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Friday Fabulous Fashion Find

Today, I am introducing “Friday Fabulous Fashion Find”.

It’s a way for me to share with you images from the ages that I find inspiring from a fashion perspective.

It could be the Roaring 20s, Swinging 60s or today.

Classic bobbed hair. Drop earrings and a metallic top/dress (I’m betting shift dress).

Philippe Halsman: Barbara Streisand posing in her apartment for a Cosmopolitan magazine cover shoot. New York City, 1965.

Both gorgeous and inspiring. Truly a fabulous fashion find for Friday.


Street Style – Salamanca Spain

Although the street style in Salamanca Spain was similar to that in Barcelona, because it is further south and a little warmer (typically) it seemed just a little more relaxed. And where Barcelona was like other major cities around the world, heavily dressed in black, it seemed in Salamanca brown was the colour to be wearing.

All of these photos were taken while we sat at the Plaza Mayor having a drink and some peppers. If you are in one of these photos and want to be removed please email me. You have been included because I think you look great and wanted to share your style!

Street Style - Salamanca - October 2012

Street Style – Salamanca – October 2012

Street Style - Brown - Salamanca - October 2012

Street Style – Brown – Salamanca – October 2012


Street Style - Salamanca - October 2012

Street Style – Salamanca – October 2012

Street Style: Obviously brown was a common theme. As were , boots, tights, scarves, nipped in waists and a general sense of looking fabulous! All of these fantastic women have pulled together a relaxed yet chic look. The fantastic use of tights inspired me and eventually I could no longer resist and had to buy a few pair of tights, which I will share with you when talking about Seville.

It’s really hard to think I looked pretty good on our day in Salamanca when the local ladies look so fantastic!

Scarf Street Style - Salamanca - October 2012

Scarf Street Style – Salamanca – October 2012

Street Style Scarf - Salamanca - October 2012

Street Style Scarf – Salamanca – October 2012

More Street Style: Okay, so these ladies are wearing black but how could I not take their pictures? They look fantastic and I love how they have accessorised with the mandatory scarf! Love the tough of bright colour the lime green scarf brings to the first look. It’s simple and casual but has a little personality about it. I loved the way the second lady had her scarf tied about her shoulders. There she was, a mature-aged woman, looking totally chic and perfectly comfortable in who she is, scarf around her shoulders and trench thrown over her arm. I hope to some day have that confidence. Maybe it comes with age…which means I should just about be there.

In fact, I found this lady kind of inspiring and have looked at her photo a couple of times since returning home as a reminder to be myself and to not be afraid to embrace my style.

Great Street Style - Salamanca - October 2012

Great Street Style – Salamanca – October 2012

My Favourite Street Style Look: This gorgeous woman had my favourite street style look. Talk about style and a relaxed chic, she had it! Love the skinny black pants tucked into the big chunky biker-style boots, topped off with a taupe blouse and the black, white and taupe coloured jacket. Finished off with a brown leather bag and over-sized sunnies, she looked like a model or an actress on a day off. Definitely worthy of a girl crush just because her sense of style is so good.

There you have it. We spent only 24 hours in Salamanca and I loved it so much I have given you 4 posts about it! Next we are on to Seville/Sevilla.

What do you think of the street style in Salamanca Spain? Loving it? Or not?

Holiday Fashion – Back From Spain!

Well, I have returned – and am ready to start sharing my holiday fashion! Now that I am back from Spain, I’ll use some of my posts over the next couple of weeks to share with you some of the looks I wore, what the ladies of Spain are wearing and some of the places and things we saw while there.

The time away was fantastic and relaxing. On my list of things to do while there were shop, eat and drink…but not necessarily in that order!

Back From Spain - What a Holiday

Back From Spain – What a Holiday

And I did all three of those things in abundance! But I’ll tell you more about each adventure as I share it here.

These photos are actually from just over half way through the trip when we were in Vejer de la Frontera. Such a great little place. We had been told to watch out for the orange wine made in the area. Once the Fashion Mister spotted it, we bought a  bottle. Over the six days there, one glass either before or after a siesta was my standard afternoon protocol.

It’s called Vino de Naranja, and it is too good to be true!

Relaxing with Vino de Naranja

Relaxing with Vino de Naranja

Obviously it was good stuff because I let the Fashion Mister take pictures of me lounging on the couch in a dress, showing off my white legs!

