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Friday Fabulous Fashion Find

Today, I am introducing “Friday Fabulous Fashion Find”.

It’s a way for me to share with you images from the ages that I find inspiring from a fashion perspective.

It could be the Roaring 20s, Swinging 60s or today.

Classic bobbed hair. Drop earrings and a metallic top/dress (I’m betting shift dress).

Philippe Halsman: Barbara Streisand posing in her apartment for a Cosmopolitan magazine cover shoot. New York City, 1965.

Both gorgeous and inspiring. Truly a fabulous fashion find for Friday.


The Great Gatsby Premier

Well, it has finally come! The night that inspired this months theme. The Fashion Mister and I attended the charity fundraiser night of The Great Gatsby premier.

Naturally it was shown in cinema 1 of the Regent here in “The Rat” as it is very much an old-fashioned Deco inspired theater.

Regent Theatre Auditorium

Regent Theatre Auditorium

Champagne cocktails were served prior to the movie. Personally, I think a champagne cocktail is how you ruin good champagne but at least it was in keeping with the spirit of the night.

The Look: Obviously inspired by the Roaring 20s and The Great Gatsby. The dress is a Charlie Brown dress that I picked up during last years clothing swap. You may remember I invited a bunch of people to come together to swap things n their wardrobe that they no longer wanted and this was one of the items I chose to join my wardrobe. It has a plain black slip-underlay and the over-dress is a black netting with pink embroidery work. All very 20s dahhhhling.

Accessories: I went full on fashion flash-back with the accessories. My newest scarf done in one of my recent favourite styles as a head-wrap. I used my long strand of pearls, wrapped them once so I had a choker length and a long length then used the vintage deco style brooch purchased at the Love Vintage Show to pin on the long length of the pearls. A few bracelets, a brocade wrap, silver leather clutch, cocktail ring and a great pair of vintage inspired shoes.

The Make-up: For the ultimate finishing touches, I darkened up the eye brows, did a smokey eye and red lips.

Hair: I played up the curl in my hair by starting on one side and twisting it to the other, holding it in place with the occasional pin. Then I did a big pin-curl with the ends. Repeating the process with the front section of hair twisting to the back. A good bit of hair-spray to keep it all in place and the head scarf a la’ 20s.

I enjoyed the movie. It was very Baz Lurhman. If you have seen Romeo + Juliette or Moulin Rouge, you wouldn’t have been surprised. And even 30 years after reading the book while in high-school…I still dislike Daisy Buchanan.

So attending The Great Gatsby premier is how I will finish my month of Gatsby inspiration.

I’m sure you are all ready for me to move on to something else by now.

Love Vintage Show – My Purchases

As promised yesterday, today I’m sharing photos of my purchases from the Love Vintage Show.

I was completely impressed by how many people were there that clearly LOVE vintage as they were in full on vintage mode. Which I totally appreciate, even though it’s not how I approach vintage. The main focus was everything from the Roaring 20s to the Mod 60s and a fair smattering of 70s and 80s added in.

Keeping in mind that as much as I love vintage, I like to incorporate it into a more modern look, there were still about a million and one things I would have loved to own! Not only were there true vintage pieces in price ranges from $50 to $500 but there were a couple of shops that do vintage inspired items that were pretty fantastic too.

Absolutely every purchase at Love Vintage was for me, and only because I wanted it. I know, selfish!

I do love my red cloche hat so when I found a booth that was offering a wide variety of them I tossed between a black one and the brown one. One of the shoppers said she liked the brown one on me best so I took her word for it and that is the one I bought. I’ll have the Fashion Mister get a pic soon, it does look pretty good if I do say so myself. Then there is the silk vintage inspired dress from Retro Spec’d. A beautiful 40s style, cut really well and in a very cute print. I’m thinking it will look great in the Spring with my hot-pink wedges but just as good in the winter with black tights and boots.

You may remember that I bought an Erstwhile brooch for the Fashion Sister from Another Mother late last year. This time around, I couldn’t resist getting the red poodle for myself! It is going to look so adorable with both my vintage black and white polka-dot dress and my grey and red plaid Tommy Hilfiger shift dress.

Lastly I stopped back at Vintage Linens & Collectables to have a good look over what Bruna had with her. I found the gorgeous embroidered pillow that looks lovely in our guest bedroom, a scarf in burgundy and black (for my scarf fetish) and a lovely art-deco brooch which I am going to have to wear to our upcoming Great Gatsby premier. Of course I will find a fair few other ways to wear it as well. I’m thinking it would look great pinned on my red cloche hat. Bruna was such a sweetie and added a pretty American vintage hankie into my purchases.

All in all – a pretty great haul!

I could have spent heaps more but as I need to do a wardrobe cleanse I thought it best to show some restraint with my Love Vintage purchases.

What do you think? Did I do well?

Trends to Love – Roaring 20s Floral

Yep, more Gatsby inspired dressing by me!

After all, it is a trend to love! This is how I would have done floral in the Roaring 20s. In fact, it works pretty well for 2013. I had envisioned this outfit and planned to wear it for a Fashion Mister shoot, however, I didn’t have a single good idea on where to do the shoot. As you know, last weekend was Heritage Weekend here in Ballarat so the Fashion Mister and I just parked in town and thought we would go into one of the heritage listed buildings that was open for the weekend.

Funny thing was, as we were walking up the Bath Lane, behind Craig’s Royal Hotel this doorway and awning seemed the perfect spot to stop. Which believe it or not, makes it special. Why would a lane-way be special? Well, it happens to pretty much be the spot where the Fashion Mister and I were standing when he proposed.

