Geelong and the Jan Mitchell Bollards

You may have noticed from my last two posts on my nautical look for Spring 2012 that I seem to be fond of the Jan Mitchell bollards in Geelong.

You would be right!

I find them fun and whimsical.

Artist Jan Mitchell took a short wooden or metal post that was predominately used by ships and boats for mooring and turned them into a showcase of history for Geelong. Each one has a story. All of them make me smile. So I thought I would share a few of the 100 that dot the waterfront.

Beach Beauty Bollards

Beach Beauty Bollards

How lucky are these ladies. Such fantastic built-in support in those bathing costumes!

I need a Drink Bollard

I need a Drink Bollard

I could actually imagine myself as this bollard. Eggplant coloured pencil skirt, paisley top and a cardigan with a drink in my hand. This could easily be me most days!

Fireman Bollard

Fireman Bollard

You’ll find a rabbit painted on many of the Jan Mitchell bollards. The rabbits are symbolic of the wild rabbits introduced by the English to Australia, that now wreak havoc on the landscape and agricultural industries. Because there is no natural predator of the rabbit in Australia their population exploded. So some bright spark introduced the fox. Guess what? No natural predator for the fox either. Of course all this happened back in the mid 1800s before ecology was so well thought out but 150 years later, it’s still a problem.

2 Fishermen and a Fishwife

2 Fishermen and a Fishwife

Clown Bollard

Clown Bollard

This sad clown has a broken heart. Poor dear. It’s a wee bit sad but is one of my favourites because it is so different from the others. Maybe that’s another reason he is so sad.

Geelong Cats Footballer Bollard

Geelong Cats Footballer Bollard

Australian Rule Football is, in my opinion, the best sport ever! Geelong loves their team, The Cats and they have had about 5 or 6 years of being a very strong team. However, they aren’t my team so the bollard is the only Geelong Cat I like.

Hello Sailor Bollards

Hello Sailor Bollards

What a nice pair of bollards.

(nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Sandwich Board Bollard

Sandwich Board Bollard

Partially Dressed Lifeguard Bollards

Partially Dressed Lifeguard Bollards

I’m not sure about the social commentary that goes with this set of bollards but the one on the right without the shirt looks to be the youngest and as you go to the left they seem to become older and more clothed.

As I mentioned earlier, there are over 100 of Jan Mitchell’s bollards along the Baywalk in Geelong. If you have the chance on a beautiful sunny day to check them out, it’s a very pleasant walk.

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