I had kind of hoped that we would have a warm and sunny holiday…but that was not to be. In fact it seemed we brought rain wherever we went. More on that later too. Anyway, this was one of our nice days. About 25 degrees Celsius. Of course all the locals thought it was cold and were wearing layers and scarves. I’m sure they thought I was mad in my summer dress, cardigan and ballet flats. Considering I had left 10 degree C it is was practically tropical!

Relaxing in Vejer de la Frontera

Relaxing in Vejer de la Frontera

I had such a great time in Spain. Both the Fashion Mister and I would recommend it as a holiday destination. The food was amazing, the drink fantastic (obviously) and tomorrow, I will tell you about the shopping!

For now, it’s good to be back! Thank you all for continuing to come while I was away. I promise to start catching up on what you all have been doing this past month.





Birthday Thoughts and Dreams

It’s that time of year when you naturally feel compelled to think about things, where you are, what you are doing and where you are going. Yep, it’s my birthday and it has me going over my thoughts and dreams.

Does it make me weak if I would rather have champagne than real pain? They say “no pain, no gain” but I don’t agree with that, not when it comes to life. I get that a little pain in life helps you to appreciate the good times but I don’t think it is necessary to have pain in your life…unless it is champagne of course!

I grew up in the USA but moved to Australia just over 10 years ago. You see, I had always wanted to live in another country, travel, experience other places and cultures but I was getting older (late 30s) and hadn’t done any of that, other than a trip to Mexico when I was 19 I had been nowhere. Well that’s how it seemed anyway.

Now you may recall, I don’t have children, so when I started thinking about where my life was going and dreaming about the future, I came up with myself in a nursing home. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being in a nursing home and as a woman without children it is quite likely where I will end up, BUT I don’t want to be sitting in a nursing home wondering what life would have been like “If Only”. I want to be the grey haired old chook who can sit for hours remembering the fantastic life she led.

Which meant I was going to need to change some things about the life I was currently living.

I set a goal. I wanted to fill as many passports as possible before I died. And I intended to start immediately!

Off to the post office I went to get my first passport. I booked a trip to Australia, because it was the other side of the world from Denver, Colorado. I spent three weeks traveling alone. I liked it.

When I got back to the US, I decided to sell everything and move to Australia. Six months later I landed on the shores of the Lucky Country, temporary resident stamp in my passport.

10 years on, I have filled one passport and started on two more. Two more, because I am now a dual citizen and travel in and out of Australia on an Australian passport and in and out of the US on an American passport. I have been to Hong Kong (several times, love it!), Macau and a few other parts of China. I have also been to Egypt and Jordan. Jordan is an amazing country. I found it very peaceful there. I have also been to Singapore, Fiji and Ireland. Dublin is one of my favourite cities in the world (Dublin, Melbourne and San Francisco – not necessarily in that order). And of course there have been numerous trips back to the US to see my family and the upcoming trip to Spain.

So on my birthday this year, when I think about setting goals and following my dreams, I know I am already on that path.

I freak out sometimes, just like everyone else. The thing is, once I have a good little chat with myself, I realise I am living my dream and am truly lucky to be doing so.

My present to myself 10 years ago is the amazing life I am living now. Man I give great presents!

Tonight, when I’m out to dinner with the Fashion Mister and I have my birthday wish, it will be that all of you have the same opportunities to fulfill your birthday thoughts and dreams.



Wiggle Your Toes Day

So in this week where we concentrate on simplifying our life, today August 6, is “Wiggle Your Toes Day”!

I kind of doubt that simplify your life week and wiggle your toes days were intended to be so closely related, but the more I think about it the more appropriate it is.

One of the first things I do when I come home from work is kick off my shoes. I like to be barefoot. Especially if I am anywhere near the ocean. Isn’t there something so basic and “simple” about going without shoes and something so joyous about being able to freely wiggle your toes?!

I don’t understand how people can sleep with socks on. I feel like I can’t breathe with socks on in bed!

And before the comments start piling up…yes, I did very well in anatomy…I know that you don’t breathe with your feet. It’s merely a comment to express how claustrophobic I feel with socks on in bed. Kind of a way of explaining how much I appreciate being able to wiggle my toes.

Anyway, kick off your boots or heels or even your sandals, simplify your life and wiggle your toes!

Trust me, I love shoes! However, I am really looking forward to the summer months and wearing my open toe wedges, sandals or just going barefoot.

This is one girl who loves to wiggle her toes!

Limoncello – Fashion, Home and Homemade

Since we were talking about drinks trolley’s yesterday, I thought I would share a little group of items inspired by Limoncello!

