelmed. I did a full lap of the building three times. First time around was to see everything and take a few pictures…plus stop in to say hi to Bruna. Second lap was actually going in to each both and looking to see what they had, what I might like and to touch all the amazing stuff! Third trip around was about trying on and buying. And honestly, I completely loved each trip around the building.

Tomorrow I will share photos of what I bought and see if the Fashion Mister can take a couple of pics of me wearing some of it.

In the mean time, check out Bruna and her Facebook page. She has some beautiful vintage textiles. Minus the few that came home with me!

Vintage Linens & Collectables by Bruna Capodanno phone: 0406 255 758
bruna.c@laposte.netVintage Linens & Collectables on Facebook


Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia!

It has begun…Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia!

Across from the hospital here in Ballarat is an adorable cafe called Cafe Cornucopia. The staff is all lovely, Chris makes a fantastic coffee, Glenda always knows what I’ll have and Kevin has gotten quite fascinated by my shoes! Which is exactly what lead to the Shoe Down.

As most of you may have figured out by now, I LOVE SHOES! And as I go over to the Cafe Cornucopia most days to get a take-away soup the fabulous team over there have begun keeping an eye on my shoes. On Monday, I wore my gorgeous Pollini’s purchased when we were in Barcelona and got both Kevin and Chris buzzing, which lead to Kevin challenging me to a Shoe-Off.

It was set for high-noon on Friday.

As I had already worn my most amazing shoes on Monday, it became a challenge to sort out which shoes I would wear. I opted for a pair I normally would never wear to work…because they are CRAZY high. A black pair of Jeffery Campbell’s. Spectacularly fierce but not that great for marching up and down the stairs of a hospital. Although if you are going to fall off your shoes and break an ankle…I guess a hospital is the place to do it!

So high-noon on Friday, I tottered myself across the street for the Shoe Down.

They were waiting for me.

Kevin came around to stand next to me as I admired his shoes and Sally snapped a picture.

Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia

Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia

Kevin hadn’t told me he was a ballroom dancer so he had a few tricks up his sleeve, or pant legs, when it came to shoes!

The Shoe Down was so much fun that Cafe Cornucopia is going to start a Shoe Down / Shoe – Off on Fridays! They are thinking they might offer customers a free coffee for wearing fabulous shoes. I suggested they take pictures of all the shoes that people wear and do a collage then have the other customers vote on their favourites. Kevin’s thinking of getting a shoe and spray painting it gold to make a trophy.

I think I am going to have to buy some new shoes!

Bring on the Shoe Down!

Who do you think the first winner should be? Me or Kevin?

Trends to Love – Roaring 20s Floral

Yep, more Gatsby inspired dressing by me!

After all, it is a trend to love! This is how I would have done floral in the Roaring 20s. In fact, it works pretty well for 2013. I had envisioned this outfit and planned to wear it for a Fashion Mister shoot, however, I didn’t have a single good idea on where to do the shoot. As you know, last weekend was Heritage Weekend here in Ballarat so the Fashion Mister and I just parked in town and thought we would go into one of the heritage listed buildings that was open for the weekend.

Funny thing was, as we were walking up the Bath Lane, behind Craig’s Royal Hotel this doorway and awning seemed the perfect spot to stop. Which believe it or not, makes it special. Why would a lane-way be special? Well, it happens to pretty much be the spot where the Fashion Mister and I were standing when he proposed.

NO! We weren’t hanging out in the gutter and there was nothing scandalous going on in the lane-way!

We were walking from a restaurant back to our parked car and as we passed the door to the office of a local jewelry designer the Fashion Mister said, “See that door there? We have an appointment with them next week. If you’ll be my wife”. Obviously I said yes. Then we went into the bar at Craig’s Royal to see a friend who worked there as a mixologist to celebrate!

So to me, this isn’t just any old lane-way.

The Look: Definitely inspired by the 20s, just maybe not quite the roaring looks portrayed in the movies. Probably more like what I would imagine the “normal” people of the time would have been wearing. I have had the shirt for a couple of years. Purchased from Glasson’s, I typically wear it with the Ralph Lauren tweed pants from my Heritage Ralph Lauren post earlier in the week. I just found the skirt a few months ago and bought it because it’s the same print as the shirt although in different fabrics, so it looks slightly different. It was marked down to $12 and I knew I wanted to give it a chance to work with the shirt.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Accessories: Naturally the Roaring 20s requires stacks of beads. Long, short, coloured – wear them all! My well-loved copper vintage bracelets and pair of shoes I have had for about 5 years. Purchased about 5 years ago from a local shoe shop because I fell in love with the vintage look of them. I get so many compliments when I wear them. I opted for the graphic clutch as a touch of modern to hopefully keep the look from being too much like a costume and as we headed out the door I grabbed my red cloche hat.

I think it all came together pretty well. I’m not convinced that I like the shirt and skirt together as much as I would have liked. To be honest the skirt is actually a long skirt (maxi) and I hiked it up to just under the bra to get the right length (midi) for the time. I’m probably more likely to continue wearing the shirt as I have with the pants and wear the skirt with a big over-sized sweater and boots. However, I do like the hat with this print and am thinking I need to find myself another cloche hat or two for the coming winter months.

What do you think? A trend to love? Does it work for a roaring 20s floral inspiration?

Heritage Weekend in Ballarat

As I mentioned yesterday, Mother’s Day weekend has become Heritage Weekend in Ballarat. There were lot’s of cool and interesting things going on and the Fashion Mister and I used it as an opportunity to get out to some of the fantastic buildings we rarely have a chance to see.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some of the photo’s of what I was wearing but for today, I just want to share a little of Ballarat with you.

For those of you who don’t know about Ballarat, we are a Regional Centre of about 100,000 people in the city but our region is nearly half of Victoria! Or at least feels like it is most days at the hospital. It is also one of those cities originally founded on gold. A fair few extremely large nuggets of gold were found in the region back in the 1950s…and one recent that I may have mentioned not long ago. Another interesting tidbit about Ballarat is that the only “civil war” occurred in Ballarat at the Eureka Stockade. The Fashion Mister always says it lasted for 1/2 hour…until the pubs opened…but if you check it out on Wikipedia you’ll find out a bunch of interesting details.

Needless to say, Ballarat was a very wealthy place back in the mid 1800s and there are still lot’s of buildings heralding back to that time. As a fan of architecture, it’s a pretty cool place to live.

Around the corner of Lydiard and Sturt Streets are some of the best examples of Victorian era buildings, however Ballarat (the “Rat” as locals call it), is filled with historical spots and buildings.

I’ve always thought it was kind of cool that I grew up in a historical gold mining part of California and have ended up in a historical gold mining spot in Australia. In fact there were miner’s who had been part of the California Gold rush of 1849 who came here to Ballarat to have a go at the Gold Rush of 1854.

Small world.



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