NO! We weren’t hanging out in the gutter and there was nothing scandalous going on in the lane-way!

We were walking from a restaurant back to our parked car and as we passed the door to the office of a local jewelry designer the Fashion Mister said, “See that door there? We have an appointment with them next week. If you’ll be my wife”. Obviously I said yes. Then we went into the bar at Craig’s Royal to see a friend who worked there as a mixologist to celebrate!

So to me, this isn’t just any old lane-way.

The Look: Definitely inspired by the 20s, just maybe not quite the roaring looks portrayed in the movies. Probably more like what I would imagine the “normal” people of the time would have been wearing. I have had the shirt for a couple of years. Purchased from Glasson’s, I typically wear it with the Ralph Lauren tweed pants from my Heritage Ralph Lauren post earlier in the week. I just found the skirt a few months ago and bought it because it’s the same print as the shirt although in different fabrics, so it looks slightly different. It was marked down to $12 and I knew I wanted to give it a chance to work with the shirt.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Accessories: Naturally the Roaring 20s requires stacks of beads. Long, short, coloured – wear them all! My well-loved copper vintage bracelets and pair of shoes I have had for about 5 years. Purchased about 5 years ago from a local shoe shop because I fell in love with the vintage look of them. I get so many compliments when I wear them. I opted for the graphic clutch as a touch of modern to hopefully keep the look from being too much like a costume and as we headed out the door I grabbed my red cloche hat.

I think it all came together pretty well. I’m not convinced that I like the shirt and skirt together as much as I would have liked. To be honest the skirt is actually a long skirt (maxi) and I hiked it up to just under the bra to get the right length (midi) for the time. I’m probably more likely to continue wearing the shirt as I have with the pants and wear the skirt with a big over-sized sweater and boots. However, I do like the hat with this print and am thinking I need to find myself another cloche hat or two for the coming winter months.

What do you think? A trend to love? Does it work for a roaring 20s floral inspiration?

Things I’m Loving – Great Gatsby Inspiration!

Just in case you haven’t noticed over the past couple of weeks…

I’m LOVING Great Gatsby inspirations!

Considering I came into the month lean on ideas, it’s amazing how much inspiration I have found in picking the Great Gatsby as my muse. Of course, I have taken creative liberties in interpreting Great Gatsby and decided, Roaring 20s, Jazz Age and all things Art Deco also qualify. For today, I really just wanted to share a few lovely black and white images  from that time period that truly inspire me.

Even though I LOVE every one of these images and I’m sure you can see how they have inspired me in the looks I have already shared this month…my absolute favourite is the one of the 1920s hair with the head scarf! How gorgeous is that pick and look?!

I keep thinking of being away somewhere fabulous on holiday. Dressing casual, yet being stunning and chic. I’m going to have to do my best to translate that look into my next holiday. I wonder if it will work for monsoon season in Hong Kong??? At least if I am wearing lovely pieces in silk they will dry quickly!

Do any of these photos inspire you? Which ones and Why?

Or am I the only loving Great Gatsby inspiration?

Classic Hits – Pearls

I can actually hear eyeballs rolling with this one! Trust me, pearls are a classic hit. They are NOT just for old ladies. I was going to say, not just for Barbara Bush but then I realized that if you know who Barbara Bush is most “kids” would think you are old!

Chances are pretty high you will see me wearing pearls in a variety of forms over the coming month. However because I have decided this month is dedicated to “The Great Gatsby“, I thought I might start with a Roaring 20s rendition of wearing the classic hits.

Over the years I have managed to gather a bit of a collection. Back in the early 90s I bought myself a couple of strands of freshwater pearls while in Hawaii – one black and one a peach colour. Then I managed to collect a few strands from my mum that had belonged to my grandmother (plus a couple of bracelets). Then on the last trip the Fashion Mister and I made to Hong Kong I added a long strand of gorgeous white pearls and the Fashion Mister gave me a white strand mixed with onyx beads.

You’ll see many of these in the photos below.

I even have on some pearl drop earrings that I purchased at an antique auction. Unfortunately you don’t get a good view of them. As we are attending a Jazz night this weekend, I promise to make sure to get a better shot of them.

The classic hit – pearls are not just for dress-up either. I often wear them to work for a classic and refined look. And when all else fails and I’m all frocked up without the right jewelry – PEARLS – are my go to! I especially like to mix them with something tough or hard. A bit of leather or a flannel shirt always makes for a great contrast.

Be brave, be bold! Wear Pearls!

What do you think of this classic hit? Are pearls part of your wardrobe? Or do you think only “old” ladies wear pearls?

Soaring 20s – Not Roaring

Okay, this one is a H-U-G-E stretch…but once I justify myself hopefully you will understand why I am calling it Soaring 20s – Not Roaring.

1. My editorial calendar says it’s “Bird Day“. Now I could have gone SO many directions with that one but as the only article of clothing I own that is somewhat related is the short-sleeved shirt with feathers on it that I shared with you when I bought my silk mint-green Ralph Lauren pants this past summer, there weren’t a lot of fashion options.

2. As I have declared May “The Great Gatsby” month of inspiration, I wanted to stay on theme.

3. When I think of the 20s I also think of Art Deco and the trip the Fashion Mister and I took to Egypt. Which did provide so much inspiration to fashion and jewelry of the Roaring 20s.

So…to bring all that together?

Bird related photos from our trip to Egypt!


As I warned, Soaring 20s – Not Roaring…a bit of a stretch. I have a piece of onyx jewelry (very art deco) and a mother-of-pearl scarab beetle both purchased while in Egypt. Either of them could have come from the roaring – soaring 20s.

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