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How to Wear Rose Prints – Casual

Another in the ongoing series of How to Wear. Today it is How to Wear Rose Prints – Casual. Of course, it also works with our Rose Month Theme!

This is actually what I wore for the weekend outing to Clunes with the Fashion Mister. The outfit yesterday was after a quick change…in the car…behind a building! Decided to try to take advantage of the sun and get a couple looks photographed. Which meant really pretending I was a model and changing very slyly while trying not to freeze to death because of the cold! The Fashion Mister was good enough to go play look-out for me. Not that I think we had a plan of what to do should anyone actually come our way.

The Look: Pretty sure you have seen all of these pieces before, just never all together. Hopefully this is a little more proof that my wardrobe is NOT that huge and that I do a fair amount of mixing and matching. You’ll remember that the skirt was an op-shop buy and I love that not only is it a blue rose print but that it is a white denim skirt…classic! The shirt is a short-sleeved denim shirt that I DIY beaded the placket to give it some personality last year, and the jacket is the one I purchased from H & M a couple of years ago that I honestly wear ALL the time. So none of the core pieces are new.

The Accessories: It’s autumn and it’s cold but I have 20 something pairs of open-toe shoes so my go to trick, wear them with tights! In this case I really played up the contrast by having the grey ribbed tights with the electric blue cork-heeled wedges. The big white shell earrings and a mix of blue, silver and white jewelry keep everything working together. Then the old stand-by handbag – the classic black quilted bag.

By the way, it’s just over two months until I head to Hong Kong for my birthday and splurge on a Chanel quilted handbag! But who’s counting!!




Everything’s Coming Up Rosy

Actually, for you in the northern hemisphere, everything IS coming up rosy!

However, here in the south we have to find our rose inspiration away from the garden. Me, I’m finding mine in fabrics, colours and of course…on Pinterest.

A few of these are cliché’ but a couple of them I simply L-O-V-E!

The rosy pink heels…divine! I want a pair.

The pale rose sort of vintage 40s dress…gorgeous!

And the bouquet of roses that is mostly green with a hint of pale pink and a little touch of a darker pink…Beautiful.

In fact I love the look of pink and green together. Pale pink and mint green are lovely for Spring, especially if you mix in a neutral. I also like the deeper versions of those two colours together. But then by now you know that I think if Mother Nature can put a couple of colours together and look fantastic, then so can I!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is everything coming up rosy for you? Do you have a favourite rose inspiration? Are you a pink, white, red or yellow rose person?


How to Wear Rose Print and Not Look Like a Granny

June, rose month. But that doesn’t mean we have to be all sweet or dress like a granny…even if you are one! My mission, how to wear rose print and not look like a granny. Actually, everyday my mission is to not look like a granny but today I have made it more difficult by wearing a rose print skirt.

The Look: You may remember this Asos skirt from Dark Romance. I loved it then for its dark and moody rose print and I still love for that same reason. It’s just not girlie or granny. Two g’s I’m happy not to be. So of course I had to continue mixing the feminine with the tough. A feminine pale blush pink peplum top and my well-loved black leather bikers jacket.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Accessories: Continuing the theme into the accessories was pretty easy. I have a multi-strand necklace that is a mix of pearls and chains. Add in some pearl earrings with multiple colours, silver and black bracelets and black ankle boots with silver studs on the back for more edge. Finished off with my black quilted bag (because I am now less than three months away from replacing it with a Chanel!).

As you can see, the weather is pretty miserable just to add to the mood of the photos. A special thanks to Mother Nature for giving a little sun after the photo shoot.

I certainly think I managed to wear rose print and not look like a granny. What do you think? Granny or Glam?

Rose Month

You may recall from last year that June is National Rose Month in the USA and here in Australia as the cold, wet weather kicks in the gardening motto is “We Prune in June”. I still have roses blooming, but with all the rain, I’m sure they are near the end. Which means for the next 3 or 4 months all things rosey around here will be in the form of fashion.

Rose Month

Rose Month

So there we have it. A plan for the month.

I think this one may be difficult.

There are a few pieces in the wardrobe with rose prints, but not sure I can fill a whole month with them???

This is definitely going to be a challenge. Would love for you all to send me some of your rose inspiration to share with everyone.



National Rose Month – we prune in june

You know when you have a thought that sticks in your head for no apparent reason? Today I have one of those thoughts.

Here it is getting on to the end of June and for the 8th consecutive  year I have NOT had a chance to follow the gardening rule “we prune in June”. I don’t think I would mind but I have found out that June is also National Rose Month in the US and it almost seems like Mother Nature is trying to give me a big kick up the bum!

Now I can grow roses…this is one of mine…but really, anyone can grow roses. They are far easier than most other flowers. You wouldn’t think something that comes with its own spikes was wimpy or delicate would you?

My problem seems to be that June is cold here in the Southern Hemisphere and I tend to hibernate as the days get shorter. Then next thing I know it’s July/August and I am running around trying to get the roses pruned. Which then means they are at their best bloom in mid-late November and we are typically away on holiday.

I am going to intentionally leave the roses this year because we are holidaying sooner and will actually be home mid-November.

So for once, my procrastination pays off!

In the mean time, I have spent a little time on Pinterest “pinning” my little heart out, so I’ll share some lovely rose inspired images with you. Feel free to check out the complete board here.

I love this image. How dark and moody and so much of another era is it? The black rose fascinator is both delicate and tough. Wouldn’t you kill for beautiful skin like the model?

And if you are the kind of girl who likes your roses to come with a lot of drama…this dress should do it for you! Gorgeous! Again, soft and feminine but with enough black to keep it from feeling too girlie. You know I am not a girlie-girl so this dress would be perfect for me…if I had the kind of life that required a dress like that!

I have a serious crush on this dress my Australian designer Alex Perry. The midi-length, body-con with the retro floral and sporty colour-blocking strip down the sides hits on so many current trends that it isn’t even funny. In fact, I love this dress so much had I looked anything as good as the model in it I might have spent the arm and leg to purchase it.

If you want your roses to be intense and modern, this skirt from designer Peter Som S/S 2012 might be what you are looking for. The colour is so bright and beautiful you would demand attention in any crowd. It’s actually this skirt that got me thinking about roses in the first place!

It’s roses in this form that keeps me from being able to look good in the Alex Perry dress! I think this cake covered in iced rose petals is perhaps one of the prettiest cakes I have ever seen. Can you imagine stopping at a friends for afternoon tea and she whips this up?! She’d be my best friend forever!

(tomorrow I will share a couple more rose food pics and my favourite rose cocktail so stayed tuned!)

I couldn’t wrap up a tribute to National Rose Month without sharing this pic. A little reminder of how lovely the roses will be in October/November if I can remember the “we prune in June” rule! I like the vintage feel of this rose print and the taupe gingham shirt is a nice way to mix prints in a very subtle manner. Adding in that taupe jacket would make this a lovely look for the office. Especially with some nude pumps.

Well, that’s it for my National Rose Month tribute. Yes, I did manage to prune down my rose photos for you so check out my Pinterest board if you want to see more!

And if you are in the Southern Hemisphere have you remembered that we prune in June? Or will your roses be late bloomers like mine?

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