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Everything’s Coming Up Roses

If only everything WERE coming up roses! Unfortunately, it’s just too cold for that. It may not be officially winter here in the Southern Hemisphere, but it sure feels like it is!

Which is why, I am bundled up and trying to stay warm in today’s look. The Fashion Mister and I didn’t even venture far from home. I was trying to think of somewhere we could get a few pics and it seemed the white wall of Sunny Crust Bakery was as good as any on this chilly day. And as it’s only a kilometer from our house we were able to get back inside next to the fire pretty quickly.

The Look: Ballarat has a bad rap in Australia for being cold. But it is deserved to some degree. It can be very cold in the winter, however we rarely get snow and I have never seen it stick for more than an hour so it certainly could be worse. However, because the wind can from the cold south, it is important to wear layers. In fact, moving to Ballarat is part of the reason I have two drawers full of scarves!

This is one of my classic weekend looks. Jeans (from Just Jeans purchased at the op-shop for $6), white long-sleeved thermal shirt (purchased a few years ago from Wal-Mart, while in the US, cost $3 on sale). A BIG, and most importantly, WARM tribal rug inspired cardigan, (purchased last year from Sussan).

The Accessories: I’m wearing my black ankle boots with the silver studs at the back. One of about three black winter scarves I own. A really cool big silver bracelet that I purchased from a little gift shop in Beaufort for like $15. My white watch and big white shell earrings. Besides using a scarf to keep my neck warm in the winter it is a great way to finish an outfit if you don’t have the right necklace. Which is why I also own so many light scarves that I can wear in the warmer months.

Even though everything’s NOT coming up roses. I still had a nice relaxing day.

What are some of your go to items for the weekend?


International Style – Ladies of Barcelona

It’s a miracle that I made it back from Spain without going over my luggage limit. Because based on what I saw, the ladies of  Barcelona have amazing International Style!

Honestly, the only thing that kept me from maxing out the credit card was that it was all winter clothes there and I knew I was coming back to warm weather in the Southern Hemisphere.  The two items that I noticed that were must have for almost every woman in Spain…a scarf and fantastic shoes (usually boots for winter). I’ll share more with you about what I did bring home on another day. Today, I want you to see how amazing, and stylish the women in Spain look, without trying – or so it seems.

Spanish Style 2012

Spanish Style 2012

Barcelona: Our first stop was Barcelona and it took me about two seconds to know the ladies here had a very distinctive style. Most of which was fantastic. I actually felt a little worried about what I had packed, thinking I would look like a total country girl compared to these amazing women. Luckily, I had brought a few scarves with me and that seemed to be mandatory with any outfit, so I didn’t feel like a total tourist.

The lovely lady above had such a great look. Multi-layered with jeans, a black shirt/dress, a grey t-shirt, the red blazer, skull scarf, the black leather handbag and the black and white carry-all. She looked so fantastic I wanted to be her – chic and casual all at the same time.

Spanish Style - Boots and Scarf

Spanish Style – Boots and Scarf

Boots and Scarf in Barcelona: At the start of our trip we were lucky enough to have a few warm days. Of course the locals thought it was more Autumn as it had cooled down a great deal from their summer heat, but the winter clothes had come out and boots and scarves were seen on most women of all ages.

I like how this young girl had the boots and scarf working but in a lighter manner that worked for a somewhat warmer day. She left the scarf drapped around her neck as accessory, and there if the weather cooled and work stockings/nylons with her short skirt and boots rather than the tights we would see as the weather cooled. Even though most of the women wore boots, they usually had a flat or medium heel. Probably because so many people walk and take public transport. There really is nowhere to park in the cities without paying extremely high fees.

Spanish Scooter Style

Spanish Scooter Style

Scooter Style: Because parking is so minimal and so expensive in Barcelona, far more people ride scooters to and from work to avoid parking fees. During the day the typically wide sidewalks are filled with scooters or cafe’s!

I love that this woman is going to work, in a dress, on her scooter. Obviously she is not worried about helmet hair. I bet when she gets to work she just shakes out her long, lush brown hair and looks fabulous. I think I hate her and I don’t even know her.

Mother and Daughter Fashionistas

Mother and Daughter Fashionistas

It Runs in the Family: I spotted these two from across the street. They were clearly a mother and daughter who each had fantastic style…and the mandatory scarf!

Mum, in a figure flattering black peplum dress a red cardigan and mustard scarf. Daughter with a black, white, red and taupe sweater and colour coordinated scarf on top of a perfectly torn and worn pair of jeans. Both carrying big, lovely leather bags. I think they are proof that a sense of style can be inherited.

