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Did you know…Sunday is International Pink Day?

Hmmmm…what do you think that is all about? International Pink Day?

Australia's Favourite Pink

Australia’s Favourite Pink

This is definitely Australia’s vote for favourite International Pink Day!

Pretty sure Pink Ribbon Day is in October in the US, so that can’t be the International Pink Day connection.

Pink Roses

Pink Roses

I did decide to dedicate the month to Roses but I don’t think I influence enough people on an international level to have the International Pink Day be about roses.

Too Much Pink?

Too Much Pink?

Can I just say, “If this is what International Pink Day is about…STOP! NOW!”

So wrong, for so many reasons.

Love this photo - Think Pink

Love this photo – Think Pink

Maybe International Pink Day is about all of us putting on our rose-coloured glasses and seeing the best in each other and everything around us?

Now wouldn’t that be totally cool?

I’m thinking that is what I am going to do on Sunday. For International Pink Day, I’ll put rose-coloured glasses on my attitude and remain rosy and positive all day!

Any wagers on how well that will go?


This is Our Rosebud

Okay, so not ours as in we own it. Or ours in the sense of how I was talking about Rosebud yesterday…but this is our Rosebud in that here in Victoria, Australia, down the Mornington Peninsula is a lovely little coastal town called Rosebud.

The Fashion Mister and I are fans of the Mornington Peninsula as there are some fantastic wines made in the region! Plenty of cool climate wines, Pinot Noir and Sauv Blanc and when you get to some of the flatter areas near Cape Shank and Rosebud, some really nice Shiraz too.

Originally called Banksia Point in 1850, the fishing village eventually became known as Rosebud thanks to the name of a shipwreck that was washed up on shore. After the locals cleared off all the booty from the ship, damask and household goods, the locals eventually stripped the ship of its wood to build many of the homes and buildings in town which lead to the area being called “The Rosebud” and eventually shortened to Rosebud.

Camping on the Rosebud foreshore during the Christmas and New Years holidays has become a multi-generational tradition for many Melbourne families. Some families have been camping at Rosebud for the summer holidays for four and five generations. It has become so popular that most reservations are made at least a year in advance.

So even though Rosebud may not be our Rosebud (the Fashion Mister and I), it certainly would seem to be plenty of other Aussie’s Rosebud!

Everything’s Coming Up Rosy

Actually, for you in the northern hemisphere, everything IS coming up rosy!

However, here in the south we have to find our rose inspiration away from the garden. Me, I’m finding mine in fabrics, colours and of course…on Pinterest.

A few of these are cliché’ but a couple of them I simply L-O-V-E!

The rosy pink heels…divine! I want a pair.

The pale rose sort of vintage 40s dress…gorgeous!

And the bouquet of roses that is mostly green with a hint of pale pink and a little touch of a darker pink…Beautiful.

In fact I love the look of pink and green together. Pale pink and mint green are lovely for Spring, especially if you mix in a neutral. I also like the deeper versions of those two colours together. But then by now you know that I think if Mother Nature can put a couple of colours together and look fantastic, then so can I!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is everything coming up rosy for you? Do you have a favourite rose inspiration? Are you a pink, white, red or yellow rose person?


Be Back Soon

Or at least I hope to be!

Feeling a little under the weather, but I plan to be back soon.

Under the Weather

Under the Weather

The Day I Lost My Will to Shop!

Yep, I think it may have happened, it has come…the day I lost my will to shop!

Okay, so maybe I didn’t really lose it. It was taken from me!

By the most unlikely source. I found my shopping krypton!

She looked harmless…

In fact she lulled me into thinking it would be fun!

Evil woman…she nearly sucked ALL joy from me!

Sneaky she was. In fact we had been shopping together in the past.

I really didn’t think that when I got a text from my DEAR (and at this moment I am using the term loosely) friend Sarah saying “HELP! going away for a girls weekend in Melbourne. Need something to wear. Can you come shopping with me” that would be the beginning of the end. After all, recently she needed something to wear to a friend’s birthday that was a little fancy and we just went shopping in my wardrobe. AND that had been kind of fun!

I went to work early so I wouldn’t feel guilty about taking a bit longer at lunch. I had let the shop know we were coming and given them so idea of what to pull for Sarah to try on. I couldn’t have imagined that by the time I got home I was going to look like this.

I Need a Drink!

I Need a Drink!

Which is a slight improvement over how I looked at the end of the experience. Stunned.

Stunned by Shopping Experience

Stunned by Shopping Experience

Which is actually better than I looked about an hour into it!



