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Oh My Sole!

Yes, I can spell. I really do mean oh my sole!

A little over a month ago I read about this online site called “Shoes of Prey”. As you can imagine, they had me when they included “shoes” in the title. So I thought I would check it out and see what all the fuss was about.

Again I say “Oh My Sole”!

Within a couple of days I had taken the time to sit and create a pair of shoes that I had envisioned in my mind. Yesterday, my dream shoes arrived on my door-step! I’m so excited about how amazing they are that I can’t even wait to put them together with an outfit to show them to you. I had to take pictures as I worked my way into the box!

One thing you should know…this is NOT a paid article. I loved the concept and wanted to check it out both for my passion of shoes and to share openly with you. So my totally amazing, new shoes were bought…by me…at full price. AND, I’m so in love with them that this may be the way I buy most if not all my shoes in the future.

I love the concept of going online, picking a basic style and then customizing it in every way from heel height to what material is used for each part of the shoe and all the shoe accessories that can be added. You know there is something empowering about creating a shoe and knowing that no-one else is going to have the same pair. Well at least in my world there is.

While you are selecting materials a drawing/image of the shoe modifies so you can actually see what you are creating in a 360 degree view.

On Friday of last week, I received an email to let me know my shoes had shipped and the email included a photo. So naturally I became even more excited. Then nervous.

What if they didn’t fit properly or if I didn’t like them?!

On Monday the post office box held a pick-up package slip. I knew it had to be the shoes but I got home too late to get to the post office and had to wait until Tuesday. Tuesday on my way home from work I stopped at the post office, came home, got the camera and began opening the box.

Everything was beautifully packaged and there was an envelope containing a copy of the photo of my shoes.

They are stunning…and they fit!

I modeled them for the Fashion Mister. He thought they were definitely shouting my personality so he has promised to take photos of them and me this weekend.

Right now, I am just over the moon and oh so happy with my sole!

Not to mention, I am dying to know what you all think? Please tell. Would love to hear your styling suggestions.

Pretty sure I will be wearing these to the Friday Shoe-down at Cafe Cornucopia!


Second-Hand Rose

Drum roll please! As promised, today I am reveling in my status as Second Hand Rose and sharing with you the cool second boots I purchased over the weekend.

As luck would have it, the dress I chose to wear to the antique and vintage fair was not only a perfect match for the boots but also second-hand from an op-shop so the Fashion Mister and I took the opportunity for a little impromptu photo-shoot.

The Look: Well, it actually started with one of my op-shop finds – the Willow wrap dress in turquoise and brown. I had added some brown tights and was originally wearing my brown suede boots. And just for fun, I wore my hair the way I used to before I started letting the curl do its own thing. Predominately straight with bit of curl on the ends. Which meant blow drying my hair straight and curling the ends. I used to do that every day. However, I can’t be bothered with messing with it that much anymore so only occasionally do I fuss over it.

The Accessories: The star of this show is the pair of boots I found at the Antique and Vintage Fair. Not just a perfect match for the dress but a perfect match for me! Love that they are knee-high and have the very retro swirl pattern to the suede. My necklace is a vintage deco piece that I purchased on my last trip to the US but the rest of the accessories are newer items. Newer in the sense that I bought them new. I have had the Coach handbag for  about 4 years now and the bangles are just a mix of a great number that I own.

The whole point of the day was to keep everything in the brown and turquoise ranges. Luckily, the new/second-hand boots worked with that! They cost $85 and had absolutely minimal scuffing to the soles which either means they had been resoled or likely only worn once.

Did you notice they have a very disco silver/mirrored heel?!

I really do love being Second Hand Rose in my second-hand clothes.

Do you like? Or too retro for you?

Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia!

It has begun…Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia!

Across from the hospital here in Ballarat is an adorable cafe called Cafe Cornucopia. The staff is all lovely, Chris makes a fantastic coffee, Glenda always knows what I’ll have and Kevin has gotten quite fascinated by my shoes! Which is exactly what lead to the Shoe Down.

As most of you may have figured out by now, I LOVE SHOES! And as I go over to the Cafe Cornucopia most days to get a take-away soup the fabulous team over there have begun keeping an eye on my shoes. On Monday, I wore my gorgeous Pollini’s purchased when we were in Barcelona and got both Kevin and Chris buzzing, which lead to Kevin challenging me to a Shoe-Off.