I think I have also been inspired by the sunshine that seems to be making a daily appearance now. I even noticed the jonquils are starting to bloom in the garden which means warmer weather is on the way. Lemons will be plentiful and a nice chilled glass of limoncello will be handy to have around.

But before we get to drinking it, we have to make it.

And just to get you in the Limoncello mode I gave pulled together some limoncello inspired photos.

I’m not a huge yellow fan. Just can’t seem to find the right shade. But, I love the long skirt and think I could wear that as it’s not next to my face and I have to say I think the yellow, grey and white dress and the yellow dress Olivia Palermo is wearing are quite lovely.

Now on to the making so we can sit back and have a drink of sunshine.

Preparation Time

10 – 60 minutes

Cooking Time

10 minutes




  • 6 lemons
  • 750ml (3 cups) vodka
  • 225g (1 cup) white sugar
  • 435ml (1 3/4 cups) water


  1. Place the lemons in a saucepan and cover with boiling water. Set aside for 1 hour to soak. Drain. Pat dry. Finely grate the lemon. Combine lemon rind and vodka in a jug.
  2. Meanwhile, place the sugar and water in a saucepan over low heat. Cook, stirring, for 5 minutes or until the sugar dissolves. Increase heat to medium and bring to the boil. Cook, without stirring, for 3 minutes or until the syrup thickens. Set aside to cool.
  3. Add syrup to the vodka mixture. Pour into sterilised airtight bottles. Seal and store in a cool, dark place, shaking occasionally, for 1 month to develop the flavours.
  4. Strain the vodka mixture through a fine sieve. Discard the rind. Pour into a clean sterilised airtight bottle.


Tip: This luscious lemon liqueur must be served well chilled. Place it in the freezer for one hour before serving.

Make this recipe up to 1 month ahead.

(This recipe is from

One Lovely Blogger – an Award

Well the revamp of the blog must have worked because the lovely Kristi from Biscuits & NAVY has nominated As Time Goes…Buy for the “One Lovely Blogger Award”!

It’s absolutely sweet of her to think of me and lovely in the same sentence. As I have mentioned before, I originally joined the blogosphere to write about the fact that I was on break from shopping. However, in the process of that 90 days in the wilderness I have learned that I enjoy writing about fashion and style, food, fun and all things lifestyle. Additionally, and most importantly, I have found many others who inspire me in so many ways.

One of the rules to this award is to nominate 15 other bloggers. This will be easy as there are so many that I enjoy reading on a regular basis. Please be sure to check them out, not all of them are about fashion but all of them are inspiring. I hope they inspire you as much as they inspire me.

1.  Detta Moda

2.  Truth and Cake

3.  Fashion Mashie

4.  Designchickee

5.  Old Vogue

6.  The Thread Affect

7.  Gracefully 50

8.  Glitter ‘N Glue

9.  The Fashion Secret

10.  Charming Trinity

11.  Pillows A-La-Mode

12.  The White Trash Gourmet

13.  Style on the Couch

14.  Helpful Annalisa

15.  Carr Party of Five

Rule number one was to acknowledge the person who nominated you…done. Rule three was to nominate others…done. Rule two is to share 7 things about yourself…that’s the hard bit.

  1. I have always loved good style, whether it is in clothes or homes and I am totally infatuated with great architecture and beautiful spaces and places.
  2. As most of you know, I will be 50 next year…and it’s kind of freaking me out. I don’t feel 50, but then how would I know what 50 is supposed to feel like?!
  3. I am notorious for refusing to follow a trend. So much so that I neither have seen more than 10 minutes of “Sex in the City”, nor have I read any of the Twilight or Harry Potter books. Although I have read every single one of the True Blood books, I’ve never watched the television series.
  4. I hate flying but love to travel, and as I live in Australia, flying is the only real way to get anywhere. To date I have filled one passport and I am working hard on filling a second.
  5. I spent 10 years of my adult life abstaining from alcohol…just because I could…but I’ll never do that again!
  6. I am fiercely loyal, to friends, family, fashion designers, you name it. Once you’re on my A-list chances are pretty good you’ll stay there.
  7. I am married to the nicest man I have ever met. The Fashion Mister is a fantastic friend, companion, confidant and partner.

Thank you again to Kristi at Biscuits & NAVY for nominating me. And thank you to all of you that stop by. I know time is valuable and it means a lot to me that you spend some of yours here at As Time Goes…Buy.




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