Sarah, I love you. You are a fantastic friend but I am CERTAIN the Fashion Mister paid you to wear me down.

I think I need another drink, so I can cry in my booze over the day I lost my will to shop!

Art Deco Gown Goes Modern

As this month the focus has been on the Great Gatsby and all things inspired by the time I thought I might do a post about Art Deco gowns going modern. Funny thing, when I Googled “Art Deco Gown”, one of the first pictures I found was of the pattern I used for my bridesmaids dresses nearly 5 years ago!

Art Deco Dress Design

Art Deco Dress Design

I was going for a fair bit of a vintage feel for the wedding. We got married at Neider Weisel which is a big grand old Victorian home that was a B&B at the time. The wedding was in the front garden and the reception was held there in the house. We had hired out the whole place from the night before when myself and some friends stayed over. Then the bridesmaids and I got ready there in the cottage on the property. The photographer took all our photos there. After the reception, the Fashion Mister and I had moved into the big Bridal Suite, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen plus their partners and two other dear couples who were staying in suites, went out to the back conservatory for a few drinks.

The next morning we all had breakfast together and I think it was a lovely way for us to start our first day of married life, surrounded by our dearest friends.

Anyway, it was a perfect setting and all worked really well with the vintage theme. I had searched high and low for dresses for the bridesmaids and absolutely fell in love with this vintage Vogue pattern when I found it. When I was in Hong Kong organizing having my wedding dress made, I bought the most gorgeous silk in black and purple for the dress and the contrast. However, I had envisioned a slight tweak to the dress and wanted the bottom panels to be in chiffon. I actually found silk chiffon in black and the exact same shade of purple!

We then organized for a local seamstress to measure up the girls and make the dresses.

I was very happy with how they turned out and surprisingly both of the lovely ladies actually did wear their dresses for other functions!

Bridesmaids in Vintage Vogue pattern

Bridesmaids in Vintage Vogue pattern

Back of the Bridesmaid dress in Mirror

Back of the Bridesmaid dress in Mirror

I loved the back of the dress. Each of the girls wore one of my grandmother’s vintage brooches pinned at the back where the purple comes together before draping down. You will also see that not only were the panels at the bottom in chiffon but that the ones at the back that formed a bit of a fish-tail were in the matching purple.

Simple black heels with a little bling at the open toe, long black gloves and vintage beaded handbags completed the look.

We had all agreed that purple orchids in a wrist corsage would allow them to have their hands free.

Loved taking this little trip down memory lane. I may have to dig out that pattern or take the pic with me to a dress-maker and get one made for myself because I still love this silhouette. Of course then I will need to find somewhere to wear it!

What do you think of my choice for my bridesmaids? Would you have loved it or hated it had it been you?

Vintage Inspiration – Quilt

Earlier in the month, not only was it Mother’s Day but it was also my mum’s 70th birthday. She pretty much has everything that she wants so it can be a real challenge to get her presents. This year I used some vintage inspiration and sorted out a quilt for her.

I didn’t make it myself. I think I could have but as I don’t even own a sewing machine it really isn’t my thing. What is my thing is fabric. I LOVE textiles! Of all kinds and especially anything that is a bit vintage or vintage inspired. My mum’s living room is predominately cream and a pale blue. All very neutral. I wanted to give her something that would add a pop of colour and personality to the room but wouldn’t stray too far from what she obviously feels comfortable with and a nice quilt for curling up on the couch seemed a good idea.

Luckily, my dear friend and Sister From Another Mother loves quilting and doesn’t mind if I pick out the fabrics. She made the beautiful silk brocade quilt on our bed from fabric I brought back from Hong Kong and has done a couple of baby blankets and a lap blanket for my mother-in-law. It always amazes me how fantastic my motley mix of fabrics look when she gets done with them!

There were so many lovely vintage inspired fabrics and I thought to add another colour into the mix of blue and cream would be fun…especially when it’s lime green! Vintage florals, paisley and stripes all in similar hues set the tone. To really get the vintage vibe there is a print that is pear’s and to keep it a little modern a brown with pale blue stripes trimming the edges. When mixing textiles, it’s always fun to put in a little something unexpected so I chose a brown and cream Giraffe print for the backing.

To give the quilt a little more personality and to make sure I added something to it, I went to my favourite little haberdashery shop for a variety of buttons and randomly sewed them on to the quilt to give it a personal touch.

I absolutely L-O-V-E the finished product and certainly hope my mum does too!

I guess if she isn’t in to the vintage inspiration or the quilt…she can always give it away…or ship it back to me!

What do you think of this quilt? Too old-fashioned?

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