It was set for high-noon on Friday.

As I had already worn my most amazing shoes on Monday, it became a challenge to sort out which shoes I would wear. I opted for a pair I normally would never wear to work…because they are CRAZY high. A black pair of Jeffery Campbell’s. Spectacularly fierce but not that great for marching up and down the stairs of a hospital. Although if you are going to fall off your shoes and break an ankle…I guess a hospital is the place to do it!

So high-noon on Friday, I tottered myself across the street for the Shoe Down.

They were waiting for me.

Kevin came around to stand next to me as I admired his shoes and Sally snapped a picture.

Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia

Shoe Down at Cafe Cornucopia

Kevin hadn’t told me he was a ballroom dancer so he had a few tricks up his sleeve, or pant legs, when it came to shoes!

The Shoe Down was so much fun that Cafe Cornucopia is going to start a Shoe Down / Shoe – Off on Fridays! They are thinking they might offer customers a free coffee for wearing fabulous shoes. I suggested they take pictures of all the shoes that people wear and do a collage then have the other customers vote on their favourites. Kevin’s thinking of getting a shoe and spray painting it gold to make a trophy.

I think I am going to have to buy some new shoes!

Bring on the Shoe Down!

Who do you think the first winner should be? Me or Kevin?

MSFW 2012 – More Fabulous Shoes!

Okay, I have to confess…

…I tried to resist…but couldn’t…

After seeing the Wittner 100 Years of Shoes runway at MSFW 2012, and falling in love with so many pairs…I did it, I went and bought a pair of their fabulous shoes!

Have a look at the video and some of the photos I took to see if you can guess which pair. I think you may be surprised!

Wittner – 100 Years of Shoes

Wittner  S/S 2012 at MSFW

Wittner S/S 2012 from MSFW

Wittner S/S 2012 as seen at MSFW

Wittner S/S 2012 at MSFW

These were some of my favourite shoes from the Wittner S/S 2012 Runway. I could have gladly come home with any of them. In fact I managed to resist the first day…but day 2 I gave in!

Can you guess which pair of fabulous shoes I purchased while in Melbourne for MSFW 2012?

Open Toe Shoes – My Obsession



I kind of hinted yesterday that I have an obsession with open toe shoes. By the end of this post you will see how true that is. In fact, some of you may start thinking about an intervention! Please don’t! I love my shoes!

As you know, the Fashion Mister calls me his wife the centipede. He’s not exactly correct. Looking at all the great open toe shoes available for Spring got me thinking about my open toe shoes. So I got them all out and took a few pictures.

I have to admit, I go back and forth between thinking this is crazy lady stuff to embarrassed at how many I have to actually being able to justify every single pair. The crazy lady and embarrassed stuff all happened when I was first laying them all out…but now in my head I’m thinking 16 pair of open toe shoes really isn’t that bad!

After all, three pair are sandals that only get worn in the summer when I have to put a shoe on but would rather be barefoot. The Navy satin, Glamour Puss heels were purchased because they are a perfect match for a fantastic retro style dress I had made a few years ago, I’ll probably get rid of the black cork heel wedges because the toe is too tight which makes them uncomfortable if I wear them all day and the green 9 West heels with the brown ankle wrap have been in the wardrobe for nearly 8 years, so long they have become fashionable! The brown suede look wedges were purchased on sale for $15! See, it becomes so easy to justify an obsession.

Really, I could come up with 16 reasons why I have this many shoes…but I won’t bore you. What I love best about the wedges is that even though some of them are insanely high, I can still wear them to work because they are comfortable and very easy to walk in. Wouldn’t do me any good to break and ankle while at work in the hospital!

So, if you are still thinking about that intervention…STOP! It won’t work. It’s been tried before and all 12 step programs say you have to acknowledge that you have a problem…and I don’t! Or at least will never admit it here with all these witnesses!




Geeky DIY Women Shoes

Hi all,
I don’t usually reblog something but this was too cool not to share with you. What a great revamp of an old pair of shoes or a great way to get a one of the hottest trends on the horizon. I’m thinking a pair done with with a vintage floral motiff will be fantastic for Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. Hope you enjoy this share.

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