Funny thing is that after I took a couple of pictures of these two coming across the square, they actually stopped right next to us and asked me if I would take a picture of the two of them. The wise cracking Fashion Mister said after that I should have just offered to email them the ones I had already taken!

Now that we have seen what is going on with the stylish ladies of Barcelona, tomorrow I will share one of my Barcelona looks with you.

What do you think of these stylish ladies? Any look you like best?

Complete Your Look with a Scarf

One of my favourite ways to complete a look, is to add a scarf.

In fact if I don’t have the right necklace to complete an outfit, I just grab a scarf instead. I can pretty much complete any look with the simple addition and have mastered a fair few options in how to tie or wrap a scarf a number of different ways. As you may recall, I can even turn some of my scarves into vests! Of course all of this is made easy because I have a great collection of scarves.

Spring/Summer Scarves: This is a photo of about 2/3’s of my Spring/Summer scarves. These are certainly the ones I wear most often. So you can see I’m likely to have a scarf to go with any outfit! The most expensive one is the Chanel one on the far right. I’ve told you that story before, it works really well in the summer as a head scarf when driving ChaCha Diva with the top down. The next three in from the Chanel have been with me for about 15 years and are gorgeous silk scarves I brought with me when I left Denver. Same with the cotton-candy yellow one. There are a fair few vintage ones I have collected via op/thrift shops or and three newer ones, the orange/taupe/black one, the leopard print and the pink and orange one next to the red white and blue one.

Finish with a Scarf: Here are just a few looks that have been completed by the addition of a scarf. It doesn’t matter your age or size, a scarf will help you to complete your look polished, chic and sophisticated. It can tie (pun intended) a group of what seems like unrelated pieces together as in the bottom left corner, add a pop of colour like the top left corner, provide warmth or add intrigue. A scarf can be worn on your head, around your neck, made into a vest, used as a top or a sarong. Is there a more versatile accessory?

Finished with a Scarf – My Way: Here are just a few ways I have styled some of my looks with scarves over the last 6 months. I certainly will be making more selections from the Spring/Summer collection now that the weather is starting to warm up. I also have currently flagged 4 scarves to make the trip to Spain because they will change a look by their addition and add colour to a neutral palette, as well as provide some versatility to a small holiday wardrobe.

Here’s a little tip, buy silk scarves from the op/thrift shop or in bulk on when you find them. If they aren’t in your colour palette, use them to wrap a gift for a friend whose colour palette they are.

Do you wear scarves? Any tips on how to wear one? How do you complete your look with a scarf?

Lust Have – Skull Scarf by Alexander McQueen

As much as I love scarves and appreciate many things Alexander McQueen, I can honestly say this isn’t my lust have but that of 13coco at 1st on Trend. She and I both have the Chanel Handbag on our Lust-Have lists and 13coco loves the skull scarf by Alexander McQueen but can’t quite convince her parents it’s worth $500!

A couple of years ago I treated myself to my own scarf obsession, a navy and cream chain print scarf by Chanel. It was an absolute insane price but I had some recent exciting news and as I marched into the Chanel boutique I promised I was buying the scarf and not going to ask the price. I still love that scarf and how it feels to wear, which is usually in the warmer months as a head-scarf while driving with the top down on the car.

Anyway, as someone who understands what it means to have a scarf on your lust-have list, I have done some investigating for 13coco in hopes that she too can have her obsession quenched.

The chiffon scarf above is available from a number of sources and in a number of colour combinations for a wide variety of prices some as high as $700. However I found this specific model available at for about $250. So we have already saved $250!

The exact same scarf is also available at Net-a-Porter for about $200. So another $50 saved.

This slightly different version with fringed edges is available at for about $322. Personally, I’d go with the other version and used the $100 savings to buy some great accessories!

This version is from ASOS and cost about $20. But I have to say, it kind of looks like it cost $20 and wouldn’t be my choice even at that price.

As you can tell from the photo this version comes from And at $50 including shipping it’s probably a pretty good contender!

I also stumbled across this pink version at, and if I were going to get a scarf with skulls on it, this would be the one that I would want. I love the juxtaposition of the pale pink girlie colour and the skull print. There is a quirky sense of humour about it that I like. With a price of about $35, it really tickles my funny bone!

I hope this helps my friend at 1st on Trend finally to be able to get the Alexander McQueen scarf she has been lusting after. Or at least something that is close enough to keep both her and her parents happy!



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